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March 19, 2017

Elder Jesse Bundy writes last e-mail home, attends Zone Conference and SISTER NOK GETS BAPTIZED! 
"This week has been great!!!  We had Zone Conference, a switch-off with the AP's and SISTER NOK GOT BAPTIZED!  I had great opportunities to share my testimony of Jesus Christ and the restored gospel with members, investigators and missionaries and Elder Hatch and I worked super hard....we have had some great times this week....."

"OUR FAMILIES WE ARE WORKING WITH ARE SO AMAZING!!  We baptized the Mom of one of them, Sister Nok.  She has sooooo much faith, it's amazing!  The rest of the family will be baptized next week.  Our other incredible family, Sister Gang and Brother Leg, are going through some rough times, but are finding comfort in the Gospel.  It is SO cool that they are finding so many answers in the scriptures and progressing."  
"In our lesson with them yesterday, she asked me if in Christianity, there were any people who have been soooo good that they 'won'........that they would just get to go straight to 'heaven for being so good'.......that they had so much happiness, or that were so obedient to all of the commandments.  Apparently in Bhudism there are these monks who are the role models.  They keep all of the commandments and you can ask for blessings from them.  In my head, I thought.....'well, let's see.....there is Jesus Christ.  He was our perfect example to follow.'  So I told her that.  But then as I thought about it deeper, it came to me, what a silly thing?  I told her that our Heavenly Father desires and expects ALL of his children to keep ALL of the commandments, to RETURN TO HEAVEN, and to HAVE HAPPINESS!  She didn't like that anwer very much.  She said....'no, no, no, do you have a role model for us to follow....someone who has done it already, you know other than Jesus.'  I said, 'well....my role models are my parents.  They follow the commandments, they have happiness in their family.....and no matter what life has thrown at them, they handle it.  My Dad is a worthy Priesthood holder, so he's the best example for me in that way.'  She was a little shocked and said....'I want to meet your Dad.'  I was able to say to her, 'Okay!  We can make that happen next week!' hahaha.  Then, as we continued teaching her, baptism was addressed and we challenged her to be baptized.  She was a little hesitant.....I felt impressed to tell her that if she accepted the invitation to be baptized on the 2nd of April, my Dad would baptize her!  She IMMEDIATELY accepted....and hopped right on board!"
"So Dad, you'd better get ready to get into the waters of baptism while you're here on the 2nd!  Don't worry.....I'll help you say the baptismal prayer in Thai."

"This week has be so GREAT!  I feel like it has been a big cherry on top of the GREATEST MISSION EVER and I am so thankful!"

"I can't wait to see you guys and show you around my mission!  I LOVE YOU!  Travel safe and I'll see you next week!!!!"

Elder Jesse A. Bundy