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December 31st, 2015

Elder Jesse Bundy wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Thailand!
Elder Bundy showing a beautifully lit Bangkok street near his apartment in Bangkae.

President Gordon B. Hinckley, 15th President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints sums up how Elder Bundy feels about this time of year and why he is serving his mission as he wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year:

"There is a magic in Christmas.  Hearts are opened to a new measure of kindness.   Love speaks with increased power.  Tensions are eased....

Of all things of heaven and earth of which we bear testimony, none is so important as our witness that Jesus, the Christmas child, condescended to come to earth from the realms of His Eternal Father, here to work among men as healer and teacher, our Great Exemplar.  And further, and most important, He suffered on Calvary's cross as an atoning sacrifice for ALL mankind.

At this time of Christmas, this season when gifts are given, let us not forget that God gave His Son, and His Son gave His life, that each of us might have the gift of eternal life."

Elder Bundy adds his testimony and stands with all Christians all over the world and adds that, "God lives!  He hears and answers prayers!  The Savior, Jesus Christ DID come to the earth to save all mankind and offers all of us a choice with a path to return home to our Father......I feel so grateful and blessed to be able to be here, in Thailand, to teach and share this plan of hope and redemption with others for two years of my life!  Merry Christmas everyone!"
LDS missionaries around the world enjoy a one hour face-to-face phone call with their families on Christmas where possible.  Elder Bundy was no exception!  Our entire family, from Idaho to Utah to Missouri, were blessed to connect with each other via google hangouts to see and chat with Jesse on Christmas Eve for us, and Christmas morning for Jesse!  Elder Bundy looks good, sounds good and is thoroughly loving his mission.  We all enjoyed getting to see him and talk with him.

Elder Bundy turns 19 on New Year's Day!  Because of the holidays, we were able to receive an extra e-mail from him this past week.  He writes, "This week was good!  Pretty amazing actually.....first, it was AMAZING getting to see and talk with everyone on Christmas!  And, Elder Bingham and I are working really hard.....we have 7 people with a baptismal date for the 17th of January!!!!!!  On Shae's birthday!  How crazy is that?!?!?!?!?!......Bingham and I feel wayyyyy blessed that things are lining up like this!  I feel so very lucky to have been working in this same area for the past 3 transfers.  All of these investigators are people we have been working with for a while now and are just now making the choice to be baptized for the right reasons and are ready to sacrifice their time now to do what they know is right and act on what they have come to know is the truth.  I believe these people have real testimonies and will be solid members here.....the people in Thailand have SO many distractions and things to overcome in learning to become followers of Christ.  Things like drugs, alcohol, pornography and worshiping false idols......everything and anything is available here.....it's very difficult for them to choose to give it all up.......and, it seems to be a part of their culture to really not care what happens to themselves and others much less believe in something bigger than the moment....it is difficult to teach them that they really are children of a God that really cares what happens to them and that he wants them to be happy and live a more productive lives."

Elder Bundy shared some pictures of his week, the places he went and some of the people he met:
Jesse met this man with an unusually large 'phra', or some kind of necklace with charms that Thai people see as sacred and they worship.

Jesse sees some very interesting hair cuts when he goes in to get his hair cut in Thai barber shops.

Elder Bundy went on to tell about this past week and the holidays in Thailand:  "Last week, we went to huge mall in downtown Bangkok and ate at a HUGE buffet.....it was delicious!  Today, we are probably going back to downtown and maybe hit up a pretty cool market......."  
Elder Jesse Bundy LOVES Thai cuisine!

Even though it was New Year's Eve for us when we received his e-mail, it was New Year's Day and Jesse's birthday when he wrote it.  He goes on, "I feel sooooo old.......nahhhh, I really feel just the same.  I do feel grateful for the opportunity to be on my mission at 18 rather than just beginning at 19 like my brothers and Dad!"

With a new year and a birthday, Elder Jesse Bundy set some new study goals.  He goes on, "I set a new year's goal to memorize 200 scriptures, read 150 talks and read all of the teachings of the Presidents of the Church books along with my daily reading of the Book of Mormon and Preach My Gospel......I'm just really trying to study and learn as much as I can during this time."
Jesse threw a dart at his dart board.....really?  He missed.....lolol

Elder Bundy ends his letter, "O.K. Mom.....I am taking my vitamins....tell Dad I am doing my pushups and sit-ups and I am feeling GREAT!  I feel so thankful for everything....most especially for my parents and my family!  Happy New Years!!  And, ohhhhh, I almost forgot....I will be e-mailing this Monday as well as we get back to our normal P-Day schedule.  I love you guys!!"

Elder Jesse A. Bundy


December 20, 2015

Elder Jesse Bundy with his companion, Elder Bingham taking a picture with some new friends

Elder Jesse Bundy writes a quick note this week to say hello and set up his Christmas phone call.  Missionaries around the world are allowed a 40 minute Skype phone call home on Christmas day and Mother's Day.  

He writes, "So today is not our P-Day.  We have an hour to e-mail home and set up the Skype call and then Christmas day will be our P-Day.....I haven't opened my packages yet and it's KILLING ME!! Elder Bingham and I both have 2 packages waiting under our desks.  I look at them every day and am very tempted, but I'm going to wait......but, it's really, really hard.....hahaha"

".....Did you guys get my packages yet?.....My week has been CRAZY busy!  Christmas Devotional, P-Day on a Tuesday, transfers on Thursday, Saturday we found an awesome family who are going to get baptized and then we had our Christmas party!  Then Sunday we found this guy who is a bosses!!!  Totally golden!  He is a construction worker, but he is way humble and he has already committed and is getting baptized!!!!
Elder Jesse Bundy, Elder Bingham and a member at the Christmas party

Elder Bundy and Elder Bingham are setting their goals extremely high for the next several weeks.  They are asking for everyone's prayers for them and for those people in Thailand who are ready to be taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

He writes, "Urgency and Vision.  This is what we have been asked to have regarding our work here in Thailand.  We have been asked to be more obedient, to have more faith, to work harder than we ever have before and to listen closer for the Holy Ghost to lead us!  So that's what I'm gonna do!  Any help, advice, etc., any of you can give would be greatly appreciated."

"Oh man!  I only have few minutes left....LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD!  Love you Chelsy!  Thanks for the advice!....I love you all...I gotta go!  I'll talk to you on Christmas eve!!!"

Elder Jesse A. Bundy

December 15, 2015

Beautiful Christmas lights on one of the main streets in Bangkok Thailand where Elder Jesse Bundy invites people to come unto Christ.
Elder Jesse Bundy sent this picture of the beautiful Christmas lights in Bangkok

Elder Jesse Bundy writes, "I'm doing sooooooo good!  Unvortunately, the 15 missionaries in the MTC that were supposed to be coming in this transfer were delayed because of visa issues!...They won't be coming in until next transfer!  Bingham and I are staying in Bangkae, right where we are."

He goes on, "Yesterday was the Christmas Zone Conference thing.....We watched a move, 'The Best Two Years,' and then we did a whole bunch of really fun Christmas activities.  It was a blast!!"
This picture is the Khlong River where all the sewage goes and a BUNCH of fish are.

Elder Bundy goes on to write about his daily activities, "....I know my packages are in the office right now.  I saw them the other day.  I'm going to wait to get them so I can open them on Christmas and my birthday.....lol"

"So for Christmas, will we be able to hook everybody up to Skype like we did when I opened my call?  I really hope so....Anyway, we will be Skyping Christmas morning for us, which means Christmas Eve for all of you guys...."
Elder Bundy standing on a street in Bangkae he goes down every day while working.

"This week has been crazy!  We have been working really, really hard!  We invited a lot of people to English class tonight....we're really hopeful we will have a good turn out.  So we will see how that goes.  Also....today we are going to the Siaaam Mall in downtown Bangkok to take Elder Baldwin to lunch.  He is going home this transfer....."

"Well, I'm out of time....just remember that next week, we will only get a couple of minutes online to se up our Christmas Skype time.  We won't have a P-Day that day.  Our P-Day will be Christmas day..."

Gotta go!  I LOVE you mom!  Tell everyone I love them TONS!  I love you Dad!

Elder Jesse A. Bundy 

December 6, 2015

Elder Jesse Bundy studies the life of Jesus Christ, learns patience and continues training
Elder Jesse Bundy in front of a field on a path he walks on daily as he goes to work inviting people to learn of the gospel of Jesus Christ

Elder Jesse Bundy describes a week filled with learning to be patient and working hard through the slow times.  He writes, "This week has been a long one....It has been filled with a lot of street contacting and waiting at the church for investigators to show up....then they end up not coming....But....even in the midst of the frustration, we've had a couple of really cool experiences with new converts bringing their friends to church and to teaching appointments.  But other than that, the work is going pretty slow right now.....I'm not complaining...because the work IS coming along.....just at a slower pace than I have become accustom to.....I just want to be sure that I am doing everything I can do and that the slower pace is not because of me....I guess the Lord is teaching me patience.."
This is a picture of the street I live on right after a good rain one evening.  It rains every evening here!

Elder Jesse Bundy goes on to describe the realization of how fast time is flying by for him.  He writes, "....can you believe this is the last full week before transfers!!  How crazy is that?  And, in a few months I will have been out ONE WHOLE YEAR!?!.....Thank you soooooo much for the Christmas and birthday packages!  Packages make me SO happy!  You send the best ones!...lol....I'm going to be sending you guys a package this week.  I'm really excited about you getting it.  It has gifts in it for literally everyone in the family!  Let me know when you get it...."

Elder Jesse Bundy described the big mall he went to last week as being 'crazy big' and full of so many great things.  Jesse is finding it easier and easier to think in thai first, then english.  He feels, finally, very comfortable in the thai culture, the language and describes viewing things back home as a 'distant memory.'  Today for his P-Day, they are going to just continue working through it.

He goes on to write, "Dad, I got your awesome letter!  Thank you!  I really appreciate the advice and encouragement and I've got another video for you to watch.  I can't go online and get the link for you, but if you could, it's called 'Desire,' and it's made by the same guy as the last one."

Elder Bundy was able to view his nephews Holton and Jace, and his niece Alex race in a swim meet in Idaho Falls, Idaho.  He writes, "Ohhhhhh!  I saw the videos of Holton, Jace and Alex swimming an playing ice hockey!  That's SO cool!  I loved seeing those..."  He sent a video for us to see him during his workout.
Elder Jesse Bundy getting 'rocked' in the face by his instructor during training!  He says, "It hurt, but it is seriously so much fun!!"

Elder Bundy ends this week's letter with, "Hey, I don't have a lot of time left.......I love you mom, and I love my family!!  Just look out for the package sometime soon and know that I'm working hard!  I promise I'm learning a lot and hopefully changing into a much better person than when I left.  Ohhhhh,  sorry, but mom, I almost forgot....P-Day is on Tuesday next week!!  So, it's a day later!  DON'T FORGET!  I love you!"

Elder Jesse A. Bundy

November 29, 2015

Elder Jesse Bundy loving his mission as he invites others to learn of the gospel of Jesus Christ in Thailand! 
Elder Jesse Bundy, Brother Game and Elder Bingham

Elder Jesse Bundy remains excited about preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ in Thailand as he continues to work in Bangkok.  He writes, "This week was really good!  The best day EVER came when Brother Game received the Aaronic Priesthood....He's a recent covert I was blessed to teach and then baptize 3 weeks ago and now, be here for this!  He's now preparing to be a missionary.  It doesn't get any better than this!"

Elder Bundy goes on to talk about the work in Thailand, "We have some really good investigators but they are struggling....People here have grown up being comfortable and not challenging what they've grown up with.  They don't know what the word God is or what it means, so it's kind of hard helping them understand......but our investigator, Brother Ganng, is a boss!.......Anyway, everything's good!  So glad we adopted the family motto IT'S ALL GOOD!!!! lol.....I'm having a blast and really enjoying learning and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ...."

"In my personal study time, I'm reading 'Jesus the Christ' and I'm learning a TON!!  I'm learning the details of the Savior's life and just how much we need the Savior and how important Jesus Christ's role really is....."
Elder Jesse Bundy striking a thoughtful pose in front of some graffiti he passes everyday......

When Elder Bundy was asked about Thanksgiving in Thailand, he explained that the Thai people do not really like turkey meat, so you cannot buy a turkey there.  But LLthanks to a kind gentleman from the states, they had a great day.  He wrote, "Thanksgiving was wayyyyy good!  A very nice man from the states invited us over and we had a great big surprise!  He actually had a turkey shipped in from the states and we had a real Thanksgiving turkey dinner.....we ate a lot.....it was awesome and I am so thankful!"  Elder Jesse Bundy goes on, "As for Christmas, I know that we get to Skype for our phone call.  I just don't know what day yet and I don't know all of the details, but I will let you know.  I can't wait!"

Elder Bundy was reminded that his birthday is coming fast on January 1st and he will turn 19.  He wrote, "Ewwwwww, that sounds awful!  I mean turning 19....lol....I haven't even thought about time or anything this whole year....it has gone so fast!  I have no concept of time here.  I am really enjoying the work.  The seasons don't change and they celebrate weird holidays....Mom, am I really going to turn 19?  Time is flying by!....Crazy?!"

Elder Bundy was asked about what he and his companion were going to do for the day.  It is their P-Day.  He wrote, "Today, we are going to this HUGE market/mall place...I'm going to pick up some stuff for the guys for Christmas and get some stuff I need for my bike.  I heard it's a wayyy sick mall!  We are also getting haircuts, doing laundry.....the usual."
Elder Jesse Bundy after eating an EXTREMELY hot dish of thai prickly hot peppers with noodles, chicken and vegetables....He said it wasn't hot until he stopped eating!! hahahaha

He goes on, "....dieting really stinks, but I'm doing it, but I'm really LOVING the muay thai training!  it is way funnnnnn and starts my days off so great!"

Elder Jesse Bundy during early morning workout with his muay thai trainer.

Elder Jesse Bundy loves starting his day out early, early every morning, working out with his muay thai trainer.  He writes, "I've been trying to teach my trainer the gospel of Jesus Christ.....I've invited him to church multiple times and I've started calling him Brother Egg!! lol......no interest yet, but I have learned a TON from him and I am grateful for the experiences I am having with him...."

He ends this week's letter with, "Well, I gotta go, but I love you mom, I love you dad!  Hey....are you guys watching that motivational movie every morning!  You better!  Tell everyone that I love 'em and that I miss 'em!!"


Elder Jesse A. Bundy

November 23, 2015

District Conference, a new stake about to be organized and Muay Thai training mark another week preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ in Thailand for Elder Bundy and Elder Bingham
Elder Jesse Bundy and Elder Bingham in Bangkok

Elder Jesse Bundy excited about teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ in Bangkok, "......I am really loving the mission….The area I’m in is the Bangkok West District and we are way close to becoming a stake!.......There is a huge focus on this area, especially because we will have the stake center in our area.  This last week, we have had a lot of visits from President Johnson and the AP’s.  In fact, we actually had our district conferences...... It was way cool!  President Johnson is the best!"
Elder Jesse Bundy with Elder Wright, who is now an Assistant to the President.  Elder Wright was Elder Bundy's trainer when he first entered Thailand.

He goes on to tell about their investigators and his personal studies, "......Elder Bingham and I are just grinding hard every day looking for more investigators... the Brother and Sister can’t get baptized until their parents see the importance of it and give permission, even though they are 22 and 24 years old.   But it’s all good.  We will win them over.  They will come around."
A determined Elder Bingham and Elder Jesse Bundy
"In my personal studies, I’m almost done with the Teachings of the Prophets: Joseph Smith.  I’ve also been reading a paperback Book of Mormon, marking every reference, characteristic, and quotation of Jesus Christ.  It’s just been so cool to see that every single page preaches about Jesus Christ....."
Elder Bundy in front of the window in Elder Bingham's father's suite looking out over Bangkok

Elder Bingham's dad was in Bangkok on business and had received permission to visit with Elder Bingham and Elder Bundy on their P-Day.  Jesse writes, "Wow mom!  Visiting Elder Bingham’s dad was a blast!!  We went to downtown Bangkok and met him in the nicest, most expensive hotel in Thailand!!  He treated us to a 5 star REAL steak and potato dinner and a REAL cheese sandwich!  He then let us go up to his SUITE and chill and hang out!  It was soooo cool!  The view was nuts!!  Then we got to take showers!!!!  It was heaven!  The water actually worked!!  It was so crazy good!!....lol…mom, you know how I love my showers!!.....I couldn’t stop thanking him.….It was just a waaayyyy cool experience all the way around!  I feel so lucky…."
Another view of Bangkok from the hotel they visited

"Please tell dad that I really love him and that I look up to you guys soooooo much!  Tell him I tell a lot of stories about him here.  I tell a lot of the stories he told me growing up and I use him in my teaching of investigators all the time.….I never knew all those stories he told me my whole life would be so useful."

Elder Bundy goes on to report on P-Day and day to day life as a missionary.  He writes, "We found a pretty nice place to e-mail this week!  Later, Bingham and I get to have a cheat meal and we are way pumped!....lol…. We’ve been strictly following that really healthy diet for people who work out like we do that you sent last week.  Our Muy Thai training is amping up and has been kicking our butts!"
Elder Bingham, their trainer and Elder Bundy
Elder Bingham and Elder Bundy ready to spar

He goes on, "We get to go eat pizza, or the Thai version of it, clean the apartment, and then sleeeeeeep.  Don’t worry mom, I’ve been eating just really, really healthy stuff all week, then taking one day a week off to eat anything I want, but I am eating a ton, just healthy!  It’s just mostly vegetables and some meat and rice.  We have been getting up at 5:10 a.m. evvaaa day!......Anyway, we are destroyed!!!!"
Elder Bundy with working with his trainer during training 
Elder Bundy signs off with, "Hey…..can you tell the everyone I said HAPPY THANKS GIVING AND I MISS THEM ALL!  I especially miss you and dad, mom.. it’s been like 3 years since I’ve really tasted your delicious Thanksgiving dinner because of wrestling!  I dream about it sometimes….lol…anyway, know that I love you guys and I’ll see your faces on Christmas!!  Well, I’ll talk to you next week and yes, among other things, they worship zebras….."


Elder Jesse Bundy