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May 30, 2016

Elder Jesse Bundy learns to play Takraw with a local college team, enjoys a busy week of teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and awaits a possible transfer call.
Elder Earl, the local college Takraw coach and Jesse at Takraw practice.

"Hello everyone!  Today is transfer day, but so far we haven't received a phone call.  I don't know what is going to happen.  We have a lot of missionaries going home and not a whole lot coming in.  I will let you know as soon as I do.  As of right now, I remain in Sisaket."

"We have had the BEST week ever in teaching the Gospel here in Sisaket.  Our best investigator, Sister Meaw is SO ready to be baptized!  She is SO humble and loves the Lord!  I think she is quite possibly the best investigator I have had on my mission!   And....our two new investigators, Jack and Josh from the Takraw team are SO AWESOME!  They're doing so well.  We also have a new dater named Waad.  I invited her father and he gave her our number.  She came to church and was SO excited about it.  And to make this week even better, we  had a couple of old investigators that kind of dropped off show up to church and the Sisters had a way solid baptism as well.  Just when I think it can't get better......it does!  We have been SO blessed here....there is always something good happening here is Sisaket as far as the work goes!"
Jesse and Elder Earl with Jack and Josh, stretching to get ready to play Takraw

"Last Wednesday, some new investigators, Jack and Josh, invited us over on our p-day.  We had NO idea what we were getting ourselves into.  Now.....every morning at 5 a.m., we practice a game called Takraw with the local college team.  It is SO much fun, but I am SO SORE!  It is so hard.  You can see videos of games on youtube if you want to see what it looks like. 

"It is kick volleyball, but the ball is this really hard like plastic/basket material.  You can't use your hands, only your feet.  My position is the flip guy called the kicker.  Strange enough, my knee is handling it better than I thought it would.....we stretch A LOT!  The flexibility required for this game is nuts!  Anyway, it is a blast and we are teaching several of the players the gospel!  They are way solid and I'm loving it!"
Elder Earl, Jack (a Takraw team mate and investigator) and Elder Jesse Bundy
Elder Earl, Josh (a Takraw team mate and investigator) and Jesse.

"Don't worry about my knee, mom.  It is giving me some trouble, but by really stretching like they showed me playing Takraw, it actually has felt better.   The mission nurse texted me to ask how I was doing and to let me know that they still have had no news on my MRI.  The mission doctor is in Hong Kong and I only know that my MRI has made it that far.  I will let you know as soon as I do."

"District meeting was so good!  We set some really awesome goals, discussed our area and what we can do better and how we can all work harder, then we watched a video.  In my personal studies, I've started the Book of Mormon over again and I've just really realized how important it is to love the people we teach the gospel to!  It really is true what you said, that people do not care what you know until they know how much you care....I need to work harder on that one."
Elder Earl and Jesse seated as honored guests at opening season Takraw game in Sisaket.

"We went to the college's opening Takraw game against Galasin.  When we got there, they honored us as guests of honor!  They escorted us to their special stage right in the middle of the stadium and served us food and stuff....hahaha!  It was AWESOME!"
Elder Earl and Elder Jesse Bundy

"This game has made me re-commit myself to getting into really good shape.  It has really helped working out with these guys and has reminded me of how much I enjoy working out and being in shape."

"Could you send me a Chinese starter guide for reading Chinese characters?  I'm studying the Book of Mormon in Chinese.....it is SO HARD!  I have to be able to talk to Price when I get home...."
Jesse wearing a trash bag trying to stay dry!

"Today, we will probably get a little rest.  Elder Earl and I have been working out with the Takraw team at 5 a.m. every morning and working all day until 10 p.m.  So, we need a little rest.  We will probably only have time to finish emailing and change our clothes. It is raining buckets right now!  It is probably flooding in some places.....it has started the rainy season again.  I SWEAR, the rain follows me!  It rains every single day and my shirts are getting absolutely wrecked!  But it's all good.."

"Well.....I have to go.  Just know, life is good here in Sisaket and I am truly LOVING my mission!  I am very grateful to be here doing this.....I love you mom and tell dad I love him!  Tell everyone I miss 'em and I love 'em!"

"Talk to you next week!"

Elder Jesse A. Bundy

May 23, 2016

Baptisms, teaching new investigators the Gospel of Jesus Christ, switch-offs with Zone Leaders in Ubon and setting new goals keep Elder Bundy busy and excited about the work in Sisaket 
Elder Jesse Bundy with the Bishop, new convert and Elder Weaver before the baptism
Missionaries with Ward members before baptisms on Sunday

"Hello everyone!!  This week has been CRAZY busy.....so, I'm afraid this will be kind of a short letter.  We had an AWESOME baptism and have another scheduled for the 29th!  The spirit was INCREDIBLE!  I am LOVING my mission!"
Brother Somgiad from the Ward - love this guy!

"I didn't get anything back from the doctor in Bangkok yet.....they haven't told me anything.  I'm guessing they will get back to me this next week.   My knee is alright....it feels like I'm okay to keep  on keepin' on.  I just feel like I need to get it fixed before I go too hard on it.  It's kind of messed with my working out, but I'm sure it will all work out fine." 

"So, this week we went to Ubon to work with the Zone Leaders.  It was great and we got a lot done.  I don't like missing days working out of Sisaket because we have so much going, but I learn a lot from the ZL's.  So it's all good.."
A beautiful sunrise in Sisaket

"Brother Dang in our Ward....he's awesome!"

This is the Beautiful river that runs right down the center of Ubon

"This week, I've really been trying to focus in on my goals for the future....school, career....I am learning to balance staying completely focused on my mission, but still take a little bit of time every day to improve myself in all areas of my life....improving my vocabulary, getting stronger physically and my nutrition.  Sometimes I do really great at it and other days I completely fail...but I'll keep after it."

 Elder Jesse Bundy having a bit of fun in an electronic store.  He wrote, "We hooked up 'Angels we Have Heard on High' into the electronics store system and did some karaoke.  It was very entertaining....hahaha."

"We have taught some really cool lessons this week with our investigator, Sister Meaw.  She committed to baptism on the 29th of this month.  She is AMAZING and is the BEST example of how important member referrals are.  She was referred to us by an awesome member in the Ward when we went to do a service project to help them with their cows.  She committed to quit drinking coffee and bore her testimony to us that she's tried several times before to quit, but never could until she prayed and asked for help!  I LOVE EXPERIENCING these amazing, cool experiences!  The Gospel of Jesus Christ is true....."
Jesse posing for a GQ picture on a cool motorcycle....

"Well, I gotta go soon Mom....I'm gonna get ripped, smart, skilled and spiritual....hahaha!  But seriously!  I have such a strong testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ!  I'm thankful for this opportunity.....it's so great that I get to teach these people that the Lord's work and glory is to help all of his children have happiness! Then we get to give them the tools to show them how...it just doesn't get any better than this."

"I love you Mom!  I love you Dad!  I'm loving' my mission.....until next week...."

Elder Jesse A. Bundy

May 15, 2016

Teaching soccer friends how to pray, an MRI on an injured knee and learning about theVietnam War from the COOLEST guy ever!  
All parts of Elder Jesse Bundy's week serving the Lord in Sisaket Thailand
Jesse with some of his favorite soccer friends!

"Hi from Ubon, Thailand!  It's a large city about an hour from Sisaket.  Ubon is WAAYYY pretty!  A HUGE river runs through the middle of it and the guy who does the show, River Monsters fishes here!  Elder Earl and I will be here all day, but get back home before six tonight...."
"Soooo, I've been having trouble with my knee.....so, I had to come to Ubon to get an MRI.  The Zone Leaders will pick up the results tomorrow, send them to Bangkok to the mission nurse to look at......then she will send them on to the area Doctor in Hong Kong and then I'll let you know.  That is the protocol for things like this for missionaries.  No worries!!  It's really not that bad.  It's just a constant annoyance that has never gone away since I wrecked on my bike back in Plok......Enough of that, let me tell you all the cool things that happened to me this week!"
Jesse enjoying some EXTREMELY large raindrops cooling off during a heat wave!

"Last Monday in the middle of our P-Day, we got a phone call from a member who needed help cutting down some trees.  When we got there, a close friend of theirs was also there.  After cutting down the trees, we all sat down to eat lunch together.  We taught her about the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it was AMAZING!  It turned out SO good......She felt the spirit very strong and accepted our invitation to read and pray.  She also set a date for the 29th of this month!  Her name is Meaw.....which means cat in Thai...." 

"Tuesday was the day I went to the hospital for the first time for my knee......I'm not gonna lie, it was scary!  I had to take my dress pants off, so I put my basketball shorts on and everyone kept asking me if it was the 'new style' for missionaries.....hahahaha."
Jesse making a fashion statement......lolol!

"Wednesday afternoon, we had the COOLEST experience ever!  We were coming back from inviting and found a group of kids playing soccer on the church's field.  I just jumped in and started playing with them.  I don't want to brag, but I wrecked 'em...lololol!  The cool part was, after we played, they ALL agreed to sit and talk with us about the gospel!  We taught them the Plan of Salvation and how to pray!  It was SO COOL and the spirit was SO strong!"
Jesse's soccer team!

"Ohhhh my goodness!!  Thursday it just rained cats and dogs, again!  We went into the boonies to teach an investigator.  After teaching him and helping him with his cows, on the way home the torrential rain just started coming!!  
Of course, we were on a dirt road and our clothes and everything just got TOTALLY wrecked!!   
"But it sure felt good in this heat....."

Jesse with Brother Swing, teaching each other.

"I have to say.....Brother Swing, a 70 year old member of our ward is the COOLEST guy EVER!!!  Friday, we had the INCREDIBLE opportunity to sit and visit with him.  He told us all about the Vietnam War and we were honored to answer his questions about the temple!  Easily one of the BEST moments of my mission so far! I LOVE that guy!"

"After that AMAZING experience, we taught Sister Laad who is doing awesome.....she is taking her time and asking a lot of questions to make sure she understands which I definitely appreciate.  She will be a stronger member because of it..." 

Jesse enjoying a peaceful moment.....

"Sunday was SO GREAT!  We had so many investigators to church!  We taught them all together in a class and it was picture perfect awesome!  After church, Elder Earl and I went home and went through the former missionary's book for the area.  I remembered Dad telling me that he did that when he was on his mission and picked up really good contacts from it.  It was a great idea, because we were able to set 11+ appointments for the week from investigators that had been in that book for like 5 years with no follow-up!"

"O.K...here is a picture of the CRAZY...UGLY...SCARY 
dogs I've been telling you about!  
Just try facing a pack of these bad boys in an alley, going all kujo on you and biting at your ankles!!  I'm just say'n..."

"Well, I have to go!  Tell everyone I miss 'em and I LOVE 'em!  Oh, and thanks mom for being the coolest person in the world and the BEST mom ever....I love you!"

Elder Jesse A. Bundy

May 8, 2016

Elder Jesse Bundy calls home for Mother's Day!!  Sends pictures of flood causing rains, pizza and his 'Squad' as he continues teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Thailand
All the family visiting with Elder Jesse Bundy in Sisaket!

Like missionaries all over the world, Jesse called home for Mother's day!  Our family got to spend 45 minutes visiting, listening to missionary stories, laughing and enjoying each other's company!  Everyone but his big brother Isaac and his family.....who were missed terribly!
Jesse showing his muscles to his nieces and nephews....lolol!

The Sisaket 'Squad'....Elder Davis, Elder Hunt, Elder Jesse Bundy and Elder Earl.....Jesse LOVES working with these guys!

Elder Jesse Bundy and Elder Earl got caught in a monster of a rainstorm!  It was completely unexpected......but enjoyable!
Jesse explained that it is SERIOUSLY hot this time of year in Thailand...these cooling rains were a very welcome surprise!
Jesse enjoying the rain!!!

Somehow, I don't think everyone thought it was so fun...

While visiting on the phone, Jesse told of us some pretty epic dog chases with near escapes!  One of the Elders now carries a taser to scare them away......Jesse added, ".....dog chases seriously get my blood pumping.  Sometimes it's kind of fun, other times it's kind of scary....lol."
Jesse added, "No, seriously, the dogs are really scary...!" hahaha

Jesse catching a ride....
This is Elder Bundy catching a ride with a member....if you look close you can see his foot attached to the scooter while he is being pulled....he said, "you learn to get creative when you have to be somewhere faster than you can pedal...."
Jesse showing off his 'hitch-hiking' skills.....lol!

Elder Jesse Bundy has been working out and dieting.....He hasn't had pizza in a long time.  We seriously didn't know if he could make it in Thailand for two years without Little Ceasar's breadsticks and pizza, his favorites.....This is a rare deviation from his diet as bread is not as readily available in Thailand and the locals don't eat a lot of it.  He added, "Yep!  I got really sick from eating this pizza, but I would do it again...lol...Oh how I've missed my pizza....!"

May 1, 2016

Elder Jesse Bundy baptizes 2 people,  learns to cook 'Thai' eggs and continues to enjoy teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Sisaket Thailand

Jesse learning to cook eggs the Thai way from a member of the Ward.

"Hello everyone.  I really can't say this enough, I am LOVING my mission!  Last Monday, we took a recent convert and his friends to lunch.  While we were eating, I began talking to his friends about the Gospel and they are extremely interested!!  In fact, we set a date for the 15th!  Then we had the opportunity to play basketball with the local college team......we SMASHED 'em...hahaha!  We ended the day having Family Home Evening with some members."

"During District meeting, I shared Moroni 7:37, 38 and 33, also Alma 5:54, 6:2-3 and Moroni 6:1-4, 8.  I related these scriptures to faith, repentance, baptism and enduring to the end.  It turned out awesome and we had a really good discussion."
Elder Earl with his 'sweet' new bike.

"After District meeting, we were able to get Elder Earl's bike all taken care of.  We ordered him a really nice one from Bangkok and it is beautiful!  The rest of the day, we taught several new investigators including a doctor that is GOLDEN!  We taught English class before heading home."
Elder Hunt and Elder Jesse Bundy eating at KFC.  Jesse is showing off his will power...lol!  SALAD....lol

"Wednesday morning, Elder Earl and I helped a new convert's family move.  Afterward, we taught a very interesting lady named Lod......she is extremely interested in learning more about Jesus Christ and we were able to set a date for the 22nd!  Later, we were invited to a going away party for a member who has helped us teach ALOT!  He has joined the army and we are going to really miss him......
Elder Jesse Bundy showing off his bicycle skills.....he wrote, "three bikes, two missionaries....sometimes you have to get a little creative...lol"

"On Thursday, Elder Earl had to go to Bangkok, again, to renew his visa.....I went to the bus station and purchased the tickets.  I didn't want to lose an entire day of work in Sisaket, so I sent Elder Hunt with him......there is SO much work to get done here.  Elder Davis and I spent the rest of the day teaching our investigators, setting up baptismal interviews for the Sister's investigators, teaching a Book of Mormon class and ended the day teaching our investigator that's a doctor......busy, but good day!"

"Friday was a great day!  We went on switch offs all day with a member named Yong.  We had so much fun!  We went inviting, taught Le and Dit and ended up doing a service project for some elderly people.  When I interviewed the Sister's two investigators for baptism, it was just incredible!  They are way solid with strong testimonies!  We ended a very fun day with sports night at the church!"
Jesse about to eat grilled carp and papaya salad for the first time......
Not sure if he likes it?  But, he's thankful for it and he'll eat it......hahaha

"After studies on Saturday, we helped paint an investigator's house and taught all of our investigators who have a date.  After attending coordination meeting, we went out to teach Lod.  She lives in some SERIOUSLY humbling circumstances!!  She just doesn't have much for a house, barely two walls!  But the lesson went awesome and the spirit was so strong....and she accepted to keep the commandments.....We then went inviting at the market and hit the phone to call as many people as we could to get them to church Sunday....it was a great day."

Jesse and Elder Earl bailing out the baptismal font after church because the drain is broken....

"SUNDAY WAS THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!  TONS of investigators showed up for Church and I was honored to baptize the Sister's two investigators!  They asked me to do it, I think because I'm so big and they're afraid the smaller Thai people can't lift them up out of the water.....hahaha....but WHAT AN HONOR in any case!  Our investigator pool is really shrinking, so after church we went out and invited A LOT.  Some really nice members by our house invited us to dinner, so we went.......as we left their house, we were still a bit hungry....we found a fruit tree right by their house and it was DELICIOUS!  They were little berries.......I ate a bunch of them and made myself sick.....hahahaha!"

"Well.....WE GET TO GOOGLE HANGOUT next week!!  Make sure that everyone gets on....k?  I can't wait to see and talk to everyone!  I LOVE you mom!  I am so thankful for you...."

"Until next week....."

Elder Jesse A. Bundy