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April 24, 2016

Elder Jesse Bundy remains the District Leader in Sisaket, gets a new 'trainee' - Elder Earl, attends meetings in Bangkok, says goodbye to Elder Wright and shares an incredible miracle!
Elder Jesse Bundy gets a trainee, Elder Earl from North Carolina!

"Hey everyone!  This week has been a crazy awesome, but crazy busy week......here's the run down...

"Last Tuesday, we did switch-offs......Elder Hunt and I did an early morning service project at a member's house cutting down a bunch of trees.  After they fed us breakfast, we had district meeting at an ice cream shop.....it was the last one for this group before transfers.  I shared D&C 100 and we had a way good discussion!  After, Elder Hunt and I taught some really GOLDEN new investigators.  They are a great little family - a mom, dad and baby.  They told us they have been unable to find work and were really struggling.  We taught them about prayer and encouraged them to pray and ask for help.  It was very humbling.   Elder Weaver and I finished the day teaching a couple of members and teaching English class.  When we got back to the apartment, the AP's called to let Elder Weaver know where he was getting transferred to...."  

A beautiful sunrise just outside our apartment

"Wednesday, we really had to scramble to exchange pictures, finish teaching lessons, buy bus tickets and get Elder Weaver all packed and ready to go.  It was crazy, but we pulled it together and were on the bus by 9 p.m. that night.  Unfortunately, the bus didn't have AC OR reclining seats for our 9 hour bus ride!!  Let's just say, it was an interesting ride...lolol!"

"We had to be to the mission office by 5 a.m. for transfers on Thursday......but, trainer's meeting wasn't until 8, so I got to spend the whole time talking to Elder Wright!  I LOVE that guy!  Trainer's meeting was the boss.....and after, they fed us pizza.  We had to hurry over to the bus station right after that to catch a bus home.  We bought tickets late, so Elder Earl got his first in-country experience having a 9 hour bus ride with NO AC, filled to capacity and no reclining seats....lolol."
Elder Jesse Bundy on a bus with Elder Wright back when Jesse was the missionary in training.  This is one of the nice busses.
Along with teaching Jesse how to be a hard working missionary, Elder Wright also taught Jesse how to eat the hot peppers in Thailand.....lolol.  Just a few of Jesse's favorite memories with Elder Wright!

"Friday was Elder Earl's first day as a missionary in Thailand.  We had scripture and language study until NOON and then we went to buy him a bike.  We couldn't find anything good, so we ordered him one from Bangkok.  We then taught 3 new investigators and had one of the best inviting sessions EVER!  Later on, I interviewed the other Elder's investigator for baptism.  He is AWESOME and will be a great member!  We finished the day having sports night at the church.  It was a GREAT day!"
Jesse standing in front of a beautiful 'spirit house' next to their apartment for a quick picture.

"After studies Saturday, we ate lunch with some of my favorite converts, Buu and Frong, from last transfers.  They are way solid in their testimonies!  It's so awesome!  Later, we taught a referral behind our house.  We also had a good, but interesting experience while teaching a grandma and her granddaughter.  The grandma really felt the spirit and kept telling us she knew it was true.....the only problem was, she kept telling me that she didn't have the time to get baptized, but kept telling us to just take her granddaughter and baptize her!  It was awkward.......We ended another great day by doing some inviting, teaching an old member, making phone calls and going to eat with some members at a very delicious meat buffet!"   
A random elephant statue Jesse took a picture of.

"On Sunday, we experienced a MIRACLE and a BAPTISM baby!  All on the same day!!  We baptized the man I interviewed the other day....it was WAY COOL!  The spirit was so strong!  Elder Earl and I had a couple of investigators there and they really enjoyed it.  After church, we taught our former investigators Le and Dit.  We are so excited because they are going to come back to church.  Unfortunately, they can't get married right now, so they can't get baptized, but we were super pumped that they are going to come back to church!'
Elder Earl and Elder Bundy

"Now, the MIRACLE!  After spending time with Le and Dit, we found some really cool new investigators by the train tracks.  When we finished teaching and were leaving, we ran into the members Elder Hunt and I did the service project for earlier in the week.  They gave us 2 big HUGE bottles of water.....I can't tell you how hot it is here!  But.....neither one of us opened our water and took a drink....VERY UNUSUAL!  We continued down the road and found some members who hadn't gone to church in FOREVER and are very, very poor.  I felt impressed to give them BOTH bottles of water we had been given.  They told us that they had just run out of water and couldn't afford to buy any more.  They said they had just prayed to God to help them get something to drink when we showed up and just handed them the water!!  It was a CRAZY AWESOME MIRACLE!  We finished this most perfect day eating at the Bishop's house and made it home on time."

"Well.....that's it for this week!  I have to go, but tell everyone I love them!  Tell Isaac and Allison congrats on the new baby!!!  
Welcome to little Annilee Apple Bundy!!  I have a new niece!!  She's BEAUTIFUL!! 

Ohhhhh, and Mom, Mother's Day is coming......we'll get to have a google hangout phone call!!!  I can't wait....Until next week..."

Elder Jesse A. Bundy  

April 17, 2016

A three-day Thai Water Festival brings fun, water fights and a lot of joy teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Sisaket Thailand  
Elder Weaver, Elder Davis, Elder Hunt and Elder Jesse Bundy enjoying a refreshing water fight with some local children on their day off.

"So, last Thursday was our Songkran P-Day!  It was a BLAST!  We got up extra early so we could fit everything in.  The Thailand New Year is a country wide water war....  
Elder Weaver and Elder Jesse Bundy getting pelted with water and powder on Songkran 

We headed over to Ubon in the morning and started our day getting soaked by random people on the streets, so we started by drenching all of the motorcycles that came over this famous bridge!  
We maneuvered our way over to a park that  had water spouts coming out of everywhere.  We had a MASSIVE water fight with everyone that was in the park....
Then we went back to Sisaket and continued the water madness!  It was NUTS!  During the festival, we have a 6 p.m. curfew.....and we made it in plenty of time."
Elder Weaver, Elder Hunt and Elder Jesse Bundy give a victory pump after winning a water battle

"Friday is still Songkran......we did our best to set up lessons with people but all of our investigators and most of the members were either partying or out of town.......so we went way out into the boonies and did a service project.  We cleaned out a fish pond thing for a Ward member....we really enjoyed it..."
Elder Hunt, Elder Davis, Elder Jesse Bundy and Elder Weaver getting ready to attempt doing missionary work during the Water Festival.

"Afterwards, we tried really hard to do some contacting, but we just got WRECKED by everyone soaking us with water guns, buckets of water and pelting us with white powder!  I will admit....we were easy targets....large, slow moving and white! lololol.....  We just got DRENCHED and powdered, but it was fun and we were able to get some good contact numbers......we were in by 6 p.m."
Elder Jesse Bundy with Elder Weaver trying to contact during Songkran

"On Saturday morning, I realized I had lost my name tag during the Songkran.......so, we went looking for it.  I think it's lost forever, but it's O.K.  I will order a new one.   After searching for my name tag, we taught Brother Geek's family.  They had a baptismal date for this past Sunday, but sadly they're having some difficulties and had to postpone.  Please remember them in your prayers.  They are GREAT with way solid testimonies!  If I stay here, I'll get to see them be baptized, but if I get transferred, I won't.  It will be alright though!  As long as they get baptized is all that matters."

"We went out and visited with our man Frong, our first convert in Sisaket.  He is GREAT!  He is super busy volunteering at the hospital and doing good things.  We had coordination meeting with the ward leaders and Elder Weaver got flat tire number 17......It was a great day!"

"If I get transferred, this will be my last Sunday here in Sisaket....  We had a gREAT turnout at church.....101 people at Sacrament Meeting!  After the service, I felt really impressed to go visit an investigator we haven't been out to see in a while.  He was extremely sick!  He is also taking care of a man who is about to die, so Elder Weaver and I went to our house and got all of the meds we could and gave them to him.  They don't have money for food, let alone meds.  We also took over all of the left over food from the church party and gave it to them.  It was a really awesome experience and I am so thankful for the Holy Ghost."
Elder Jesse Bundy handing out pass along cards

"Later, we went inviting by the train tracks.....we took a brand new deacon name Fruk with us to teach an investigator.  He was WAY good at teaching and he loved being with the missionaries!  It was a way cool experience.  Just when the day could not have ended any better, we stopped by the Bishop's house for dinner, then ran home."

"In my personal studies this week, I have really studied 2nd Nephi in the Book of Mormon....especially chapters 2, 4 and 9.  They have GREAT insight.  I believe transfer calls should be coming tomorrow.  We will go to Bangkok on Wednesday if any one of us moves....I have no idea what is going to happen.  Today, we are going to get caught up in our cleaning and probably play a little basketball with Brother Joker, our recent convert.
"Some little girls that threw water and powder on us when we walked by their truck"

"It has been a CRAZY week, but a really awesome one too!  I am SO thankful to be on my mission!  I love teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ!  Tell everyone hello and I miss them!  Until next week....."

Elder Jesse A. Bundy       

April 13, 2016

Zone conference and the beginning of Songkran mark another fun and exciting week teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Thailand
The most AMAZING people and best zone in the Bangkok Thailand Mission!

Elder Jesse Bundy writes, "Today is Songkran!!  It is the most amazing and beautiful day.......more about that in a minute.  So much has happened in the last week and a half!  I guess I'll give you a play by play.  First, as you can see, our P-Day has been messed up with Songkran and Zone Conference, but it will get back on track next week..." 

"A week ago Tuesday, we taught our buddy, Brother Joker....he just got baptized last week.  He has such a strong testimony!  He plans to be a missionary and get married in the temple some day.....I am so blessed to know this guy!  After that, we taught a couple of new investigators, had some shirts printed for Songkran, had a great time inviting people to learn about the gospel of Jesus Christ at the bus station and ended the day by teaching English class.  It was an awesome day!"
Elder Jesse Bundy taking a picture with a random elephant that was roaming loose at the bus station

"Wednesday was our travel day....we hopped on a bus to Roi Et for Zone Conferences.  Or at least Elder Weaver and I thought it was going to be that easy......  After hopping on the bus, we immediately realized that we were scheduled to do switch-offs with other elders in Ubon after the conference.  So, we would need our bikes and we didn't have them.  We immediately hopped off the bus, ran back to the apartment, got our bikes and tried to convince a taxi driver to take us all the way there with our bikes hanging out the back of his trunk!  hahaha.....  Eventually, we got there alright.  I love having interviews with President Johnson!!  He is AWESOME!  We checked into a hotel in Roi Et and got some much needed rest."
Elder Jesse Bundy giving Elder Hunt a lift at Zone Conference.

"On Thursday, we had Zone training and it was GOOD stuff!  They have changed all of the numbers we report, so it's a little weird and will take some getting use to, but such a positive change.  After our meetings, Elder Weaver and I headed off to Ubon for our switch-offs with the Zone Leaders.  It was a GREAT day!"

"Friday I worked with Elder Parker all day.  He is a way solid dude with a strong testimony!  He started his mission in Phitsanulok, which is where I began, so we have a lot in common.  We had a great day and were blessed to be able to teach a lot of lessons and conduct some baptismal interviews.....it was just an awesome day!  Elder Weaver and I ended up catching a late bus back to Sisaket.....it was a GREAT, exhausting day....I am thankful and I am LOVING my mission!"
Elder Davis, Elder Jesse Bundy, Elder Hunt and Elder Weaver showing off their french toast.  Jesse wrote, "we taught a restaurant lady how to make french toast!  It was SO AMAZING!"

"GENERAL CONFERENCE!!  We spent Saturday enjoying Conference.....it was sooooo good!  I think my favorite session was the Priesthood session.  I especially enjoyed the leader/follower talk and President Uchdorf's talk, but my FAVORITE was Elder D. Todd Christofferson's talk on fathers. (You can find them on lds.org, then search for April 2016 General Conference talks) "If getting to listen to conference wasn't enough, our investigator Brother Geek, brought his entire family to watch it with us!  

Later that day, we taught an older gentleman that was located behind one of our other investigator's house....he was living on the streets because his family kicked him out.  They didn't have enough money to pay his hospital bills.  When we found him, he looked like he was about to die.....we visited with him for a little while.  We taught him how to pray to God and got him something to eat.....it was truly a humbling and spiritual experience.

We then finished up teaching some lessons to people we had appointments with only to get home and find out that our electricity was out!  It is SO hot right now......our apartment was at least 105 degrees!  I looked at the other Elders, the sweat running down all of our faces and I was like, 'I don't know about you guys, but I'm not going to sleep in this weather without the AC!'  So, I told them to pack up a few things and we rode our bikes to sleep at the church....we were so grateful to have a cool place to sleep!"
Elder Hunt, Elder Davis, Elder Jesse Bundy and Elder Weaver waking up after spending a restful night in air conditioning at the church.

"We woke up at the church and were changing into our Sunday clothes when all of a sudden, the Bishop walked in.....he was a bit surprised and asked, 'what's up you guys?'  hahaha....we all had a good laugh!  It was really funny.  We got to watch the rest of CONFERENCE today!  I just LOVE conference......After we watched conference at church, we had ward correlation meeting.

Later, we went to visit a member that lives super far away, out in the middle of nowhere.  It was an AWESOME experience!  He was struggling with a few issues and we helped him get rid of some things and clean up his house.  We got back into town in time to meet Brother Geek's family at the Bishop's house to eat dinner.  It was just a really great day."

"Monday was a normal work day for us.  We visited some less active members.  We had a great visit trying to get them to refer their friends to us.....even though we weren't that successful, I believe they consider us friends now and one of them makes scripture cases.  I am going to have a couple of them made.  We then taught Brother Geek's family.....they have set a date for this Sunday!  We are way excited!  Up until today, only him and his little sister were getting baptized......NOW his whole family will be!!!  Including his wife, his little boy, his mom and his dad!!  They are such a great family with strong testimonies....I am just on cloud nine!  On our way home, we stopped and bought water guns for Songkran." 
Elder Davis, Elder Hunt, a ward member, Elder Weaver and Elder Jesse Bundy getting ready to defend themselves at the ward party.

"On Tuesday, there were only half of us at District meeting due to sickness.  Elder Hunt got food poisoning and wasn't feeling very well.  Elder Weaver and I spent the day teaching a couple of new investigators as well as Tught by-Dtuy, Brother Geek's little sister.  Before going home for the evening, we taught English class and went and purchased a large tarp.  Tomorrow is the first day of Songkran and we are having a big ward activity.  We are going to teach the ward members how to make and have fun on a slip-n-slide!"
The boys getting ready to participate in the Water Festival on their P-Day

"Today, SONGKRAN begins!  It is just CRAZY awesome and fun!  This is Thailand's new year.  At any other time of the year, it is illegal to throw or squirt water at anyone!  But, for 3 days, it is completely legal to just destroy anyone and everyone you see with water on the streets or anywhere!  Soooo, it's pretty much an all out country wide water fight war!"

The Thai New Year, or Songkran in Thai, is fixed every year from the 13th through the 15th of April.  These 3 days are also known as the Water Festival because everyone splashes or pours water at each other everywhere and anywhere as part of the 'cleansing' ritual to welcome in the new year. 
Locals getting ready to start Songkran while riding in the back of a truck

We went to the ward activity in the morning.  It was a BLAST!  Thai people have never seen a slip-n-slide much less how to use one!  When we made it, they went NUTS!  It was so fun to see them have so much fun, laughing, sliding.....
Members enjoying the slip-n-slide Elder Bundy and Elder Weaver made for them

"After the party, we tried REALLY hard to go inviting, but we just got pelted with water and destroyed by EVERYONE IN THE WHOLE TOWN!!  It was probably one of the most CRAZY fun days I've had in my life! hahahaha.....Because it is SO nuts out on the streets, we have a 6 p.m. curfew for the duration of the festival, which is the next 3 days."

"Today is P-Day!  It's been a long week and a half, so we have a lot to get done today.  We got up super early because we are going to Ubon to play Songkran!  I will take some good pictures for you.....It's going to be a blast!"

"Well momma!!  I LOVE you!  I hope you enjoy the pictures....Our regular P-Day will be back on schedule this week, so I'll talk to you then."

I LOVE ALL OF YOU!!  Tell everyone hello for me!

Elder Jessa A. Bundy

April 3, 2016

Elder Jesse Bundy and Elder Weaver go 40 kilos out of town to locate lost members, baptize 
Brother Joker and enjoy another week of teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ in Thailand.
Elder Jesse Bundy and Elder Weaver stop to visit with some very special friends.  Jesse wrote, "Just chilling with some 'other' missionaries, obviously NOT in our district."

"Hey Mom....did I tell you?  Brother Joker got BAPTIZED Saturday!!  Best day ever!  I love this guy!  Before I tell you about Saturday, I'm going to tell you about the first part of my week."
Elder Jesse Bundy, Brother Joker, Elder Weaver, Elder Hunt and Elder Davis posing with Brother Joker before his baptism this last Saturday.

"This week has been INCREDIBLE!.....Last Tuesday, we had a really fun district meeting!  Elder Weaver and I found an ice cream vendor.....we convinced him to come over to the church with us.  I gave the lesson on D&C chapters 75 and 58, being diligent, obedient and the importance of setting good goals and actually achieving them.  After our lesson, we had an ice cream eating contest....hahaha."
"This is a little boy named Tigger, (pronounced just like whinnie the pooh's tigger).  He is one of our English students in English class and he can write his abc's like a boss!"

"After District Meeting, we went to teach Le and Dit, our golden family that have strong testimonies......but unfortunately, the pressure from their family and friends have scared them away from continuing to learn and get baptized....it was extremely sad.   Even though we had this sad development, we later taught a new investigator named Dtow, who we challenged to stop smoking and he accepted!  We finished the day with doing some contacting, teaching English class and then we showed Brother Buu and Brother Joker the Restoration video."
Elder Jesse Bundy taking in some of the beautiful Thailand scenery!

"Wednesday, we had a GREAT day!  We taught our investigator Brother Geek and Brother Joker came with us to help teach.  When we finished up the lessons, he asked when he could be scheduled for an interview to be baptized!  When he said that, Brother Joker also asked if he could be interviewed....it was awesome.  Elder Weaver and I were excited so we called the Zone Leaders to schedule them both to be interviewed later that day.  While we were contacting, some emigration police ran us down to take our picture.....we had our passport stuff on us, so it wasn't a big deal.  We then taught a new investigator at the church until the Zone Leaders got there to interview Brother Joker and Brother Geek....."
Jesse holding, "The banana of the year!!!!"

"In celebration of Brother Joker and Brother Geek, Elder Weaver and I went to to do some long planning over a good pizza!  Then we hitched a ride about 40 kilos out of the city to visit a group of lost members in a small village..."  
Elder Jesse Bundy and Elder Weaver hitching a ride out of town.  On the way home he wrote, "We were way lost contacting and had to shove our bikes into a little vegetable truck to drive us back into town.....but so glad we went!"

"It was an interesting adventure and we got very lost before we eventually found our way there!  It turned out really good.  Even with a few obstacles, we made it back in time to get to Book of Mormon class and teach Brother Joker."
Elder Jesse Bundy trying to figure out which way to go?  He writes, "Kwaay crossing, and adventuring in the woods looking for investigators who want to learn more about the Savior."

"On Friday, we enjoyed some more ice cream after doing some successful inviting at the Tesco Lotus (K-Mart).  Then we had the privilege of giving a priesthood blessing to a member who had been mauled by a dog......In the afternoon, we taught Brother Geek another lesson and invited him to attend Brother Joker's baptism on Saturday.  It was a great day as we ended it playing sports night at the church.....it was a blast."

"Brother Joker got BAPTIZED Saturday!!  Best day EVER, even though it began with the other Elders playing a pretty good April fools joke on us.....we woke up with our bikes on top of our roof....hahaha."  
"Our bikes on our roof!  April fools!!  hahaha"

"We have been meeting with a member who's son passed away just last week....we were blessed to be invited over to teach her a lesson.  It was a very spiritual experience.  Then we went over to the church and cleaned out the font for Brother Joker's baptism.  We had enough time to make a bunch of phone calls to get people there to support him.  We also went to lunch before the baptism with Brother Joker and his member girlfriend who introduced him to us... and still had time to have a coordination meeting with the ward mission leader.  
Jesse with Brother Joker and the other Elders posing for a fun picture before Brother Joker's baptism.

THEN FINALLY, it was time for the baptism!  And.....Brother Geek brought his WHOLE family with him to come!  Afterward, we were able to teach him and his whole family and right then and there they all committed to baptism!!!!!  It just does NOT get any better than this!  If you can even have a day get any better, after the baptism, we were able to pair off with some members and do some home teaching....Best DAY ever!!!!"
Elder Jesse Bundy, Brother Joker and Elder Weaver

"On Sunday, four people received the gift of the Holy Ghost, including Brother Joker and the family that was baptized last week!  It was incredible......After Church, we taught Brother Buu and Brother Joker and showed them the video Finding Faith in Christ.  We went inviting and taught Sister Baan, a new investigator of ours who is progressing very well and finished a perfect day AND week off by eating at the Bishop's house."
Elder Jesse Bundy sits and watches a beautiful Thai sunrise to begin his p-day fun!

Jesse standing to contemplate which Khwaay he is going to ride today, his p-day (or day off)! hahaha....

"This week has just been a way fun and solid week!  I get up at 5:30 a.m. every day so that I can run and study a little extra.  It takes a lot getting up that early every day, but I have less than year before I come home, so I need to make it a loooooong year and get as much out of this experience as I can."

"Soooo, here are a few picture of our fun adventures this morning for p-day...."
"Which one do I choose? Hmmmmm....."
"Maybe this one? 
Are YOU looking at me?  Are you LOOKING at me?!"
"How do they walk so easy in this stuff?"  Elder Jesse Bundy closing in on a Khwaay for a little P-Day rodeo fun? 
"O.K., a little help guys....."
"AT LAST!!  A successful catch!!  But, I'm not gonna ride this thing!!  It is SO wild and it would NOT be a very good idea....plus, he is NOT very happy with us.  So.....I gave up and ate some bugs instead....hahaha"
"Some of my LESS favorite Thailand cuisine.....but I ate it."

"Well, I have to go pretty soon.....but know that it has been a really great week and way fun!  I love you Mom and Dad!!  Tell everyone I love 'em and Happy Birthday to Alex, Chelsy and Jake!!"

Elder Jesse A. Bundy