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June 22, 2015

Elder Bundy says goodbye to 
President and Sister Senior 

Elder Bundy had a good week!  This past Wednesday and Thursday,  he and his companion went up to Chaing Mai for zone conference with President Senior.  (A Zone Conference is where all the Elders and Sisters in a certain area called a 'zone' come together to get instruction from the Mission President.) Chaing mai is in the northern mountains of Thailand.   And Plok, where Elder Bundy is currently serving, is located in almost the dead center of the country. On Wednesday, they hopped on a bus for a 6 hour ride through dense jungle and rice fields.   The view was CRAZY awesome. Elder Bundy wrote, "Zone Conference was super awesome! President Senior will probably be the next apostle or something, he so knowledgeable and just a great guy, but sadly that was the last time we'll get to see him.........President Johnson comes here in the next couple weeks.   I'm sure he'll be a boss as well......We stayed the night in a REALLY nice hotel and in the morning they had breakfast!!!! FRENCH TOAST!!!! They had FRENCH TOAST!! I literally ate a loaf of bread! It was amazing.....but it made me pretty sick lol.... Thais don't eat bread, like ever and it's nowhere to be found here, so when I ate a bunch after not having it, it was interesting.."

Elder Bundy wrote about the night bus ride they took back to Plok.  He was SO excited because at the bus station they saw a MEXICAN restaurant, and he wrote, "I lost my mind!! It was pretty much the BEST day ever..I miss Magueys in Cameron! lol......I bought 2 tacos for like 180 baht, which is about 5 dollars US.  That is like what I usually spend in 2 days...lol" 

Elder Bundy with a big 'cheesy' grin.  He's on a duk duk going to catch the bus

Elder Bundy told about an unusual experience he had with a street contact on the way back to the bus station.  He wrote, "I saw this OLD man sitting on the corner.........I had to take two double takes because he was wearing what looked like this Majestic Flowing Robe, made completely of TIGER......I was very confused........he was also wielding this crazy staff!  It had spikes and diamonds coming out of it.......so of course i had to go and talk to the guy.......I asked him if he was some kind of monk, and he said he was a 'scc ruslii'...........I was like what the heck is that?  He said he was called of the spirits to protect the forest.........I was like, 'alright, this guy is either really legit or crazy.'   So I told him good luck with that bro and asked him if he wanted to go to church........then I slowly backed away and left.......LITERALLY 5 Seconds later, I looked back and he was gone!......So, I asked one of the members what a scc ruslii was and they told me it was a wizard who just lives in the forest, does crazy magic and can control animals and stuff....."  Elder Bundy went on to say that the members told him it is super hard to see one, because they NEVER come out of the forest.  When they do, people don't usually talk to them because they are extremely afraid of them. He added, "So....that was crazy!"

To add to some pretty great experiences this week Elder Bundy told us about an 11 year old investigator, Sister Gartoon who is planning to get baptized this week.   It is clear that he truly loves this little girl!  He wrote, "She acts, looks and talks JUST like our Eliza Roxy! It's CRAZY......I'll make sure to get you the pictures next week.........her grandma is a member just recently, but her parents meet with us but (they) just don't progress!  It's really sad, but (little) Sister Gartoon is amazing.......she has an awesome little testimony and she always tries to help us teach her parents......"

Those are a whole lot of prick peppers in a little bowl of soup!

Elder Wright and Elder Bundy report that they have surpassed all Thai people in being able to down spicy food!  Their training in pounding straight prick peppers daily has really paid off.  Elder Bundy writes, "at this point, there's no food that's really spicy anymore....lol..."

Elder Bundy wrote, "WE ATE CROCODILE FOR SUNDAY DINNER... it was DISGUSTING!!.. That's all I'll say about that...."

Elder Bundy decided to switch things up.  He's been practicing doing this instead of doing a handstand this week

Elder Bundy had his first dog scare!!  He wrote, "I was almost eaten by dogs!......Yesterday we were coming home from a home visit.  In the alley, Elder Wright rode ahead a little bit......a Pack of HUGE Bear looking dog creatures jumped out and started chasing him!  He out rode them, barely......then they turned around and stared right into my soul!.....So I promptly turned my bike around!  I kept thinking, I'm not dealing with that!   But then all of the sudden, two more came up the back side!!  I was being cornered by these large creatures.......I was legitimately scared a little bit....lol....So, I just built up as much speed as possible and rode straight at one of those things!........I got within 10 feet of that thing before it sidestepped my bike!.....lol.....after that, those creature dogs all joined in this crazy chase!  We biked as hard as we could, but they kept up!..........So........we rode into the highway and hoped they'd get hit....lol.....we finally lost them..."

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