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June 29, 2015

 Elder Bundy and Elder Wright 
visit Buddhist Village 

Elder Bundy wrote,  "Last Monday after e-mailing home, a member drove us an hour out of town to this crazy mountain Buddhist village!  It was a CRAZY beautiful drive!  Just shear cliffs on all sides!  I guess I was getting my reunion drive fix in...Anyway, we made it to what foreigners call the Willy Wonka Wat!...lol....It had this 80 foot statue of 3 white Buddhas sitting on each others laps, an 80 foot crystal spire, and a huge monk tower thing (I don't know what they are called..lol) 
It was sooooo pretty!  We had a bunch of fun and the weather on the mountain was wayyy nice."

Elder Bundy is loving every minute of his mission.  He loves the people, the teaching, the food, his bike, the amazing sites he is getting to see.....in other words, everything!  He also reports that they are having some great success in their teaching pool and hope to start baptizing investigators very soon.  All prayers for them would be greatly appreciated.

He wrote, "This week has been a long work fest.  My companion and I have been grinding way hard.  We set some pretty lofty goals and we have just had the mentality that we were not going home if we don't achieve them, (although, we go home no matter what at 9:00 p.m.) lol.....Missionary work is more fun than anything, tho..... We just have a blast every day."

He goes on, "Here in Thailand, it's just an adventure every day!  I meet crazy people, eat crazy stuff, get to teach people the Gospel of Jesus Christ, ride a bike all day, see a guy driving a Lamborghini down the road and then 5 seconds later, here comes some (other) guy on a water buffalo, lol!  It's SO beautiful and the people are just happy, most of the time... unless they are drunken and don't have a house.. they usually aren't very happy at that point..."
Reaction to the onset of the rainy season!

Elder Bundy reported that the rainy season started this week.  It rains at exactly 5:00 p.m. every day...HARD and for a LONG time.....but he says, "it's fun riding in it and nice to have it cool down.."

His shirt after a long day of riding in the rain.

Next Monday, Elder Bundy and Elder Wright have an OFFICIAL appointment to ride real live elephants.  They are super excited!  He wrote, "I'm way pumped!..... I've done some asking around and apparently you can ride more than just elephants here.......There are WATS spread throughout Thailand that have crazy stuff you can ride......there's one in the north that trains Ostriches, and if you talk them into it, they let you ride them......Somewhere in the east they have RHINOS!!!  The one I'm most excited for though, is in the south where there is a Wat on a super high mountain that trains tigers!  There are supposed to be like 30 tigers that just wander the halls of the WAT freely.  I KNOW people don't ride them.....way to dangerous, but, can you imagine?  How many people in this world have ridden a tiger... If I could ride one, I'd be straight up He-Man." lol
One handed handstand taken in the Church....that's the taser in my other hand

Elder Bundy had his first experience with someone attempting to rob them.  He wrote, "Somebody tried to rob us this week, lol....I shouldn't laugh, but.... It was about 8:50 in the evening.  We were headed home when we stopped at a stoplight.  This little Thai man popped out from behind the corner with a big 'ole knife strapped to his belt.  He walked out in front of us........I was behind Elder Wright and the guy with the knife didn't see me at all......He stopped us and commanded us to tell him where we were going, so we stopped......I stood up and started responding back to him....(He was a good foot and a half shorter than Elder Bundy).......when I stood up, he looked really worried and we told him to get lost, and he did...lol"  

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