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April 24, 2016

Elder Jesse Bundy remains the District Leader in Sisaket, gets a new 'trainee' - Elder Earl, attends meetings in Bangkok, says goodbye to Elder Wright and shares an incredible miracle!
Elder Jesse Bundy gets a trainee, Elder Earl from North Carolina!

"Hey everyone!  This week has been a crazy awesome, but crazy busy week......here's the run down...

"Last Tuesday, we did switch-offs......Elder Hunt and I did an early morning service project at a member's house cutting down a bunch of trees.  After they fed us breakfast, we had district meeting at an ice cream shop.....it was the last one for this group before transfers.  I shared D&C 100 and we had a way good discussion!  After, Elder Hunt and I taught some really GOLDEN new investigators.  They are a great little family - a mom, dad and baby.  They told us they have been unable to find work and were really struggling.  We taught them about prayer and encouraged them to pray and ask for help.  It was very humbling.   Elder Weaver and I finished the day teaching a couple of members and teaching English class.  When we got back to the apartment, the AP's called to let Elder Weaver know where he was getting transferred to...."  

A beautiful sunrise just outside our apartment

"Wednesday, we really had to scramble to exchange pictures, finish teaching lessons, buy bus tickets and get Elder Weaver all packed and ready to go.  It was crazy, but we pulled it together and were on the bus by 9 p.m. that night.  Unfortunately, the bus didn't have AC OR reclining seats for our 9 hour bus ride!!  Let's just say, it was an interesting ride...lolol!"

"We had to be to the mission office by 5 a.m. for transfers on Thursday......but, trainer's meeting wasn't until 8, so I got to spend the whole time talking to Elder Wright!  I LOVE that guy!  Trainer's meeting was the boss.....and after, they fed us pizza.  We had to hurry over to the bus station right after that to catch a bus home.  We bought tickets late, so Elder Earl got his first in-country experience having a 9 hour bus ride with NO AC, filled to capacity and no reclining seats....lolol."
Elder Jesse Bundy on a bus with Elder Wright back when Jesse was the missionary in training.  This is one of the nice busses.
Along with teaching Jesse how to be a hard working missionary, Elder Wright also taught Jesse how to eat the hot peppers in Thailand.....lolol.  Just a few of Jesse's favorite memories with Elder Wright!

"Friday was Elder Earl's first day as a missionary in Thailand.  We had scripture and language study until NOON and then we went to buy him a bike.  We couldn't find anything good, so we ordered him one from Bangkok.  We then taught 3 new investigators and had one of the best inviting sessions EVER!  Later on, I interviewed the other Elder's investigator for baptism.  He is AWESOME and will be a great member!  We finished the day having sports night at the church.  It was a GREAT day!"
Jesse standing in front of a beautiful 'spirit house' next to their apartment for a quick picture.

"After studies Saturday, we ate lunch with some of my favorite converts, Buu and Frong, from last transfers.  They are way solid in their testimonies!  It's so awesome!  Later, we taught a referral behind our house.  We also had a good, but interesting experience while teaching a grandma and her granddaughter.  The grandma really felt the spirit and kept telling us she knew it was true.....the only problem was, she kept telling me that she didn't have the time to get baptized, but kept telling us to just take her granddaughter and baptize her!  It was awkward.......We ended another great day by doing some inviting, teaching an old member, making phone calls and going to eat with some members at a very delicious meat buffet!"   
A random elephant statue Jesse took a picture of.

"On Sunday, we experienced a MIRACLE and a BAPTISM baby!  All on the same day!!  We baptized the man I interviewed the other day....it was WAY COOL!  The spirit was so strong!  Elder Earl and I had a couple of investigators there and they really enjoyed it.  After church, we taught our former investigators Le and Dit.  We are so excited because they are going to come back to church.  Unfortunately, they can't get married right now, so they can't get baptized, but we were super pumped that they are going to come back to church!'
Elder Earl and Elder Bundy

"Now, the MIRACLE!  After spending time with Le and Dit, we found some really cool new investigators by the train tracks.  When we finished teaching and were leaving, we ran into the members Elder Hunt and I did the service project for earlier in the week.  They gave us 2 big HUGE bottles of water.....I can't tell you how hot it is here!  But.....neither one of us opened our water and took a drink....VERY UNUSUAL!  We continued down the road and found some members who hadn't gone to church in FOREVER and are very, very poor.  I felt impressed to give them BOTH bottles of water we had been given.  They told us that they had just run out of water and couldn't afford to buy any more.  They said they had just prayed to God to help them get something to drink when we showed up and just handed them the water!!  It was a CRAZY AWESOME MIRACLE!  We finished this most perfect day eating at the Bishop's house and made it home on time."

"Well.....that's it for this week!  I have to go, but tell everyone I love them!  Tell Isaac and Allison congrats on the new baby!!!  
Welcome to little Annilee Apple Bundy!!  I have a new niece!!  She's BEAUTIFUL!! 

Ohhhhh, and Mom, Mother's Day is coming......we'll get to have a google hangout phone call!!!  I can't wait....Until next week..."

Elder Jesse A. Bundy  

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