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April 3, 2016

Elder Jesse Bundy and Elder Weaver go 40 kilos out of town to locate lost members, baptize 
Brother Joker and enjoy another week of teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ in Thailand.
Elder Jesse Bundy and Elder Weaver stop to visit with some very special friends.  Jesse wrote, "Just chilling with some 'other' missionaries, obviously NOT in our district."

"Hey Mom....did I tell you?  Brother Joker got BAPTIZED Saturday!!  Best day ever!  I love this guy!  Before I tell you about Saturday, I'm going to tell you about the first part of my week."
Elder Jesse Bundy, Brother Joker, Elder Weaver, Elder Hunt and Elder Davis posing with Brother Joker before his baptism this last Saturday.

"This week has been INCREDIBLE!.....Last Tuesday, we had a really fun district meeting!  Elder Weaver and I found an ice cream vendor.....we convinced him to come over to the church with us.  I gave the lesson on D&C chapters 75 and 58, being diligent, obedient and the importance of setting good goals and actually achieving them.  After our lesson, we had an ice cream eating contest....hahaha."
"This is a little boy named Tigger, (pronounced just like whinnie the pooh's tigger).  He is one of our English students in English class and he can write his abc's like a boss!"

"After District Meeting, we went to teach Le and Dit, our golden family that have strong testimonies......but unfortunately, the pressure from their family and friends have scared them away from continuing to learn and get baptized....it was extremely sad.   Even though we had this sad development, we later taught a new investigator named Dtow, who we challenged to stop smoking and he accepted!  We finished the day with doing some contacting, teaching English class and then we showed Brother Buu and Brother Joker the Restoration video."
Elder Jesse Bundy taking in some of the beautiful Thailand scenery!

"Wednesday, we had a GREAT day!  We taught our investigator Brother Geek and Brother Joker came with us to help teach.  When we finished up the lessons, he asked when he could be scheduled for an interview to be baptized!  When he said that, Brother Joker also asked if he could be interviewed....it was awesome.  Elder Weaver and I were excited so we called the Zone Leaders to schedule them both to be interviewed later that day.  While we were contacting, some emigration police ran us down to take our picture.....we had our passport stuff on us, so it wasn't a big deal.  We then taught a new investigator at the church until the Zone Leaders got there to interview Brother Joker and Brother Geek....."
Jesse holding, "The banana of the year!!!!"

"In celebration of Brother Joker and Brother Geek, Elder Weaver and I went to to do some long planning over a good pizza!  Then we hitched a ride about 40 kilos out of the city to visit a group of lost members in a small village..."  
Elder Jesse Bundy and Elder Weaver hitching a ride out of town.  On the way home he wrote, "We were way lost contacting and had to shove our bikes into a little vegetable truck to drive us back into town.....but so glad we went!"

"It was an interesting adventure and we got very lost before we eventually found our way there!  It turned out really good.  Even with a few obstacles, we made it back in time to get to Book of Mormon class and teach Brother Joker."
Elder Jesse Bundy trying to figure out which way to go?  He writes, "Kwaay crossing, and adventuring in the woods looking for investigators who want to learn more about the Savior."

"On Friday, we enjoyed some more ice cream after doing some successful inviting at the Tesco Lotus (K-Mart).  Then we had the privilege of giving a priesthood blessing to a member who had been mauled by a dog......In the afternoon, we taught Brother Geek another lesson and invited him to attend Brother Joker's baptism on Saturday.  It was a great day as we ended it playing sports night at the church.....it was a blast."

"Brother Joker got BAPTIZED Saturday!!  Best day EVER, even though it began with the other Elders playing a pretty good April fools joke on us.....we woke up with our bikes on top of our roof....hahaha."  
"Our bikes on our roof!  April fools!!  hahaha"

"We have been meeting with a member who's son passed away just last week....we were blessed to be invited over to teach her a lesson.  It was a very spiritual experience.  Then we went over to the church and cleaned out the font for Brother Joker's baptism.  We had enough time to make a bunch of phone calls to get people there to support him.  We also went to lunch before the baptism with Brother Joker and his member girlfriend who introduced him to us... and still had time to have a coordination meeting with the ward mission leader.  
Jesse with Brother Joker and the other Elders posing for a fun picture before Brother Joker's baptism.

THEN FINALLY, it was time for the baptism!  And.....Brother Geek brought his WHOLE family with him to come!  Afterward, we were able to teach him and his whole family and right then and there they all committed to baptism!!!!!  It just does NOT get any better than this!  If you can even have a day get any better, after the baptism, we were able to pair off with some members and do some home teaching....Best DAY ever!!!!"
Elder Jesse Bundy, Brother Joker and Elder Weaver

"On Sunday, four people received the gift of the Holy Ghost, including Brother Joker and the family that was baptized last week!  It was incredible......After Church, we taught Brother Buu and Brother Joker and showed them the video Finding Faith in Christ.  We went inviting and taught Sister Baan, a new investigator of ours who is progressing very well and finished a perfect day AND week off by eating at the Bishop's house."
Elder Jesse Bundy sits and watches a beautiful Thai sunrise to begin his p-day fun!

Jesse standing to contemplate which Khwaay he is going to ride today, his p-day (or day off)! hahaha....

"This week has just been a way fun and solid week!  I get up at 5:30 a.m. every day so that I can run and study a little extra.  It takes a lot getting up that early every day, but I have less than year before I come home, so I need to make it a loooooong year and get as much out of this experience as I can."

"Soooo, here are a few picture of our fun adventures this morning for p-day...."
"Which one do I choose? Hmmmmm....."
"Maybe this one? 
Are YOU looking at me?  Are you LOOKING at me?!"
"How do they walk so easy in this stuff?"  Elder Jesse Bundy closing in on a Khwaay for a little P-Day rodeo fun? 
"O.K., a little help guys....."
"AT LAST!!  A successful catch!!  But, I'm not gonna ride this thing!!  It is SO wild and it would NOT be a very good idea....plus, he is NOT very happy with us.  So.....I gave up and ate some bugs instead....hahaha"
"Some of my LESS favorite Thailand cuisine.....but I ate it."

"Well, I have to go pretty soon.....but know that it has been a really great week and way fun!  I love you Mom and Dad!!  Tell everyone I love 'em and Happy Birthday to Alex, Chelsy and Jake!!"

Elder Jesse A. Bundy

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