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January 1, 2017

An invitation to teach about the Savior to a group of students at the local University,  preparing for a large service project and celebrating Elder Jesse Bundy's 20th birthday!
"Another AWESOME week with Elder Smith!  I love this guy....he's obedient and loves to work.....This past week, we were asked to do a presentation about the true meaning of Christmas.  So we put together a powerpoint, got on a stage in front of a group of college students and taught them the true meaning Christmas.  Many of them came up after, gave us their information and said they were interested and wanted to learn more.  At the end, we told them were only 19 years old and they flipped out!  It was a GREAT time...." 
"I AM 20 YEARS OLD MOM!  I'm old, but I don't feel older...hahaha.  MY BIRTHDAY HAS BEEN SWEET!!!  You will never believe what we did.  I'm not going to tell you about it yet.  We filmed it and I am putting together a video of the whole event.  When it's done I'll send it to you....  I'm still in Ladgrabang with Elder Smith as you can see.  I have now been a Zone Leader through 6 transfers and I am LOVING the work and LOVING my mission.  We have a new Distrcit Leader, an Elder Duquem.  He is very cool.  He also played D1 volleyball for Ohio State.  He's a good missionary and a hard worker."
"Last P-Day, we went and had new suits cut, but they aren't finished yet.  Even though everyone and their dog left town for the new year, no one came to church or helped us teach all week, we still made the most of it.  We had Zone Conference and filled our book with 'possibly, maybe' interested people from the university.   AND....we did something on my birthday that was SO SWEET, and we're making a video of it....sorry, you're just gonna have to wait until I finish it....."  
"This week we found a couple of new serious investigators. Sister Nani, our Korean investigator introduced us to her boyfriend who is Christian...and interested, as well as her worker who also wants to come to church.  They both have accepted teaching appointments and are progressing very well.  The new year is just hard because everyone leaves town.  So it has been a bit slower than usual."
"These next several pictures are a sneak peak into the service project we are doing the film on.....I can't wait to show it to you!  Anyway, we did have a GREAT surprise from the school principal we've been meeting with, Brother Jump.  He has been working very hard lately making it difficult to meet with us.  But, I have just kept calling him and inviting him to church constantly for the past 2 transfers.....to no avail.  Well.....yesterday, he randomly showed up to church after the Sacrament and brought his wife!!!  It was AMAZING to introduce them to the few members that were there.  Then......we had a CRAZY miracle happen that will be in the video...but you're just going to have to wait to hear about that one."
"Elder Smith and I are raring to go this next week!  We have set some high goals that we are determined to reach or die trying.....My 'ending of mission' meeting with President Johnson will be this next week.  How crazy is that?  All I know, is that I have so much more I want to accomplish before I go home!"
"So today, we are going to a recording studio to make a song for the video...then we're going to finish our video.  Tonight, we have a couple of two part member families line up to meet with!  Both of them have people waiting to get baptized.  I'm SO excited!  I am WAY grateful to be with good 'ole Smith.  He's a great companion and a hard worker!"
"Well, I don't have very much time left....Elder Smith and I are gonna get this video done and then go back to work!  I'M LOVING MY MISSION!  I know I keep saying that, but it's really true and I am so thankful.  I love you guys and miss you tons.  Talk to you next week."

Elder Jesse A. Bundy

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