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December 18, 2016

Elder Jesse Bundy gets a new companion, enjoys a full schedule of teaching new investigators and has fun at the ward Christmas party.
"Hello everyone!  I am LOVING my mission......I have a new companion.  His name is Elder Smith.  He is from Alpine, Utah, a blast to be around, is super obedient and I love working with him!  He has been out about a year and five months.  I asked him if he had seen my great-great-great Grandpa Edmund Nelson's statue in Alpine?  He said that Edmund was also his 3rd great grandpa!?!  Small world.....It is possible we are related.....hahaha.  Anyway, we are going to tear it up!  We already have investigators coming out the wazoo......and I am SO excited!"
"This week has been crazy.  Elder Rogers went home on Wednesdayish and I got hooked up with Elder Smith.  Since that first day, we have been super busy!  We have SO many new investigators!  It's just been AWESOME!  On Sunday, Brother Jay received the Holy Ghost and Bank and Jay brought a bunch of their friends to church.  On Saturday, the ward had a Christmas party.....there were quite a few people there as the Relief Society President brought some great friends and Bank and Jay brought their whole school basically....hahaha!  There was DELICIOUS food and great introductions to the Savior.  The presentation was a little weird though?!?...lolol.  With nobody being a member of the church for very long, the Christmas story got a little distorted....oops.  Nothing we can't correct through our teaching, and we WILL correct it.....But all in all, it was a great party."
"Elder Smith and I found some very interested investigators on the side of the road....just hangin around....hahaha."
"The other day, we met Brother Bank's parents.  Turns out, they are muslim and he was raised with 2 moms.....(his Dad has 2 wives).  Wow...that was a shocker!  I've known him for a while now and been meeting with him weekly for a while and he never mentioned it...I'm just beginning to understand the sacrifice it must have been for him to not only read the Book of Mormon but then to meet with us weekly, pray and gain a testimony and then follow through and get baptized!  He is a really special guy....."
"These next couple of pictures are some of the sights around Pattaya City.  For a place that has so many evil things happening in it, it has some really great people and the beach isn't so bad either..."

"This is a restaurant we ate in last week.  The food was really great....I thought you'd enjoy the picture on the wall that was the focal point when you walk in..."
"I love talking with these street vendors!  They are eager to listen to what I have to say and always let me try out whatever they are selling....hahaha.  These past couple of days I have been congested and have had a sore throat.  Being sick really stinks, but I think I'm getting over it.  I have also been exercising faithfully.  I think that that is helping me get over it as much as anything else." 
The beach in Pattaya City....
"This incredible sound system was in the bed of some guy's truck!"

"WOW!  I am exactly 90 days away from being released!  I just can't believe how fast the time has flown by.....I think I'll do P90X to finish out the mission in my workouts....haha.  Don't worry Mom!  I've been taking my daily vitamin.  I'm feeling a ton better, just a little more tired than usual.  I think I'm past the worst of it and on the mend."

"The missionary work is going extremely well.  I'm getting excited for what's to come.  I think Smith and I are going to really kill it this next couple of weeks.  Transfers are in 2 weeks from now.  AND ...next week is Christmas!  We'll get to Skype!  Remember, that will be at 7 p.m. Missouri time on Sunday night.  Awesome!  That's the plan then.  Well, I need to get going.  I love you guys.  Thanks for all that you do!  I am seriously SO thankful for this opportunity I am having on the mission!  See you next week!"

Elder Jesse A. Bundy

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