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May 11, 2015

Elder Bundy's favorite handstand so far
We were able to talk with Elder Bundy yesterday for 30 minutes.  It was so great to hear his voice.  He sounds great and is enjoying his mission so far.  

Here are the next, newest Bangkok Thailand missionaries anxious to get there and go to work!

Elder Bundy talked about the fact that even though he has loved the MTC, he is really ready to get to Thailand and begin his mission.  I had sent him a couple of pictures from when we picked up his sister, Kelsha, from her mission in Argentina.  We had a great time!

 Here we are in Argentina picking Kelsha up off of her mission in 2011!
Elder Bundy's Dad was taking the picture.

A much younger Elder Bundy with his sister, Hermana Bundy in Argtentina!  
Looks like brother and sister at MTC!  LOL.....My how Jesse has grown up!

Elder Bundy didn't write much this week because we were able to talk on the phone yesterday.  He writes, "The weeks are all the same here seems like....but it's in a good way.  That way we can all stay focused and learn our respective languages."
This week's cereal challenge with frosted mini wheats!

On the right is Elder Moderno, and the Nung Thai on the 
left is Elder Bundy's buddy, Elder Cravens.

Elder Bundy wrote, "The devotionals were okay this week.  Nothing that really stood out, but they were enjoyable. One thing that has really stuck with me this week is a specific chapter in the Book of Mormon, JACOB chapter 5.  I've read it a couple times over this week and I've really learned a lot of new things."  He also mentioned that he is beginning to work out again, trying to regain his stomach, etc., after all of those cereal challenges.

Another great experience this week that he almost forgot to mention, "Oh!  I almost forgot to tell you, both of my investigators were baptized yesterday!!!  It is awesome to know that I have learned enough to teach all of the lessons and that I have the ability to teach with the spirit in Thai!... I feel like with the Lord's help, I'll be ready in two weeks to go in country, which is good, cause that's when I'll be there!"

Elder Bundy ended his letter with, "And, MOM!!!  I LOVE YOU AND HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY AGAIN!!!  We'll talk again in two weeks.  I can't wait!"

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