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May 18, 2015

Elder Bundy leaves for Thailand Monday!
And yes, these name tags really say: 
Elder J. Bundy 
Church of Jesus Christ 
of Latter-Day Saints

All of the new missionaries with the six Elders leaving Monday

Make sure EVERYONE follows the Thailand Bangkok Mission Facebook page! 

They will post pictures of the missionaries traveling from Salt Lake to Japan and arriving in Thailand!!  There may be a short video as well.  Everyone needs to friend THE THAILAND BANGKOK MISSION Facebook page.  Elder Bundy writes, "I think other than that, I’m good and ready to go!" 
This is Elder Bundy's District on Red day at the MTC 
Also, anyone who wants to write Elder Bundy, needs to start using the Bangkok Thailand Mission home address from now on.

Other than all of the commotion that comes with getting ready to leave the MTC, Elder Bundy was surprised it was a pretty normal week.  He spent any excess time cramming a bunch of Thai vocab, and trying to learn as much as he could to prepare himself for going in country.  But, he did write about a pretty cool experience he had yesterday.. 

Elder Bundy writes, "So, this past week, the MTC received 5 people from Thailand serving missions to either Australia or temple square.   It’s super fun to talk to them and try and understand them because they are soooo lightening fast.....Yesterday, they all came and sat next to me at the devotional because I always talk to them and we have become friends.  Anyway, for all of the foreign missionaries at the MTC that don't speak English, they have little headsets with people translating through them to their native language. But........nobody showed up to translate the devotional in Thai.  So I ended up translating the whole hour long devotional to all of them!  It was so hard, but it was super fun!  They said they understood everything I said and felt the spirit, so that’s cool." 

Elder Bundy's handstand of the week.
The next one he will do will be in Thailand......

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