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July 5, 2015

To my brother, Jacob:  all of us here in Thailand are praying for you!  I'm with you! I love ya man!
This week, was a week of great experiences, a lot of work and many miracles. One of the main highlights was getting permission to speak with Jacob on the phone! 

Elder Bundy with his buddy Brother Lukas in the Branch

Elder Bundy wrote, "I'm just dumb struck that all this is happening ......it's hard to be so far away when hard things happen....."  He goes on to share some really special experiences with investigators, "A couple of days ago a woman came to the church...she was an investigator that wants to be baptized but can't be because her husband is from Burma and that's illegal.. but she has tons of faith and wants to be baptized.  Anyway, she showed up with these pictures of her son who is about 21 years old...he had been shot 7 years ago.  He can't walk and the skin from the wounds have never healed.  He is about to die.   She lives 40 kilos (almost 25 miles) out of town.  The spirit was so strong .....I know we are going to see miracles!"  He went on to add another experience, "Last week the zone leaders experienced a miracle with a blind lady they have been teaching! God lives! He hears and answers prayers!"

Elder Bundy had fun going on splits with his zone leaders in Chaing Mai.  He said it was different than working with Elder Wright but he really enjoyed it.  While they were in Chaing Mai, they had the opportunity to meet the new mission president, President Johnson from Utah!  He also reminded us that transfers will be this Wednesday.  It is likely Elder Bundy will have a new companion.

Elder Bundy and Elder Wright waiting to get their hair cut in a local Thailand barber shop

Elder Bundy wrote, "I'll make sure to take loads of pictures this week, because I didn't take any this last week and we are leaving here in a minute to go ride the elephants.  I want everyone but especially my nieces and nephews to see the elephants!"

"I love you....and everyone pray for Jacob and Chris!"

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