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July 13, 2015

Jacob Boyd!!  
A few of the many praying for you!
Elder Bundy's District on the steps of a beautiful Buddhist WAT 

Elder Wright and Elder Bundy with two members of their branch preparing to serve missions of their own.  Elder Bundy writes, "Hey Jacob, my glasses are cooler than yours!" 

Elder Bundy and Elder Wright will continue to work together for the next six weeks!  Elder Bundy wrote, "it's way cool getting to continue to work with Elder Wright.....we are making real progress in our area!"
Elder Bundy and Elder Wright riding a bus to Sukothai, the oldest city in Thailand.

First, Elder Bundy was disappointed last week because the member who knows the elephant people got called into work at the last second.  He writes,  "soooooo we ended up postponing until next week sadly...,but right now we are in Sukothai, which is the oldest city in Thailand......it has a bunch of ruins and some of the coolest, oldest things I've ever seen!........There are a BUNCH of huge Buddhist ruins........the pictures I am sending you don't even show how beautiful things are here.....kinda reminds me of the first year we were in Missouri..all that green but better because of the ruins and the mountains."

 Rice fields surrounding Sukothai. 

Here are some of the AWESOME ruins in Sukothai!

Elder Bundy's handstand of the week taken near the BEAUTIFUL city of Sukothai

Elder Bundy wrote, "the weather is dang hot! until it rains, lol.   It's one of those hot rains, but it feels solo good!  The people here think we're hilarious for riding so much in it.... 
Elder Bundy assuring his mom that he is paying attention to his nutrition, 
and that he is doing T25 every morning to stay in shape.

Elder Bundy reported that he spoke in church this past Sunday.  He wrote,  "it was easier than I thought it was going to be.....except I got hung up on a word when I was reading a scripture and everyone laughed at me, but it worked well with what I was saying lol.."

Elder Bundy reported that their washing machine has on and off days, stating it mostly has off days.  Because of this, he is getting good at rinsing his clothes out by hand.  In his personal study, Elder Bundy writes, "I've actually been studying in the Old Testament... I just read through Genesis this last week......I think I have begun reading it mostly because I've never done it before, and because Bryant told me it would be a good idea..."

Elder Bundy concluded his letter with, "Well.....we're headed out..... I love you guys!! Tell the nieces and nephews and, well everyone, I love them! Tell Jacob that I love him and we are all praying for him."

Elder Jesse A. Bundy

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