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July 20, 2015

Elder Bundy is LOVING his mission!
Here he is enjoying a refreshing rain after riding his bike all day.

Elder Bundy wrote, "I had the honor of  baptizing my first investigator from finding to baptism yesterday!  The Holy Ghost was so strong….I love these people......I love my mission!......Her name is sister ออ๋ย, she is a street vendor that sells snow cones. She is way nice and has a 16 year old daughter that we’re teaching right now….and because of her, we have taught her neighbor and she also has a baptismal date set..."

He went on to say, "Since I’ve been here, we’ve really been focused on getting new investigators and building our teaching pool.....but right now, we have about 15 investigators progressing who are all preparing for baptism, 7 with baptismal dates set!  The gospel is true!  I am seeing miracles in teaching these awesome people about Jesus Christ!  It is so exciting."  

When asked about what he was studying during personal study time, he shared, "every personal study I read 12 pages out of the Book of Mormon and I’m currently reading the Old Testament.  With 12 pages every day, I will finish the Book of Mormon again every transfer.... And….I just finished the book of Genesis last week....Bryant (Elder Bundy's brother-in-law) was right, it’s way cool to really know the stories and blessings in store for all of Heavenly Father’s children.."

There was so much to see in Sukothai, that Elder Bundy and Elder Wright spent another p-day exploring this beautiful city.  Here are some more pictures of the magnificent ruins located in this beautiful place. 

This is one of Elder Bundy's favorite statues.

This is Elder Bundy about to do a back flip.....
"I took this picture for dad... I've never seen a cow like this before.  
We call them 'bunny cows' and they're all over here."

Elder Bundy wrote, "The handstand of the week is in front of a good 'ole 7/11....I want you to look up how many 7/11's there are, because just on our street, there are about 9 of them.  They aren't even gas stations! They are like little grocery stores and we eat at them every day" 

Elder Bundy is apologizing to his mom for forgetting to cut his hair this week!  He also added, "look at the bag I bought!  It is from the Vietnam War.  It was used to carry grenades....."

Happy Birthday Jacob!!!!  
Happy Birthday Roxy and Calista!!!

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