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August 13, 2015

Elder Holland, an apostle of God, 
to visit the Bangkok Thailand Mission

Jesse taking a break from riding his bike and cooling off in a light rain.  Jesse Bundy continues to read the Book of Mormon and the Old Testament in the King James version of the Bible for his personal study.  He has been reading extra to prepare himself to hear an apostle of God.

This week, Elder Jesse Bundy did not have the usual time on his P-Day.  He and Elder Wright were surprised by their Zone Leaders with an earlier than normal day for writing letters. Elder Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles is in Bangkok to speak to the Thai saints as well as all of the missionaries in the Bangkok Thailand Mission!   He writes, "we are about to get on a bus to Bangkok to meet Elder Holland!.....We will be staying in Bangkok for the weekend.  I am SO pumped!  Saturday, Elder Holland will be with just the missionaries......we are so excited!  After that, we will get a P-Day all day in Bangkok......Sunday, Elder Holland will speak to all of the members in Thailand.  We will get to hear him speak like 3 times!!"

Elder Jesse Bundy took time to get his hair cut before leaving for Bangkok.  When he went into the barber shop, there were two Thai teenagers with patches of hair shaved off of one side of their heads.  They told Elder Bundy that their teacher thought they needed haircuts, but they did not want to get one.  So, the teacher took clippers and shaved strips of their hair off both boys heads to ensure they would get their hair cut.
 Elder Jesse Bundy posing with the two boys. 

It was Mother's Day in Thailand this past week.  Elder Jesse Bundy wrote, "HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MOM! Wednesday was Mother's day in Thailand....it was crazy.  We made cookies for the moms in the branch and for our investigators......I really miss my mom!"

Elder Jesse Bundy and Elder Wright were privileged to go with some members to ride elephants before leaving for Bangkok.  It was raining, but they had a GREAT day feeding, grooming and riding the elephants.  Elder Jesse Bundy writes, "I am thankful to my Father in Heaven for all of these amazing experiences I am having!!  Dad.......I am doing my best to take your advice......work really, really hard, but on pday, play hard within the rules!  I am loving my mission!"
The BEAUTIFUL landscape out the window while riding on the bus to ride the elephants.

Elder Jesse Bundy getting ready to get acquainted with the baby elephants.
Elder Jesse Bundy helped feed the elephants.  He didn't much care for 
their wet noses touching his hand.
 Elder Jesse Bundy is amazed at how tame and intelligent the elephants are.
Elder Jesse Bundy moves on to get acquainted with the adult elephants.

Elder Jesse Bundy rides an ELEPHANT!  He writes, "It began to rain pretty hard, so we only got to ride them around in the yard......so I guess I kind of rode an elephant...lol!  It was a blast!"
The handstand of the week.. in front of a statue herd of life size elephants.
Elder Jesse Bundy closes his letter by writing, "Well.....I have to go... I'll make sure to take a lot of pictures in Bangkok and I'll take good notes from Elder Holland's talks... I love you! I hope everyone has a good week.......I won't be emailing before transfers next week....sooo.....next week, I may have a new companion.....maybe even a new area:)"

Elder Jesse A. Bundy

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