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August 3, 2015

Elder Jesse Bundy 
finally feels like a real missionary!

Jesse writes, "I finally feel like a real missionary.....exhausted, but way happy to be here!  We do our best to pack as much into every minute of the day that we can...I love it!  These pictures are of me with friends from our Branch." 

Elder Jesse Bundy has been suffering through his first bike wreck.  He wrote, "I wrecked my bike hard core yesterday.....don't worry Mom, I'm alright.  We rode out to the boonies to visit นํา, our friend who was paralyzed for 7 years.  On our way back, my foot completely missed the pedal....lol!  My foot got caught between the ground and the pedal and flipped me and my bike.   The worst part was that my knee hit the ground first before skidding pretty far on my forearms... I have some pretty bad road rash and my knee kills.....but my bike is fine!"

When I expressed my concern about Jesse's injuries and all the bike riding they do, he wrote, "No worries!  We are continuing to work way hard.  We bike to every corner of the city looking for people to teach.  We have set some crazy high goals and are pushing hard to accomplish them.  The other day, we were just feeling beat, just spent, so we decided to do some lessons over the phone.  So we went to the church so we could be in the air conditioning and so I could rest my knee.  The day was almost up and we had not yet accomplished our daily goal of getting a new investigator......But, as we were teaching RC's over the phone, some random guy just walked into the church and asked if he could learn about Jesus Christ!   Elder Wright and I just looked at each other and were like, 'we need to stop working so hard and just pray a little more!'  We knelt down and thanked Father in Heaven.  The next day at church, as soon as we walked out of our priesthood meeting,  two more people just walked in the door asking the same question! Later that day, another man came to the church looking for someone to teach him about Jesus Christ!  I don't know where they all came from, but it was amazing!  We were dumb struck!  Again, we knelt down and thanked Father in Heaven for such wonderful blessings and help.   Then, before we went home at the end of the night, a whole family from the Philippines found their way to the church all by themselves looking to be taught the gospel!!  Sooooo, just by being at the church with my wounded knee and scraped up forearms, we now have 6 new investigators!  Heavenly Father answers prayers!  He has truly blessed me and is resting my knee..."

In his personal study, Jesse is in Mosiah in the Book of Mormon and is at the end of Exodus in the Bible.  He is really enjoying reading the Bible.

When asked what was happening in his mission this past week, he said, "It's been crazy because of all of the switching around!   Everyone has been moving around the country like crazy for training.  It's exciting!  We have 3 investigators with dates for baptism scheduled for this Sunday.  It's hard to get appointments.  Everyone in Thailand works everyday, all day.  Please pray for our investigators.  Oh, and we are getting IPad's next month to help us do our work better and more efficient."

Elder Jesse Bundy and Elder Wright with some members of their Branch along with the other missionaries in their district eating dinner.
Sunday's dinner at the Buddist temple in the mountains with some members.

Even though Elder Jesse Bundy has been suffering with his bike accident wounds, he still managed to do his handstand of the week. He writes, "Doing this handstand with my knee and arm was difficult, but I was able to do it long enough for the picture.  The blue sign in the top right corner is the sign for the church.  It reads the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints."  

He added, "There's a baby bat that has been hanging right outside the church door every day this week... it looks like a kitten with wings.   I think it has rabbies though, lol.....random thought, I know." 

Jesse was also excited to report that he is learning to play the violin.  There is a sister in his area that is a concert violinist/pianist.  Apparently he has learned to play the hymns on the violin and really enjoys it.

Elder Jesse Bundy and brother Lukus.  I asked Jesse why they always put their hands the way they do in all of their pictures.  He wrote, "It's a Thai thing that means หล่อ , or handsome.  It's what all Thai people do when they take pictures or are posing for something." 

He ended this weeks letter with, "I love you guys a bunch!!  You're a boss mom!  Tell dad he's awesome too... my time is just about up.. Hopefully I'll be sending some baptismal pictures home this next week!  Please keep Sisters Ploy, Leg, and Nat in your prayers..... I'll talk to you next week!  I love you!!!

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