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December 15, 2015

Beautiful Christmas lights on one of the main streets in Bangkok Thailand where Elder Jesse Bundy invites people to come unto Christ.
Elder Jesse Bundy sent this picture of the beautiful Christmas lights in Bangkok

Elder Jesse Bundy writes, "I'm doing sooooooo good!  Unvortunately, the 15 missionaries in the MTC that were supposed to be coming in this transfer were delayed because of visa issues!...They won't be coming in until next transfer!  Bingham and I are staying in Bangkae, right where we are."

He goes on, "Yesterday was the Christmas Zone Conference thing.....We watched a move, 'The Best Two Years,' and then we did a whole bunch of really fun Christmas activities.  It was a blast!!"
This picture is the Khlong River where all the sewage goes and a BUNCH of fish are.

Elder Bundy goes on to write about his daily activities, "....I know my packages are in the office right now.  I saw them the other day.  I'm going to wait to get them so I can open them on Christmas and my birthday.....lol"

"So for Christmas, will we be able to hook everybody up to Skype like we did when I opened my call?  I really hope so....Anyway, we will be Skyping Christmas morning for us, which means Christmas Eve for all of you guys...."
Elder Bundy standing on a street in Bangkae he goes down every day while working.

"This week has been crazy!  We have been working really, really hard!  We invited a lot of people to English class tonight....we're really hopeful we will have a good turn out.  So we will see how that goes.  Also....today we are going to the Siaaam Mall in downtown Bangkok to take Elder Baldwin to lunch.  He is going home this transfer....."

"Well, I'm out of time....just remember that next week, we will only get a couple of minutes online to se up our Christmas Skype time.  We won't have a P-Day that day.  Our P-Day will be Christmas day..."

Gotta go!  I LOVE you mom!  Tell everyone I love them TONS!  I love you Dad!

Elder Jesse A. Bundy 

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