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December 6, 2015

Elder Jesse Bundy studies the life of Jesus Christ, learns patience and continues training
Elder Jesse Bundy in front of a field on a path he walks on daily as he goes to work inviting people to learn of the gospel of Jesus Christ

Elder Jesse Bundy describes a week filled with learning to be patient and working hard through the slow times.  He writes, "This week has been a long one....It has been filled with a lot of street contacting and waiting at the church for investigators to show up....then they end up not coming....But....even in the midst of the frustration, we've had a couple of really cool experiences with new converts bringing their friends to church and to teaching appointments.  But other than that, the work is going pretty slow right now.....I'm not complaining...because the work IS coming along.....just at a slower pace than I have become accustom to.....I just want to be sure that I am doing everything I can do and that the slower pace is not because of me....I guess the Lord is teaching me patience.."
This is a picture of the street I live on right after a good rain one evening.  It rains every evening here!

Elder Jesse Bundy goes on to describe the realization of how fast time is flying by for him.  He writes, "....can you believe this is the last full week before transfers!!  How crazy is that?  And, in a few months I will have been out ONE WHOLE YEAR!?!.....Thank you soooooo much for the Christmas and birthday packages!  Packages make me SO happy!  You send the best ones!...lol....I'm going to be sending you guys a package this week.  I'm really excited about you getting it.  It has gifts in it for literally everyone in the family!  Let me know when you get it...."

Elder Jesse Bundy described the big mall he went to last week as being 'crazy big' and full of so many great things.  Jesse is finding it easier and easier to think in thai first, then english.  He feels, finally, very comfortable in the thai culture, the language and describes viewing things back home as a 'distant memory.'  Today for his P-Day, they are going to just continue working through it.

He goes on to write, "Dad, I got your awesome letter!  Thank you!  I really appreciate the advice and encouragement and I've got another video for you to watch.  I can't go online and get the link for you, but if you could, it's called 'Desire,' and it's made by the same guy as the last one."

Elder Bundy was able to view his nephews Holton and Jace, and his niece Alex race in a swim meet in Idaho Falls, Idaho.  He writes, "Ohhhhhh!  I saw the videos of Holton, Jace and Alex swimming an playing ice hockey!  That's SO cool!  I loved seeing those..."  He sent a video for us to see him during his workout.
Elder Jesse Bundy getting 'rocked' in the face by his instructor during training!  He says, "It hurt, but it is seriously so much fun!!"

Elder Bundy ends this week's letter with, "Hey, I don't have a lot of time left.......I love you mom, and I love my family!!  Just look out for the package sometime soon and know that I'm working hard!  I promise I'm learning a lot and hopefully changing into a much better person than when I left.  Ohhhhh,  sorry, but mom, I almost forgot....P-Day is on Tuesday next week!!  So, it's a day later!  DON'T FORGET!  I love you!"

Elder Jesse A. Bundy

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