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December 20, 2015

Elder Jesse Bundy with his companion, Elder Bingham taking a picture with some new friends

Elder Jesse Bundy writes a quick note this week to say hello and set up his Christmas phone call.  Missionaries around the world are allowed a 40 minute Skype phone call home on Christmas day and Mother's Day.  

He writes, "So today is not our P-Day.  We have an hour to e-mail home and set up the Skype call and then Christmas day will be our P-Day.....I haven't opened my packages yet and it's KILLING ME!! Elder Bingham and I both have 2 packages waiting under our desks.  I look at them every day and am very tempted, but I'm going to wait......but, it's really, really hard.....hahaha"

".....Did you guys get my packages yet?.....My week has been CRAZY busy!  Christmas Devotional, P-Day on a Tuesday, transfers on Thursday, Saturday we found an awesome family who are going to get baptized and then we had our Christmas party!  Then Sunday we found this guy who is a bosses!!!  Totally golden!  He is a construction worker, but he is way humble and he has already committed and is getting baptized!!!!
Elder Jesse Bundy, Elder Bingham and a member at the Christmas party

Elder Bundy and Elder Bingham are setting their goals extremely high for the next several weeks.  They are asking for everyone's prayers for them and for those people in Thailand who are ready to be taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

He writes, "Urgency and Vision.  This is what we have been asked to have regarding our work here in Thailand.  We have been asked to be more obedient, to have more faith, to work harder than we ever have before and to listen closer for the Holy Ghost to lead us!  So that's what I'm gonna do!  Any help, advice, etc., any of you can give would be greatly appreciated."

"Oh man!  I only have few minutes left....LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD!  Love you Chelsy!  Thanks for the advice!....I love you all...I gotta go!  I'll talk to you on Christmas eve!!!"

Elder Jesse A. Bundy

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