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January 11, 2016

With 2 baptisms scheduled for this week and more to follow, Elder Jesse Bundy and Elder Bingham stop to have a little fun with some fury friends
Apparently, their fury friends wanted to visit with Elder Bundy and his companion, but only wanted to eat the pass along cards and declined taking the missionary discussions....LOL...

Elder Jesse Bundy and Elder Bingham couldn't resist posing with these two adorable little dogs.  While Elder Bundy is working hard and staying focused on spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, he maintains his sense of humor and enjoying the work along the way.   He writes, "Hey Mom and everyone!  I don't have ANY time to write today......so sorry......Just know that all is well here in the 'ole BKK Thailand Mission!  Bingham and I have 2 baptisms scheduled for this week with more to follow!!!  We are really killing it!!!.......I feel like I am receiving more blessings than we have the ability to rake in.....I am so grateful!!"
A street Elder Bundy sees every day as he is working

Elder Bundy has really been missing his muay thai trainer.  However, they have been able to locate a substitute that is affordable.  He writes, "we have been able to get gym memberships to a gym with real weights just down the street from where we live.  It's way cheaper and it's working out quite well.....Heavenly Father is really helping us out!  It's really quite amazing!  

I hope the family is good.  Ohhhhh, and can you ask everyone to pray for our 2 investigators that are getting baptized this week?  Their names are War, (but without the 'r' sound), and Gaang.  It would also be great if people would put their names on the prayer rolls in the temple where ever you are as well as mine and Binghams."
Elder Bundy with his investigator demonstrating how he heats his noodles up every day.

Elder Bundy went on, "Firstly....tell Dad that I love him and that it is sooooo cool that he is getting his health in order!  Tell him I'm way grateful for that and that to keep on going!  Also tell him that I really look up to him!  No one could have had a better Dad growing up or now!  Secondly, there are no more transfer meetings in the missions anywhere in the world anymore!  I think I remember Dad telling me how in his day, they just got a phone call and were sent packing to a new area and they had to figure out how to get there themselves....Soooo, now - all over the world, every six weeks we will just get a phone call, receive our assignments and then we will have to travel there by ourselves.  It's kind of a bummer, but I know there are really good reasons for it I'm sure......"
Elder Bundy loves the children and can't resist stopping to say hello.....

Elder Bundy ended this week's letter with his testimony and a special message to his nieces, nephews and his family.  He writes, "Tell everyone that I know the gospel is true!  I know NOW more than ever that abiding by its precepts opens the windows of heaven and allows us to receive such GREAT blessings!  One of our investigators this week told me of an experience he had while praying.  He said he, 'heard a subtle voice' tell him that he needed to be baptized and quit smoking!  It also told him that Jesus Christ is his Savior and loves him.....!

I just want everyone to know, especially my nephews and nieces, that I would never do anything (intentionally) that would take away the blessings of the Holy Ghost's companionship!  That they must never do anything that would prevent the spirit from being with them, even while they are young or be in a situation that they wouldn't want the Savior to see, or hear, or watch!  I want my family to know, especially my nieces and nephews that I know the importance of these things!  More importantly, I am learning every day more and more and I love learning and freaking seeing miracles on a daily basis!!"

"I love you Mom and I am so grateful for your example and that you know how to be my mom and my friend.  Have a great week everyone!"

Elder Jesse A. Bundy


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