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January 18, 2016

War gets baptized and receives the Priesthood and Elder Jesse Bundy asks everyone to read The New and Everlasting Covenant found in the insert of the December 2015 Ensign!
Elder Bingham, War and Elder Bundy on War's baptism day.
War and Elder Bundy strike a pose before War enters the waters of baptism in Thailand.

"Our main man, War, passed his interview with flying colors!  I was honored to baptize him and he brought his entire family to the services Sunday!  It WAS TOTALLY AWESOME!  I am SO blown away by how hard he is working to know the truth and do what is right!  He has changed so much and this next week, he will receive the priesthood and a calling because the Branch President likes him so much......Brother War is a boss!"

Elder Jesse Bundy also shared some frustration in coming up with a way to help a other investigators overcome difficulties they are experiencing in preparing for baptism.  He writes, ".....(some) have been ready for months but keep pushing back their date.  I guess it's better that they feel all the way ready so they will stay committed than to get baptized and not be 100%.....please pray for them."
Elder Bingham and Elder Jesse Bundy with two refugee families investigating the Church
Elder Jesse Bundy expressed excitement over having the privilege of helping and teaching asylum seekers who have fled their countries from persecution.  He wrote, "....We had two separate, full families come to church that we invited!  They are asylum seekers - refugees, because if they stayed in their country they would be killed.  They can't be baptized, which is really sad, but we can still teach them and help them out."  He continued, "MOM! We had 11 investigators come to church last Sunday!!  It was AWESOME!!..... we have been working really, really hard and visiting as many less actives as we had time......Well, we had 110 people out to church yesterday!  It's usually about 70, so that was wayyyyy swaggy!"

Elder Jesse Bundy went on to talk about the rest of their week.  He writes, "Today, we are going to take Elder T, our Zone Leader, out to eat because it is his 3-year anniversary as a member of the church.  Then we are going to go to the gym and work out some more.......then there are a couple of things I need to get......I would like to purchase some sheets because I sleep on an old mattress and it scares me that I'm going to get a disease! loll.....I need to buy a couple pairs of pants because I ripped and bleached a couple of mine on accident, and we found a protein store at our mall.......So, pants about 800 baht, or 23 dollars, sheets about 1000 baht, or 28 dollars and the protein......THANK YOU MOM!  I have been eating save up roman noodles and rice for the past week because of my poor-ness......lololol"
 Elder Jesse Bundy with some of his FAVORITE friends in Bangkok!
Elder Bingham with their soccer friends in Bangkok
Elder Jesse Bundy is really going to miss these boys when he gets transferred!

"Ohhhhhh, tell Shae and Rusti Lyn Happy Birthday for me!.......

Elder Bundy goes on to share what he is studying during his personal study time, "For my personal study, I am just working on memorizing scriptures, reading conference talks and continuing to read the Book of Mormon......I read an insert out of the December 2015 Ensign called the NEW AND EVERLASTING COVENANT.  It was WAAYYYYYY sick!  You should check it out....."

Elder Bundy ended his letter this week with, "I just had a cool memory pop into my head of when we rented that house boat and went to Lake Powell......I think that would be the coolest thing if sometime we could do that again!......well, I have to go!......I'll talk to you next week!"


Elder Jesse A. Bundy 


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