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January 3, 2016

Elder Jesse Bundy has a great Christmas and a fun birthday as he continues to love his mission and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Thailand
Elder Jesse Bundy with Elder Bingham and a member at their Christmas party at the church.  

Elder Bundy had a great Christmas and a surprisingly fun birthday this past week.  He writes, "I'm doing really good!  I'm just a little tired.  I'm just kind of disappointed....The new year is one of the biggest holidays that Thailand has.....sooo, all 7 of our investigators went to visit their families in different parts of the country and only 2 of them have come back so far!  I'm not giving up......I believe most of them are still good to go, but we'll just have to see."

Because of the way the holidays fell, Elder Bundy not only had the day off on Christmas, but his birthday, January 1st also fell on a P-Day!  
Elder Jesse Bundy and Elder Bingham, Christmas and New Years 2016

Elder Bundy wrote, "It was fun having P-Day on my birthday!  We didn't do a whole lot.....we just went down to mbk (a huge mall the place in downtown bkk), and played some intense ping pong at the church!  But, it was pretty fun and it was a much needed break.  Elder Bingham bought me a cake!  It was way nice because cake is super expensive here!"

Elder Bundy expressed a real slow down in the work during the holidays.  He loves talking to everyone on the streets and seeing their reaction to the message he is trying to give them.  Because Thai people as a whole have never really been taught about Jesus Christ, sometimes Elder Bundy gets a chuckle out of the reaction he receives when he first meets someone.
Elder Bundy wrote a caption to this picture, "This is what Thai people think of me AND Jesus Christ when I try to explain it to them.  Seriously....this baby's expression says it all!"

Elder Bundy goes on, "Today, we are going to SLEEP!  We have been working really hard......we getup really early to work out and run....So, after this and cleaning and doing our laundry and stuff we are going to get some sleep....."
Elder Bundy enjoys all of the sometimes crazy things he sees in Thailand on a daily basis.  He writes, "This guy wanted the cats to stop scratching and using his car hood for a litter box.....so, this is what he did......the guy said it worked, because the cats don't come back anymore!"

Elder Bundy began running out of time to write anymore and wrote, "Well.....there's not much time left on the computer.  Thank you for always emailing me and being awesome mom!  Tell dad he's awesome too.  Oh, and the muay thai training has become too expensive, so for now, we are just going to run and do push ups and sit-ups until we find something else......

I LOVE YOU GUYS!! I AM REALLY LOVING MY MISSION!!!!  Till next week....here is a picture of a 'prairie dog' at the market we saw the other day.....I felt all bad for him being all locked up...he was really cute....I thought the nieces and nephews would enjoy seeing him.....

I love you guys!!!"

Elder Jesse A. Bundy

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