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March 13, 2016

Elder Jesse Bundy and his district are staying together this transfer as they continue working together to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ in Sisaket Thailand

The Sisaket Squad!  Elder Jesse Bundy, Elder Williams, Elder Hunt and Elder Weaver

"We received transfer calls last night and it turns out that ALL OF THE ELDERS IN THE SISAKET SQUAD will be staying!  I am way excited to stay with Elder Weaver!  We are going to kill it again here and see all of the families and people we have been working with through to baptism....I am WAY pumped to keep working here with these guys and the Sister Missionaries that are here.  We'll be getting one new Sister missionary because one of the Sisters is going home this week."

"So, here's how my week went......

"Last Tuesday, was the last district meeting of the transfer.  I talked to the missionaries about....you guessed it, ACCOUNTABILITY... hahaha!  We have a Sister who is just finishing her mission......it worked out exceptionally well.  I shared a couple of quotes from the talk you sent to me mom and then we read the section in Preach My Gospel on accountably.  After that, Elder Weaver and I hit it hard in contacting, taught a less active member and taught an English class.  There were two people who stayed after class.  They are very interested in learning about the gospel and we had a great lesson.....we will see where that leads."

"When we went home, we heard Elder Hunt in the bathroom yelling for help, 'THERE'S A HUMUNGUS SCORPION in the corner of our shower!!!!  HELP!!!'  hahahaha.....sooooo, we caught it!  We feed it a cockroach daily and it is nasty, but way awesome at the same time!  I think we are going to cook it up and eat it! hahaha.."
Their scorpion

"On Wednesday, we taught our baptismal daters, Le and Dit.  They are SO good!  Their whole family is going way good and progressing in the gospel.  The only problem is on the 22nd of this moth when they have to go with their family to worship idols for their grandparents......We've been really trying to build their faith to get around going, but they are extremely afraid of their own parents!"
Some idols at a Wat Jesse visited and an example of some of the many idols worshipped in Thailand
One of the beautiful Wats Thai's go to worship idols in Sisaket Thailand 

"Unfortunately, we ended up getting a little lost out in the boonies and when it got dark, we found that Weaver's flashlight was out of batteries.  When it got dark, we had to use the phone for light and ask for directions periodically while continually fighting the dogs off......but, we made it home safe."
The Elders a little lost in the 'boonies'

"After a rough start Thursday morning, I did temporary companion switch-offs and Elder Williams came with me for the day.......we taught Le and Dit and ended up moving their baptismal date back.  But, they asked us to give their sick kids priesthood blessings....they are amazing kids and the spirit was SO strong!"

"Friday, Sister Buu, the one who was baptized this last week, brought us to her house to teach her brother!  He is SOOOO good! We taught the Restoration, but the best part was that Sister Buu was sooooo excited to share her testimony and all she knew! IT WAS way cool!!"

Some of the roads and a typical home Elder Bundy travels and visits while out teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to people in Sisaket Thailand.

"A LOT of members help us teach the gospel here......regularly, which is GREAT!!  So we made some brownies and delivered them around to say thank you.  In the process, we helped herd a member's cows across a street, and, in return they made us blow darts...We finally made it back for sports night at the church and had a blast!  Crazy AWESOME week so far!!

"We woke up early this morning again, had a fire and did our studies in the woods.....it was incredible!" 

Our early morning fire for scripture study

"....I just found out that Elder Wright stepped down from Assistant to the President because this will be his last transfer before going home!  Elder Mitchell, (the Elder I went on a switch-off with and looks like my brother Jake), will be replacing him in the office.  He is a BOSS!!!  This coming Monday is a work day, then NEXT Monday will be our PDay....

"So....ya, scorpions are very venomous here....hahaha.  There are quite a few mosquitos, but in the day they're not bad, just about like a summer in Missouri during the day and evening.....We just keep the doors closed to the house and keep the lights off....Mango Sticky rice is called khawniaw ma muang.  It is totally MA MUANG (mango) season in Thailand right now!  But I can't eat any of it cause it's SO FATTENING!  I'm being so good!  I DON'T EAT ANY OF IT because I am going to be a national champion BABY!!"

"Today, we are going to probably get hair cuts, eat some food and sleep a little.....we are also going to go and do our chores.....

Thank you Mom and Dad for being super AWESOME parents!!!  I really know how lucky I am and I love you guys!!  Can you believe my year mark is in exactly 2 weeks?  Isn't that crazy????  Time flies by SO fast!....we are going to head out.  I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!

Elder Jesse A. Bun

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