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March 7, 2016

Elder Jesse Bundy enjoys another exciting week preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ in Thailand!
Elder Jesse Bundy, 'the BEST Branch President' in Thailand, Sister Buu and Elder Weaver just before Sister Buu's baptism on Sunday.

Jesse Bundy's week has been filled with adventure and spiritual experiences.  From teaching English, to hunting with blow guns, to fishing with a net to a special baptism!  He writes, "...Today has been crazy so far!  We will be going out to the boonies with the members and hunting with blowguns in the forest!.......My week has been great!  And.....to answer your question and so you don't worry, my knee is getting better.  It still hurts every once in a while, but it's getting better.  Thank goodness for priesthood blessings!  But before all of that, I'm going to back up.....I'm going to give you a daily log of what I did this past week....."
Elder Williams (blue t-shirt),  Elder Weaver (camo hat & scarf), Elder Hunt & Elder Jesse Bundy after biking into the woods, having a camp fire and studying their scriptures.

"On Tuesday, a return missionary who is in our ward took us around to some less active members we didn't even know yet and also taught our baptism daters, Le and Dit.  We had a WAY cool experience!  The only thing holding them from getting baptized now is the fear of changing religions and what their family will say....They told us that on the 22nd of this month, there is a ceremony for their ancestors that they need to go to and worship idols!  We tried to work through it, but they are SO scared of what the rest of the family will think if they don't worship as well......Then we taught English and showed Johnny Lingo in the class.  It turns out that selling wives for cows is a Thai cultural thing, hahaha.....so that was WAY awkward and a bit difficult to explain, but kind of funny..."

"Wednesday, we went to go teach one of our families that lives in the woods, but sadly they weren't there!  Then we worked hard in street contacting and taught the old branch president who is now less active!........After that, Weaver and I almost died from some dog attacks!  We found a sling shot and air soft bb's.....We have become VERY good shots....and, they don't attack us anymore.  To finish off a perfect day, we taught Sister Buu.  She is progressing toward baptism VERY well and she has a baptismal date for this coming Sunday!"

"Thursday, another one of our families kind of dropped themselves...Waa, Da and Noy.  We also went to teach Le and Dit.  They are reading their scriptures and praying everyday!  They still are unsure about baptism, but they are progressing very well.  We spent the rest of the day doing a contacting session and teaching a lesson with our baptismal dater, Sister Buu.  She is doing very well...we taught her about tithes and fasting.  Then we ended the evening with a Book of Mormon class at the church."

"On Friday, we had a zone training in Ubon with the zone leaders.  It was waayyy awesome!!  Then we took a bus home and did some inviting along the way until sports night at the church.  The missionaries played the members in volleyball and it was WAY fun!"
Elder Jesse Bundy showing off the spiders in Thailand!  YUCK!

"Saturday, we were lucky to do service at a member's house stacking their hay up into a huge pile.  It was really hard, but super fun and I really enjoyed it!  We then taught Le and Dit about the 10 Commandments.  We then spent some time inviting people, and we found a neighborhood with a bunch of kids playing outside.  They loved us!  They were SO excited that they took us to meet all of their families!  ALL OF THE KIDS WE INVITED CAME TO CHURCH THE NEXT DAY!! Hahaha..IT WAS AWESOME!  I don't know if any of my District will move or stay here this transfer, I just really hope we all stay.  I feel like we are finally getting somewhere.....Ohhhhh, I almost forgot to tell you the most exciting news!  It was waayyyy cool!  Sister Buu was interviewed for her baptism by the zone leaders and passed!  Oh ya!"
Elder Bundy, the Branch President, Sister Buu and Elder Weaver just before her baptism on Sunday.

"Sunday.....Sister Buu was baptized today!!  The best Branch President in Thailand ever baptized her and Elder Weaver and I did a special musical number.  I sang and played the Uke and Elder Weaver played the harmonica!  We did a mix of 'I Need Thee Every Hour,' and, 'Lead Kindly Light.'  It was SO MUCH fun!.....After Church, my tire EXPLODED!  So, we rode on Weaver's bike to the Bishop's house, at dinner with Le, Dit and the Bishop's family.  During dinner, Le and Dit announced that they want to be baptized next week!!"  
Elder Weaver outfitting his bike with electrical tape and a cushion to give Jesse a ride to the Bishop's house.....lolol

"THE PERFECT SUNDAY! Even when on the way home, Weaver's bike EXPLODED and we had to walk all the way home!!  We didn't care!  It was a GREAT day!!"

"Soooooo, this morning;  IT WAS NUTS!  We had another 3 a.m. wake up and biked into the woods......we had a fire and studied the scriptures overlooking the BEAUTIFUL Thai sunrise and a field of khwaay; at 7 o'clock, we swung by and dropped by a member's house who talked to us about some dart guns they wanted to show us and then invited us to go hunting with them...so we went.  
Elder Weaver and Elder Jesse Bundy having early morning scripture study

"Turns out, he had 2, 9+foot blow dart guns in his garage, lean-to thing!They are crazy long and heavy..... His family invited us to go with them to another member's house to catch some fish (with a net) and shoot frogs and birds with the blow dart guns...ALL TO EAT FOR DINNER....it was a BLAST..."  
Elder Jesse Bundy learning to shoot with a blow dart gun....

"...it was way tiring.....The hunt didn't end up being much for frogs, but I snuck up on a khwaay and shot it in the butt with a dart that I made.....it totally stuck in and the khwaay started bucking around......good times!"

Elder Bundy facing off with the khwaay he angered with a homemade dart...

 "Transfers are weird this time because President Johnson has to attend a meeting in Hong Kong next week.  So transfers will be this week!  Crazy!!  I can't believe I've been here this long already.  We will know who is going where on Wednesday of this week and move NEXT Monday...So, this coming Saturday will be our next PDay......Today we are going to FHE at Sister Buu's house with some other members...It will take us a while to bike out there..."

"Well Momma!  That's it for this week.....I LOVE YOU!!  Tell everyone I love them!  Thanks for being my fam!!!!"

Elder Jesse A. Bundy

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