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March 20, 2016

A happy, exhausted Elder Jesse Bundy meets 105 prospective investigators, is excited for 5 investigators who have committed to baptism and welcomes Elder Davis to his District!

Elder Bundy catching a quick nap while riding a train home after biking more than 30 kilos to teach an investigator in the countryside.

"It has been a GREAT week!  Elder Weaver and I have added 105+ phone numbers for contacting and we have 5 people who have committed to baptism and have dates!  I'm excited to have Elder Davis here.  He only has 3 months left on his mission and I am going to learn ALOT from him!"   

Elder Jesse Bundy continues with a day-to-day diary of his exhausting, but GREAT week.  He writes, "Last Sunday, we sadly did not have a baptism, but Sister Buu received the Holy Ghost and some of our great progressing investigators were there.  After church, our ward mission leader told us of a less active member who lived quite far out of town.  He hasn't come to church for a long time and is having some problems.  Elder Weaver and I were not scared of the distance.  But......we bit off a little more than we thought we could chew....hahaha!  We ended up biking more than 15 kilos out of the city!  The best part was that we had a GREAT meeting and he was very glad to see us.  We ended up finding out that his little brother died recently and he just hasn't been able to attend church meetings.  After giving our condolences and giving him some scriptures to read, we biked the 15+ kilos back home.  We got back in time to have dinner at a member's house to top off a great Sabbath."
While out contacting, we found Brother Wichiean's cows running loose.  We stopped to help him herd them back to his place.

"Monday was a GREAT inviting day!  We taught another less active family and committed them to coming to church.  We found a crazy back road with a sign that said, 'wild boars'.  OBVIOUSLY, we could not resist venturing down it.  Unfortunately, we found a whole dog colony with at least 35 dogs that tried to chase us down!  We felt like we were in a zombie apocalypse or something....it was great.  We made it out of the woods and stopped by a member's house for a quick family home evening.  It was a GREAT day."
Some of the beautiful countryside Elder Bundy watched out the window while traveling home.

"On Tuesday, we had a surprise and Elder Williams was transferred.  Elder Davis was transferred in to take his place in my district.   He came from Loburi, the monkey capital of Thailand.  It's just north of Bangkok and he said that monkeys' just run around the city......crazy.  He is a boss!!  We are SO excited to work with Elder Davis!  He is an obedient, great at speaking Thai dude from Arizona.  To top it off......he is a two time state champion wrestler!! Everyone gets along great and it is bonus that we can start wrestling together for work out......We had a GREAT district meeting...the spirit was so strong.  Our district is going to kill it this transfer.  We set some high goals and everyone is pumped and obedient, so we are going to be able to do some real work.  In the afternoon, we taught a new investigator, taught English class and finished up the day teaching Dang and Pob, our two investigators with baptismal dates."

"On Wednesday we took Brother Kim, a 17 year old who is preparing to be a missionary, with us to teach 3 different investigator families.  It was SO good!  He loved it and the investigators are going really well, progressing slow, but good.  We then took Brother Kim inviting with us and were able to obtain a bunch of numbers."
Elder Weaver and Elder Bundy on the train after biking 30+ kilos to visit and teach an investigator.

"In the afternoon, we had an appointment with an investigator at their house....little did we know that her house was 30 kilos away....haha!!  We biked it and taught a great lesson.  On the way home, we hopped on a train with our bikes like hobos!  After getting off the train, Weaver got another flat tire.  We fixed it and got home.."

Elder Weaver on the back of Elder Bundy being towed by a member as they continue to come up with creative solutions to Elder Weaver's bike problems.

"Friday morning, we woke up to yet another flat tire on Weaver's bike!  We are getting really good at fixing all of the crazy things that break on it, tires, gears, pedals, brakes.....
A member towing Elder Bundy and Elder Weaver home.

"Later that morning, we taught Le and Dit.  They are doing so well and want to be baptized, but they are still scared of their family.  After that, we went with a member to find a less active member.  When we got to her house, we found out that she had married an Islamic man.  She explained to us that if she doesn't change religions, she will be killed.....it was a very sad and awkward conversation!  We then went to teach a member from the ward who kindly served us some corn milk......it is NOT good, but I 'gratefully' drank it.  Toward the end of the day, we went to a print shop and made HUGE signs for an activity we are going to have on Saturday.  We ended the evening at sports day at the church and set up for the activity."
Some members helping us get Elder Weaver's bike back to our apartment.  It is always breaking!

"Saturday we had a HUGE ACTIVITY with 9 wards/branches from all over the eastern side of Thailand....we had dancing, food and a TON of people!  It was in celebration Relief Society's anniversary.  It turned out so good!  We received some awesome referrals and had a blast!  After that, we did some contacting and calling for the church, then cleaned the church up and prepared some documents we needed for Sunday meetings.  It was a very busy and fun day!"
Elder Weaver and Elder Bundy with a small chicken they found running around inside their apartment when they got home one evening.

"On Sunday, we attended early meetings in the morning and were able to set transfer goals and our vision with the Bishop and Ward leaders.  Church was GREAT!  We ended up having 107+ people attend, which included a lot of investigators!  After church, I sat down with the clerk and figured out the records that have not been kept here since October for people who have been baptized....this has been very frustrating, but it's all good now.  Later in the afternoon, we taught a family, went contacting and finished off a great day eating at the Bishop's house."

"Today for P-Day, it is Elder Davis's birthday, so we went on an early morning fishing excursion.  It was really fun, but sadly we have not caught any fish yet.  We cannot manage to catch even 1 fish!  It's terrible...lol"

"Well momma!  Tell everyone I love and miss them!  I am LOVING my mission and I am really thankful for this opportunity.....I'll talk to you next week."

Elder Jesse A. Bundy

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