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May 1, 2016

Elder Jesse Bundy baptizes 2 people,  learns to cook 'Thai' eggs and continues to enjoy teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Sisaket Thailand

Jesse learning to cook eggs the Thai way from a member of the Ward.

"Hello everyone.  I really can't say this enough, I am LOVING my mission!  Last Monday, we took a recent convert and his friends to lunch.  While we were eating, I began talking to his friends about the Gospel and they are extremely interested!!  In fact, we set a date for the 15th!  Then we had the opportunity to play basketball with the local college team......we SMASHED 'em...hahaha!  We ended the day having Family Home Evening with some members."

"During District meeting, I shared Moroni 7:37, 38 and 33, also Alma 5:54, 6:2-3 and Moroni 6:1-4, 8.  I related these scriptures to faith, repentance, baptism and enduring to the end.  It turned out awesome and we had a really good discussion."
Elder Earl with his 'sweet' new bike.

"After District meeting, we were able to get Elder Earl's bike all taken care of.  We ordered him a really nice one from Bangkok and it is beautiful!  The rest of the day, we taught several new investigators including a doctor that is GOLDEN!  We taught English class before heading home."
Elder Hunt and Elder Jesse Bundy eating at KFC.  Jesse is showing off his will power...lol!  SALAD....lol

"Wednesday morning, Elder Earl and I helped a new convert's family move.  Afterward, we taught a very interesting lady named Lod......she is extremely interested in learning more about Jesus Christ and we were able to set a date for the 22nd!  Later, we were invited to a going away party for a member who has helped us teach ALOT!  He has joined the army and we are going to really miss him......
Elder Jesse Bundy showing off his bicycle skills.....he wrote, "three bikes, two missionaries....sometimes you have to get a little creative...lol"

"On Thursday, Elder Earl had to go to Bangkok, again, to renew his visa.....I went to the bus station and purchased the tickets.  I didn't want to lose an entire day of work in Sisaket, so I sent Elder Hunt with him......there is SO much work to get done here.  Elder Davis and I spent the rest of the day teaching our investigators, setting up baptismal interviews for the Sister's investigators, teaching a Book of Mormon class and ended the day teaching our investigator that's a doctor......busy, but good day!"

"Friday was a great day!  We went on switch offs all day with a member named Yong.  We had so much fun!  We went inviting, taught Le and Dit and ended up doing a service project for some elderly people.  When I interviewed the Sister's two investigators for baptism, it was just incredible!  They are way solid with strong testimonies!  We ended a very fun day with sports night at the church!"
Jesse about to eat grilled carp and papaya salad for the first time......
Not sure if he likes it?  But, he's thankful for it and he'll eat it......hahaha

"After studies on Saturday, we helped paint an investigator's house and taught all of our investigators who have a date.  After attending coordination meeting, we went out to teach Lod.  She lives in some SERIOUSLY humbling circumstances!!  She just doesn't have much for a house, barely two walls!  But the lesson went awesome and the spirit was so strong....and she accepted to keep the commandments.....We then went inviting at the market and hit the phone to call as many people as we could to get them to church Sunday....it was a great day."

Jesse and Elder Earl bailing out the baptismal font after church because the drain is broken....

"SUNDAY WAS THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!  TONS of investigators showed up for Church and I was honored to baptize the Sister's two investigators!  They asked me to do it, I think because I'm so big and they're afraid the smaller Thai people can't lift them up out of the water.....hahaha....but WHAT AN HONOR in any case!  Our investigator pool is really shrinking, so after church we went out and invited A LOT.  Some really nice members by our house invited us to dinner, so we went.......as we left their house, we were still a bit hungry....we found a fruit tree right by their house and it was DELICIOUS!  They were little berries.......I ate a bunch of them and made myself sick.....hahahaha!"

"Well.....WE GET TO GOOGLE HANGOUT next week!!  Make sure that everyone gets on....k?  I can't wait to see and talk to everyone!  I LOVE you mom!  I am so thankful for you...."

"Until next week....."

Elder Jesse A. Bundy

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