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May 8, 2016

Elder Jesse Bundy calls home for Mother's Day!!  Sends pictures of flood causing rains, pizza and his 'Squad' as he continues teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Thailand
All the family visiting with Elder Jesse Bundy in Sisaket!

Like missionaries all over the world, Jesse called home for Mother's day!  Our family got to spend 45 minutes visiting, listening to missionary stories, laughing and enjoying each other's company!  Everyone but his big brother Isaac and his family.....who were missed terribly!
Jesse showing his muscles to his nieces and nephews....lolol!

The Sisaket 'Squad'....Elder Davis, Elder Hunt, Elder Jesse Bundy and Elder Earl.....Jesse LOVES working with these guys!

Elder Jesse Bundy and Elder Earl got caught in a monster of a rainstorm!  It was completely unexpected......but enjoyable!
Jesse explained that it is SERIOUSLY hot this time of year in Thailand...these cooling rains were a very welcome surprise!
Jesse enjoying the rain!!!

Somehow, I don't think everyone thought it was so fun...

While visiting on the phone, Jesse told of us some pretty epic dog chases with near escapes!  One of the Elders now carries a taser to scare them away......Jesse added, ".....dog chases seriously get my blood pumping.  Sometimes it's kind of fun, other times it's kind of scary....lol."
Jesse added, "No, seriously, the dogs are really scary...!" hahaha

Jesse catching a ride....
This is Elder Bundy catching a ride with a member....if you look close you can see his foot attached to the scooter while he is being pulled....he said, "you learn to get creative when you have to be somewhere faster than you can pedal...."
Jesse showing off his 'hitch-hiking' skills.....lol!

Elder Jesse Bundy has been working out and dieting.....He hasn't had pizza in a long time.  We seriously didn't know if he could make it in Thailand for two years without Little Ceasar's breadsticks and pizza, his favorites.....This is a rare deviation from his diet as bread is not as readily available in Thailand and the locals don't eat a lot of it.  He added, "Yep!  I got really sick from eating this pizza, but I would do it again...lol...Oh how I've missed my pizza....!"

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