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August 22, 2016

Brother Dang gets baptized!  
Elder Bundy experiences miracle after miracle teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and gives Elder Daybell a bike ride around town
Elder Daybell, Jesse, Brother Dang, his wife Awe, his son Donpai and President Tiger just before Brother Dang's baptism.

"BROTHER DANG'S BAPTISM!!  This week has just been awesome.  It has been filled with crazy, amazing miracles!!!  This has been Elder Daybed's last week as a missionary in Thailand.....we shot for the stars on our goals.  With our Father in Heaven's help, we were able to accomplish all of them and more!  Everyday, we made a conscious effort to be balanced on all sides of the work, i.e., activation and strong member work.  By putting into practice what we were taught at MLC, and with the Lord's help, we were able to meet and exceed our goals in teaching investigators and finding new ones!  It was just INCREDIBLE!"
Elder Jesse Bundy, Brother Dang and President Tiger

"One of the many miracles that happened to us this week took place while we were street contacting Saturday night.  My companion and I were standing outside a large mall.  There were masses of people walking in and out.  I just kept placing my large body in the way, trying to slow them down to tell them about Jesus Christ.  It looked like no one seemed to be interested enough to stop and listen.  They just kept saying that they didn't have the time.  Even when I managed to get people to stop for a split second, the most common responses were, "That's interesting," and, "Where?  Well, maybe if I have time," with no trading of contact information!  It was very disappointing! Even on a slow day, we usually are successful in obtaining at least 15 or more telephone numbers from interested people wanting to know more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ....."
Elder Bundy

"After all that time spent talking to everyone and anyone, I only received ONE number and was feeling pretty discouraged about that entire session of finding.....(We were there for a total of 4 hours due to multiple cancellation of appointments because of rain).  That night, we went home feeling pretty down.  Before going to bed, we sat down to evaluate the week and do our planning for the next day.  We found that we were 6 lessons short of reaching our extremely high goal of teaching 25 member present investigator lessons, (a companionship usually teaches 7 to 10 member present lessons in a week).  We were also missing adding 2 new investigators to our investigator pool to meet our equally ambitious goal of getting 10 new investigators...."   
Elder Jesse Bundy and Elder Daybell with a few branch members

"We only had one more day left in the week to meet our goals.  So, we decided to take a leap of faith and set our next day goals to one higher than we needed to meet our already high goals!  We realized that there was barely enough time in the day to reach normal goals let alone to reach the stars plus one like we decided to do.....AND, doubly difficult with it being Sunday!"

"Mom, I was completely humbled by what happened.  Sunday was just full of miracles!!  We were blessed to teach lesson after lesson after lesson.....person after person just walked in to be taught, old investigators along with new investigators!  EVERYONE came.  We even taught a man from Italy, (Daybell has had some French lessons in his background and I used what little Spanish I was taught in high school and we were able to teach him how to pray)!  We even taught a man from Vietnam....."

"The day was action packed.  We ended up teaching 8 lessons, exceeding our goal by 2.  We also picked up 3 new investigators.  Just when it couldn't get any better, 5 of the people we taught set dates for baptism!  Three of those 5 people were people I had talked to at the mall Saturday night.....people I didn't even think were listening.  They were not only listening, but they came to church and have set dates to be baptized!  It was truly one miracle after the other all day long!  I LOVE THIS WORK!"
 "A nice cheap way to get around the city.......even cheaper when you pedal yourself!"

Elder Jesse Bundy giving Elder Daybell a ride.....

"Today we are going to have a big District wide luncheon with the Senior couple.  We are going to have tacos.....then I am going to go shopping to buy a couple pairs of pants because mine are all ripped and are a little too thin to repair...hahaha."
 "An awesome meal we had when we went to the mountains last week."

"Thank you SO much for everything you do for me and keeping me updated on everything and everyone at home.  The pictures you sent were awesome!  I really appreciate it mom.  Well, I really need to get going.  Tell Dad thank you and how much I miss him and love him....as much as I miss you guys, you need to know that I am just really LOVING my mission!  Until next week....."

Elder Jesse A. Bundy  

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