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November 21, 2016

Brother Bank gets baptized!  
Elder Jesse Bundy goes to a lantern festival and finds a Burger King this week as he teaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people in Thailand
Elder Rogers, Elder Jesse Bundy and Brother Bank
"Brother Bank got baptized!  It was an AWESOME baptism and just a great Sunday all the way around.  To make things even better, Jay is scheduled to be baptized next week...I am SO grateful to be a missionary!  It just gets better and better...."  
"The next several pictures show the building of a 'Missionary-Investigator Tower of Strength'.....hahahaha.....We just really enjoyed the day......I am so excited about Brother Bank and what a solid member he will be to his Ward and Bishop here in Bangkok!"

Elder Jesse Bundy, Elder Rogers and Brother Bank...the
 'Missionary-Member Tower of Strength,' haha

"Things were high speed, filled with hard work and lots of fun this week!  We were blessed to teach some really great lessons with Brother Bank in preparing him for his baptism.  We also began teaching some really special people.  One of them is a man by the name of Tony Chan.  He is so interesting and is really soaking up our discussions.  He was so kind and treated us to a steak dinner while we taught him the other day!"
"Then there is a Brother Rangsan.  He is well to do and extremely intelligent.  He is reading the scriptures like a book of history facts.....it's awesome and I LOVE talking to him!  After our lesson on the atonement, he really opened up.  He is also a BYU graduate!  It's a small world....."

"As far as the entire zone goes, we are doing so much better, but we still have a ways to go to meet our goals.  Slowly but surely, with more hard work, continued faith and a lot of prayer, we'll get there."
 "We found a BURGER KING!! It was sooooo good.......and Mom, don't look at this huge bowl of ice cream...hahaha!"
"I held onto the Burger King crown.....later I crowned Brother Geea the King of all Ward Mission Leaders....lolol!  But really, he is an awesome Ward Mission Leader."
 "This poster hangs in Brother Jump's school, the one we go teach in.  Translated it says, 'Good children have manners, dress cleanly and always speak sweetly.'  That's my motto!"
"While we were out street contacting, we came across this guy sleeping on a bench.  I tried to talk to him, but he was too tired."
"He had a guitar lying there......so, you know me?  He allowed me to play it for him.....hahaha."
"Last Monday, Thailand celebrated what they call the 'Lantern Festival.'  We were invited by Brother Bird to go with him and his family.  He is the one who got baptized last week..." 
"There were so many people there!  We released these lanterns into the river with candles on them and made wishes.  It was a really beautiful sight....Here is a picture of the one I made and released."
Brother Bank, one of his kids, Elder Rogers and Elder Jesse Bundy at the Lantern Festival.

"It was so incredibly packed with people!  We really had a great time and enjoyed spending time with Brother Bank and his family."

"Today, we are going to the mall to pick up some supplies and look around.  I also need to get some more pants cut and made.  I know, I rip my pants often over here....hahaha."

"Well, I don't have much time left.  I really miss you guys!  I love you and I'll talk to you next week."

Elder Jesse A. Bundy

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