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November 7, 2016

Elder Jesse Bundy enjoys a week filled with training from Elder Wong of the Seventy, a miracle at Sacrament Meeting and working hard to meet goals
"Hello everyone!  I'm sending some pictures, but not much to tell you about this week....we've had a bunch of trainings and a busy week of re-structuring and re-setting our goals." 
"My mission has changed dramatically since I first entered nearly two years ago.  The way we teach, how we teach and emphasis on member involvement in teaching new investigators has really evolved.....I have learned so much!  My Zone is coming together....we've had a few set backs here and there, but nothing training and a lot of faith and prayers haven' fixed."
"Our area has been pretty frustrating at times.  As I mentioned before, our church is an hour away from where we live, so it's difficult to get people to want to travel that far to go to church.  We have had so many people cancel teaching appointments.  But, we just do our best to stay focused, work a little harder and pray A LOT!  And, just when we think it's getting a little too hard, we experience a true miracle!  

"Like this past Sunday......I was in Sacrament Meeting and I turned around and saw two young men, about 19-20ish walk in the door.  I immediately went and sat by them.  I found out later that for no apparent reason, their church shut down, so they went looking for a new church to go to!  We are now meeting with them again this Tuesday.....it was an IMMEDIATE answer to my prayers."   
"I just really hope you guys know how much I am loving my mission! I love the challenges, I love learning, I love working with the missionaries and I love teaching the people here in Thailand.  I feel so lucky and so grateful to be here.....to have this opportunity.  AND.....I'm having a BLAST along the way."

"Sooooo, we got up super early today......we are going to do our chores, get our hair cut, then we're going to a really large mall that's not too far from us.....it should be a lot of fun.  I know that this has been really short and filled with not much information, but just know that I love you guys and I am doing my best to work hard, stay focused and have fun.  Tell everyone I love them..."

Elder Jesse A. Bundy

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