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November 1, 2016

Elder Jesse Bundy expresses gratitude for the little everyday miracles of missionary service, visits the beach and helps clean up after a bad rain storm.
Elder Jesse Bundy with Elder Lindley in Chonburi a couple of weeks ago while on splits

"This week has been really great!  We have 5 new investigators who have all set baptismal dates!  We SO enjoy working with Brother Jump and his family, he is the teacher I told you about last week.  Brother Jump is SO incredibly smart.  Even though he has been a monk, he overcomes any concern he has about gospel doctrine by reading and praying!......We helped out again at his school this week......SO MUCH fun!"  

"These first several pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago when we were on splits in Chonburi.  The ocean was AMAZING!!!"

Elder Bundy enjoying the beach while contacting in Chonburi.  
Brother Jump (the school teacher), his wife, Elder Rogers and Elder Jesse Bundy.

"I am SO thankful for the miracles I get to experience on a daily basis here.....Like just the other day while we we were contacting at a market.  We were about to leave when the wind began blowing one of the shops over!  I ran over to help the woman that owned the shop try to hang on to things.  As I was helping her, a man tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I would teach his friend more about Jesus?  I said, 'Of course we would!'"  

"After helping the woman with her shop, the man who tapped me on the shoulder led us into a little store down the road a ways.  We went inside and were introduced to  Sister Nanee.  She explained to us that while she is doing really well financially, her faith is failing her.  She went on to tell us that she had been watching us help other people and wondered if learning more about Jesus could do the same for her?.......She is so humble and teachable.....we are now teaching her and she is progressing really well toward baptism."
Elder Jesse Bundy and Elder Rogers with the Ward Mission Leader, Brother Gaea,  an RM's mom, who is not a member and Sister Jaa An La.  Elder Bundy and Elder Rogers really enjoy teaching her as well as her fun sense of humor.

"Another really cool experience happened while we were out contacting at that same market.  A couple of salesman were trying to get me to buy their glasses and other products.  Instead, a VERY golden moment presented itself and I was able to share my testimony of Jesus Christ with them instead!......Sister Dtukadtaa is now on the road to baptism!....While really big miracles are awesome, it is the daily miracles that come from direct answers to our prayers through obedience and hard work that continue to AMAZE me....I LOVE being a missionary!  I am SO thankful for this opportunity."
The Stake President's house after a tree fell on it during the violent rain storm last night

"The only real problem we are having now, is getting our investigators to church!  I takes such faith on their part to come to church because it is SO far away.....but we are working hard and doing our best to help them understand the importance of church attendance."
"Last night, we had a really bad rain storm.  There are trees and debris laying around everywhere.  We found out that a tree had fallen on the Stake President's house, so we spent all day today helping him clean up the mess.  We had a really good time......."
Elder Jesse Bundy begins chopping up a fallen tree doing a service project at the Stake President's house.

Elder Jesse Bundy on top of the Stake President's house trying to get the fallen tree off of it.

Elder Rogers taking his turn with the axe.

"No package yet Mom...but no worries, the office missionaries are going to track it down for me.  It might have gotten help up in customs or something like that.  I'll keep you posted....."

"Could you please ask everyone to pray extra for our mission right now? The temple is coming and each unit in our stake needs at least 5 more priesthood holders to support the temple....We have a lot of work to do and we sure could use the prayers."

"Well Mom, I have to go right now.  P-day is almost over and I need to get a haircut and run a few errands.  Until next week, make sure Dad knows how much I love him and that I pray for him every single prayer I offer.  I know he will make it through this!  I love you mom...."

Elder Jesse A. Bundy

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