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December 5, 2016

Elder Jesse Bundy experiences miracles and attends a great Zone Training meeting while teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Thailand

"Hello everyone!  Everyday, my mission just gets better and better....and dang!  It's almost over!!  We had our Zone Training meeting this past week and it was awesome.....we talked about staying focused and working hard.  Elder Rogers and I didn't have time to do the trainings individually with everyone in our zone like usual, so we made a 'training video.'  I am finishing it up today so we can get it out to our missionaries."

"Sunday, we experienced a huge miracle!  We have been working with a couple of investigators who we thought would never accept the gospel let alone come to church.  But......they ended up coming to church on Sunday and we had an amazing experience.......First, I want to tell you about Tommy.  He is an older gentleman that is extremely set in his ways, has a great sense of humor and is our Ward Mission Leader's good friend.  We have tried everything to answer his questions and help him feel the spirit and get him to read the Book of Mormon to no avail.  Every time we've invited him to an activity or to Church, he always tells us that it is the 'rainy season' and he can't go - even though he owns a car."

"This past week, we called him because it is considered the cold season now.  We set up an appointment to give him a lesson.  I taught him while on a switch-off with another Elder.  Immediately, I knew something was different.  I knew that the Holy Ghost had been working on him!  By being persistent and remembering him in our prayers everyday, I know the Lord blessed us....the Spirit was SO strong as we discussed the gospel and he finally accepted the challenge to read the Book of Mormon and come to church!  So Sunday, he actually came to church.....We taught him afterward and he wants to get baptized on Christmas day!!" 
"Our next miracle is a man by the name of Rangsaan.  This guy is extremely smart and wealthy.  I have talked about him a little bit before.  He is the one that graduated from BYU and is the CEO of a very large company over here.  Anyway, we have been teaching him consistently once a week for a while now.  Even with his very tight and busy schedule, he has always taken the time to meet with us.  I know he enjoys meeting with us to learn more about the scriptures and the Savior.  He has told us that he knows the Gospel is true, but has several obstacles he needs to overcome.....time, culture and his wife's lack of understanding of the gospel.  He finally committed to come to church because it was going to be Elder Rogers 2nd to the last Sunday before he goes home and he really wanted to see him come to church before he leaves.  Sunday came and he CAME!  He is very well known here, so the Stake President, Bishop and everyone really welcomed him!  It was incredible!

"Then, of course Brother Bank and Brother Jay were there.  Sadly, Brother Jay's baptism has been postponed until next week......they are doing just AWESOME!  Did I tell you that Brother Bank is going to be able to baptize Brother Jay?  I just LOVE the everyday miracles I am getting to experience while finding and teaching....."

"Elder Rogers and I had a real adventure last Friday.  We caught a taxi to a new investigator's house to teach them the first discussion. (Another miracle!)  Anyway.....we were eating lunch afterward and I noticed that Elder Rogers had a funny look on his face?  He said, "Do you want to see what I have?"  I said, "yeah....."  He pulled out a passport of some random white guy he had found between the seats in the taxi!  All I thought was that we needed to help the poor guy out that lost his passport!"  

"We immediately called the mission home and spoke to the Elder that handles passports for our mission.  We all agreed that we needed to take the passport to the airport and see if we could locate this guy!  As we were about to leave the restaurant, Elder Rogers said, "Elder Bundy, I found something else...."  I just thought what in the world else could he have found with a passport? Then he pulled out an envelope with stacks of $100 dollar bills inside!!!  There were 15 of them!"

"I was really concerned for the poor guy who had lost the passport and the money!  We went immediately to the airport and began looking for this guy.  We knew what he looked like and we had his name from his passport.....we even had him paged several times.  After a little over an hour of looking, searching flights and paging him, we were pretty discouraged because he never showed up or answered any of the pages.  So we decided to take everything to the tourism police inside the airport."

"While we were locating the tourism police, a CRAZY Russian guy passed out on the floor right in front of us!  As we started to pass by him, he grabbed my leg and started screaming, "Oh God, save me...Jesus please save me!"  He was securely attached to my right leg!  I became slightly alarmed and a bit afraid that he might bite me......I didn't want to be rude, but I had to remove myself from his grasp...hahaha!  There was no reasoning with him and I don't speak russian.....  We finally located the police and turned over the passport and the envelope full of money to them in hopes they could locate the guy, or get it to the embassy for us.....I'm not gonna lie, as we left it with them I kept thinking, "they are just going to keep it!"  But, at least we did everything we could do to get it to the rightful owner."

"After we turned in the passport and money, one of the policeman let me ride his cycle.  Here is my impression of 'The Mall Cop,' hahaha....."

"Later, we are going to go to the trampoline place and have some fun.  We'll also get all of our chores done, laundry, shopping, etc.  All that fun stuff we don't have time for during the week."

 "How do I look?  Nope, I really haven't changed much......I still enjoy my unique 'style!'"

"Well Mom.....I am way out of time!  Just know that my testimony grows more and more each and every day!  I love teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to these people!  I really enjoy working with the missionaries.....I am so thankful for this opportunity."

"I have to go......talk to you again next week.  I love you guys!"

Elder Jesse A. Bundy

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