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December 11, 2016

Brother Bank baptizes his best friend, Brother Jay!!
"YESTERDAY WAS THE BEST DAY EVER!  Brother Bank baptized Brother Jay!  I can't describe the peace and excitement in finally seeing Brother Jay get baptized!  The spirit was so strong.....these two guys are so incredible.  Their testimonies are solid.....they are going to be great leaders someday."
"It has been another great week of teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Bangkok Thailand!  I got a real lesson on last minute catering...hahaha.  This past Wednesday, we had catering all planned out for the training conference.  But when we went for interviews with President Johnson on Tuesday, the people we had set everything up with called and cancelled on us!  I had a brief panicky moment as I began calling all over Bangkok to find a place that could feed 40 people with one days notice.....After several hours, I eventually found a premium sandwich shop that was able to pull things together for me.....they did a really good job, everything worked out and I learned to always have a back-up plan."
"We had an early Christmas party at Zone Conference.  We had a white elephant gift exchange and watched the movie, 'What a Wonderful Life.'  It was pretty fun.....Can you believe I'm gonna be 20 years old soon!  I'm so old!......hahaha.  I also went on switch-offs with a brand new greenie, Elder Miyagi.  He is a professional model/actor.  He is in a bunch of church videos.....hahaha.  He is also in the church's new Christmas initiative, 'Light the World.'  We had a hard time doing any work because everyone on the street wanted to take a picture with him....hahaha.  It was a lot of fun..."    
 "Elder Rogers gets on a plane Friday.  That means that I will probably get my new companion on Thursday.   Rogers and about 3 other Elders are going home about 2 weeks early for Christmas.  Apparently, missionaries can either shorten or extend their missions by two weeks if they let their mission president know a year before.  HEY......We get to skype for Christmas next week!  I can't wait to see and talk to everyone!"  
 "This morning, I read Mormon, Chapter 9 in the Book of Mormon. All I can say is, miracles never stop baby!!!  I've been studying a lot in the Bible in the book of Matthew leading up to the Christmas season.  I've been pairing it with Jesus the Christ.  I LOVE IT!  Everyday, I am finding gems in the scriptures......like in Moroni, Chapter 6 that talks about baptism.  At our leadership training conference, we talked about having righteous desires....mainly, to love God.  I also had a great interview with my Mission President...."

"Finding has just been a little slow because of the official mourning period after the recent state funeral.  We have not been allowed to invite at the big malls, markets or big gatherings.  That was just lifted about 5 days ago.....we still have to be careful and overly respectful about the situation over here.  But.....it's good to get back to work."

"Today is Elder Hunt's birthday, so we are going to go downtown and some other missionaries and do something.  It sounds like it should be pretty fun....man, I really miss you guys, but I'm also really sad about my mission ending...I'm just staying focused, trying to work hard and not think about it."

"Well Mom, my time is up....don't worry about the packages.  I'm sure I'll get them soon.  I am really missing you guys.  Tell everyone I love them.  Talk to ya next week."

Elder Jesse A. Bundy  

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