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April 13, 2015

All Thailand bound missionaries currently at the Provo Utah MTC

All of the missionaries standing have already left for Thailand.  
The six of us in the front have 6 more weeks at the MTC.

It’s been a crazy week.  I’ve just been constantly either in the classroom Learning Thai, or in various other training meetings!  I’m having a bunch of fun, tho.  Our Phi^i Thais left this morning at like 3AM for Thailand!  They're the Thai missionaries going to Thailand just before us.  So, this marks 6 more weeks until my district leaves for Thailand!

The MTC seems so EMPTY with all the missionaries that just left for their missions!   Everyone here is like 20+!  I am the youngest one here.  My whole district has been to like 2 years of college already!  
 These are all the missionaries headed to 
southern Asia in about 6 weeks.
We had our First TRC on Saturday, which is like home teaching but for ‘konthais’, or people from thailand that only speak Thai - no English.  It has probably been one of the most fun things I’ve done since I’ve been here, outside of going to the temple and some of the AWESOME firesides we’ve had.   It was amazing and awesome for me to see how far my language has come.  All I can say is Heavenly Father is AWESOME! He is helping me ALOT!  Has to be……how else do I explain that my companion  and I spoke with them without a whole lot of problem for like 40 minutes, and I understood everything.     
 This is another picture of my District along with my Aussie friend standing to my right.
We also started script this week!  Which means I am learning to read Thai as well as speak it.  I’ve almost memorized all of the consonants but, there are 40+ more vowels I have to memorize.  We have been told that we are way ahead of what is normal, which is comforting cause I feel like I make a lot of mistakes…..but they seem to be amazed by our district.  Reading Thai is ridiculous!  Being one of the oldest languages that’s been around, it has a bunch of ridiculous rules that seem unnecessarily necessary?But, I’ll learn all of them soon enough! 
 My Korean Friend, Elder Kim. He used to be a model/soldier/actor in Korea.  He looks all serious here - and he is a serious missionary, but, he's also a lot of fun.
I am running short on time again.  Sorry.  Tell everyone I love them. With all the missionaries leaving, we had a LOT to do today, plus I didn’t want to miss my temple session.  
I love you and miss you a bunch!

Elder Jesse A. Bundy

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