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April 20, 2015

Thailand bound end of May 2015!!

The days feel so long here, but the weeks are so short, if that makes any sense.  It’s crazy! I feel like I just got here and my MTC stay is Half Way OVER!! 
Me and my Aussie buddy in class!

I’ve pretty well spent this whole week in class.. A lot of teaching investigators and learning grammar.  I've pretty well learned how to read!  The vowels in script are so hard to pick out but I can pretty well read the scriptures.  Heavenly Father has been so good to me.

As for devotionals, we have two a week, one on Tuesday and one on Sunday.  We've had members of the Seventy every time.   All of them are super awesome although, last nights I was really tired from a bunch of meetings that we had been to... and, I kinda fell asleep. 
My Bud Elder LOR and I at the devotional last night (we both fell asleep, lol).  He's Fluent in Hmong, English and learning Thai with us!  
He's crazy smart!

Every Sunday evening, we get to watch a film from a selection of different devotionals, talks, etc. Last night we watched a talk that David Bednar gave last Christmas in the MTC.   It was AMAZING!!  Can't even describe it in an e-mail really, so I won't try.....and, the MTC is the only place in the world where it is shown.  Last week we saw meet the Mormons.. Holy Cow if you haven't seen Meet the Mormons, you need to see it! Seriously! It's so cool! 

                    I ALWAYS feel so GREAT after going to the temple!!!

Thank you Mom and Dad for being awesome and thank you all other family for also being so awesome!


Elder Jesse A. Bundy

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