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April 27, 2015

I got my hair cut this morning, so I’m running a little later than usual!!   Every week goes by super fast here, so I hope I can remember it all. Yesterday’s devotional was AMAZING!!! We heard from a stake president from Philadelphia.. He played in the NFL for like 8 years and he related missionary work to athletics.  It was awesome!  
My cantonese friends leave for hong kong today.. kinda sad but we decided that we're going to hang out a bunch once were all back... Elder Kim and Elder Jensen are some of my best buds!  
This is Elder Alldredge.  He is one of my Cantonese buds!!  
Gonna miss this guy!

Every Saturday, we now teach what is called TRC.  TRC is like home teaching, except our teachers watch us through a camera and we teach people from Thailand who do not speak any English.. It’s rough sometimes, but I’m super surprised at how much I understand and can speak.  One of the Khonthais asked me and my companion if we were leaving this Monday because he thought we were so ready!  I feel very lucky and blessed. 

So, on the 25th, we had a Christmasversary! These next pictures are of that party.  It was a blast!  
One of the missionaries even brought presents for everyone!

Oh yeah, on MAY 10th, I’ll be able to make a 30 minute phone call home!!  That’ll be awesome!  I’m not 100% sure how it’s all going to work, but they’ll give me more info within the next week.  I just need to know what phone you want me to call.  Also, in a couple of weeks right before we board the plane for Thailand, we’ll be able to call again.  So that’ll be AWESOME!

Yesterday, four of us did the tower challenge.  I know my brothers and Kelsha know what that is!   It’s where you finish an entire tower of cereal before the workers have time to fill it back up again. My stomach is still hurting!  Even though it was worth it, better tell all my nephews this is NOT a good idea.  

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