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September 13, 2015

Elder Jesse Bundy enjoying a peaceful 
ride, studying his scriptures on the back of a truck with members and his companion on P-day while traveling to Chiang Mai

Elder Jesse Bundy, his companion and others traveled to Chiang Mai on P-Day to enjoy the sights and attend Zone Conference.  Once a month, all missionaries around the world gather in their appointed areas with other missionaries in their zones, usually around 12 to 18 missionaries, to meet together for training from leaders and individually receive direct instruction and an interview with their Mission President.

Elder Bundy found a canteloupe and some bananas to snack on while on the 2 hour ride to Chiang Mai from his area. 

The others in the truck challenged him to eat ALL of the bananas, which he did!  He writes, "tell the nieces and nephews that this is NOT a good idea....but, I really, really love bananas!" 

Elder Bundy taking a much needed nap after all those bananas! LOL

Last P-day, Elder Bundy went to Gangpeng and writes, "Well……..this week has been pretty crazy!  Last Monday, we went to the Gangpeng, an old city full of spectacular ruins!  They were beautiful!  After that.....we went to see an awesome waterfall deep in a crazy jungle.   I did get some cool pictures and videos but unfortunately, I left the card with those in the apartment in Plok, so I will have to send those to you next week.  But here are a few from Elder Martindale's camera...."
I even had a local Thai man that was diving, take my gopro and swim with it under the waterfall!  He LOVED it and the video is wayyy cool!" 
Elder Bundy explaining to a local man that was diving, how to use 
his camera to get video while swimming.
Elder Bundy, Elder Martindale, Sister Hatch and Sister Pitts at the waterfall in Gangpeng

Elder Bundy went on to report on last week's work and p-day, "Last Thursday, we had training with our zone leaders.  They came to our area and did switch offs, where we each work with one of them as our companion for the day.  It was really good....my new Zone Leaders are pretty good.  The only negative was that all of our appointments fell through for the day, so we just spent the whole time street contacting.....right now we are actually in Chiang Mai.....Tonight at 6 p.m., we will have our personal interviews with President Johnson and tomorrow we will attend zone conference all day.  But until 6, we get to have our P-day.  We think we are going to the montains to some crazy go-cart sliding place."

Elder Bundy reported that he and Elder Martindale are doing well.  They are working hard and making a little progress every day.  He writes, ".....for several weeks, we haven't had ANY investigators coming to church.  Then yesterday, we had 7 come!.......it made me feel soooo good!"
Elder Jesse Bundy exiting the truck in Chiang Mai.....or is he trying to hang on....not sure?  LOL

Elder Bundy discussed his frustration with getting into a steady routine with his diet and exercise.  He writes, ".....sooo I kinda slipped up a little on my diet this past week!  But this week, I'm going to start again.... I bought a 5 kilo bag of brown rice.......last night, I boiled my chicken for the upcoming week."

When Elder Bundy was asked about his favorite food in Thailand, he wrote, "I really like pot pet mamuang, which is like cashew chicken.   I also like panang curry.   They make a lot of egg fried rice thats really good as well.   Oh, and I love the fried eggs that they put on top called kai jiaw.........ummmm, way good." 

Elder Bundy closes his letter with, "Tell everyone that I love them and thanks for the e-mails and packages!  I think we might be heading out here pretty soon anyway.....maybe this week I will send a micro SD in the mail with all of my videos.  You can download them.....send them to the family then send me the card back......we'll see how it goes because I only use 1 SD card and I have 3, so we could send them back and forth.." 

"Well.....I love you guys!  Ohhh, will you tell Kelsha thank you SO MUCH for sending me that email!!!!  It was wayyyyy good and  was just what I needed!  I am SO thankful to have brothers and sisters that have served missions and know just what to say.....Tell, her I'm sorry, but I just don't have enough time to respond to everyone individually....but I am so grateful!  Tell her it was wayyyyy good!  I'm gonna forward it to you mom....you'll love it!"

"Bye bye...wat di! I love you mom!!  I love you dad!"

Elder Jesse Bundy

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