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September 6, 2015

Elder Jesse Bundy enjoying the beautiful 
Thailand countryside

LDS missionaries get one day a week referred to as their PDay short for preparation day, to take care of laundry, write letters home, enjoy their surroundings and plan their work for the upcoming week.  Here Elder Bundy and his companion are on their way to Gangpengpet with members to see some spectacular old Thai ruins and breathtaking waterfalls. 

Elder Bundy writes, "WE ARE GOING เที่ยว(tio)!!!! It's a Thai word for going on vacation/sight seeing/ having fun....we’re actually in a city called Gangpengpet.  It’s a smaller area than ours, but there are missionaries here.  We just stopped by to email our letters home before we go to the old Gangpengpet City, which is like some crazy awesome ruins!..... then we’re going to a waterfall.   Should be pretty fun, I hope.  We’ve worked extra hard these past two weeks."

Elder Bundy reported that even though it has been a drastic change in pace working with his new companion, the work is moving forward.  He writes, "Elder Wright is the boss and I'm really grateful for him and what he taught me.  I'm thankful he trained me!"  He goes on to ask everyone to pray for his area and the missionary work in general in Thailand.  "Like I said before, we have a LOT of golden investigators, but their road to baptism has had a lot of bumps... in Thailand, everyone works on Sunday.  It is very hard for them to come to Church instead of work."

Elder Bundy describes meeting an investigator while waiting for an appointment to meet them at the church.  "Yesterday, we made an appointment with a man we met while finding....but, he didn't show up.  So, while we were waiting outside of the church, I took my inviting card out and started dancing with it on the street.......I had been taught that on the east side of Thailand, that's how they sell stuff on the streets.....I did it for probably 20 minutes - but to no avail.....As I was about to give up and go back into the church, a man on a bike came riding up.  He didn't quite see me, so I just danced and yelled a little louder in his direction.  I was like, ‘do you want to be forgiven of your sins?!’  He immediately stopped, turned around and came to talk with me.   He is golden!!!  He wants 'the cleansing of sin'..…he gave me his number, set an apointment and rode off.  It was TOTALLY awesome and just what I needed....I loved it!  Heavenly father is good"

Elder Bundy shared some thoughts on his personal study for this week.  "When Elder Holland came and spoke to us, he told us that this mission would change us.  That this mission would set us up for the rest of our lives if we choose it, work for it... ..He said, ‘what you are now isn’t good enough, isn’t spiritual enough, isn’t mature enough, isn’t patient enough….’  Elder Holland went on to say that our only fear should be that we came on our missions, then after serving for two years go home the same person as we were when we first came out...’   So I’ve been contemplating a lot about change.   As you know.....I’m a pretty free spirt.....I like to mess around.. a lot!  And I don't always take things as seriously as I probably should.  So I’ve been studying in the Book of Mormon, specifically the book of Helaman.   The missionary examples of Nephi and Lehi are wayyy awesome!  Anyway, I wasn't finding a whole lot and I was just kind of stressed out about it.  But then, out of the blue, Elder Wright shot me a call... a VERY pleasant surprise.   Transfers were only a few weeks ago, but it felt like ages!!!  After we caught up, he just kept talking about how much he loved and respected me?….It was sure what I needed to hear…..After we were done and I hung up the phone, I found a scripture in the New Testament.....Peter is talking about how as he taught the Gospel, the Lord shaped and conformed him for the work…. So, I realized that I don't really need to worry about anything like not being good enough......as long as I’m doing the work to the very best of my ability, the Lord will shape and conform me to be what he wants me to be….I love how Heavenly Father hears, really hears and answers prayers!!"

Before leaving for work one day last week, Elder Bundy and his companion were blocked in.   There was a large fire next door to the Church just down the street from their apartment.   

Elder Jesse Bundy and his companion were able to get a few pictures of the commotion caused by the fire from the roof of their building as they waited for their street to clear.
Jesse writes, "....there was a huge fire right next to our church the other day.…no one was hurt......we were blocked in, so we watched them try to put the fire out from our roof.   It was 1 building away from the church and it ended up okay, just a bit sketchy…..They had 1 HOSE!! and it was a HUGE fire!"

Elder Bundy's mom asked him about his bike and his clothes.  He wrote, "My bike is wayyyy good.  Tell Dad that I've only had one flat tire! lolol…..it does just fine in the rain.....no rust yet....we keep them just outside our apartment locked up.  My pants take a lot of punishment.....but, it's soooo cheap to have clothes custom made here.  If they wear thin at all, I'll just have some custom stuff made for DIRT cheap.   My shirts are way good….they are un-stainable and durable as well!!!!  My shoes are the same.....so I'm wayyyy good."

Elder Bundy ends his letter with, "I LOVE YOU GUYS SOOOOOO MUCH!  I miss you mom.  I miss you Dad.....I really am loving my mission!!!

Elder Jesse Bundy

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