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August 31, 2015

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true!
Here is Elder Martindale, Sister June and her son, Brother Gap, Sister Ooy behind him, Sister Miew, Sister Ma'am, Sister Kag, a random brother from another ward, then Elder Jesse Bundy and Brother Fluke kneeling in front at Sister Kag's baptism last Saturday.

Elder Jesse Bundy was honored to baptize Sister Kag a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints last Saturday.  He bore his testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ and how INCREDIBLE this special day was.  He wrote, "Sister Kag was finally baptized last Saturday!  It was AMAZING!!!......I am literally just having one GIANT spiritual experience!"  

When Elder Bundy was asked to relate another great experience he had this week, he wrote, "Everyday I think it can't get any better and it does!......It's hard to just pull one experience out to tell you, so I'll tell you the most annoying experience I had this week that turned into a GREAT experience later.  We went to an investigator's house this last week.  A school teacher that teaches on Sunday as well.  We told them that it would really be a good idea to talk to their boss and not work on Sunday anymore or at least get time to come to church and if necessary that they should find a new job.  We told them that God would help them if they would have faith and do as we say.   We then read 1 Nephi 3:7 and said that going to church is a commandment of God..... At that moment, they snapped and started yelling, completly chewing us out!!  They were saying that they had God to be with them at all times and that church wasn't necessary.  Usually in these cases, we would apologize and leave.  But I felt strong that we should continue talking to them…  So, we told them that the sacrament was one of the most important things we can do in the week.......I must have said a wrong word or something cause they somehow took it that we were saying that they didn't have spiritual food!..lololol....So, we explained that we were just trying to help them, and that if they didn't want it, then we were going to leave and not come back any more..."  Elder Bundy explained to them that it was their choice and challenged them to read Mosiah 18 in the Book of Mormon.  He then asked them to pray to their Father in Heaven and ask Him if church was important or not.  He added, "anyway, they came to church this past Sunday."

When Elder Jesse Bundy was asked how he was feeling, about his nutrition and how his exercising was going, he wrote, "I’m way good mom! pretty tired and a little sore, but way good.  It's going really good here, just grinding everyday!  And, I started dieting these past couple weeks.....I found another copy of T25 to borrow until mine gets here, soooooo in the past 3 weeks or so, I've lost like 8-10 pounds..lol…the food is seriously too good here…lolol.  
"And don’t worry, I weighed myself early last transfer and I was 99 kilos which is almost 220 pounds... Saturday after my workout I weighed about 95 kilos which is about 209, so I'm watching it closely.  All I do all day is sweat.  The only hard part for me is diet! The food is way killer…..so much coconut milk in everything! lol...no laughing, my taste buds have changed a bunch.  Can you believe I love green curry and spicy stuff now?  Before you worry what I am doing to diet, this last Saturday I bought 6 chicken breasts and a ton of veggies.   I boiled them on Sunday night.....so for dinner every day this week, I'll be eating a chicken breast and some veggies and for breakfast I am going to alternate 2 eggs, or oatmeal with orange juice as the sweetener." 

Elder Jesse Bundy went on to say, "Well, I haven't had to give anymore talks in church yet but I have had to translate for a bunch of english teachers who came to church....sooooooo, that is just plain awful…..lol…..The Thai language has the opposite grammar of English so it's ridiculously hard…but it is helping me speak Thai better and I now realize that my English is getting pretty bad."

Elder Jesse Bundy ended his letter with, "make sure to tell dad that every Monday, his wise words of NEVER JUST TAKE A NAP and go do something fun always rings through my heart and my mind.....but I AM BEAT today.....Elder MartinDale and I will probably just grab something to eat and head back to the house. And ya mom, I don’t have to wash my clothes by hand anymore....we found that if we only use a certain cycle on the washing machine, it works fine…. lol...well i love you guys so much!

I am really, really loving my mission!!  Thank you, thank you,


Elder Jesse Bundy

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