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October 11, 2015

Elder Jesse Bundy listens to conference
teaches English classes and enjoys teaching the 
Gospel of Jesus Christ in Bangkok!
Elder Tew, Elder Jesse Bundy and two other Elders enjoying finding in Bangkok, Thailand

Elder Bundy has been extremely busy this past week learning his new area.  His letter home with his apologies, was short but filled with excitement over his new area and working with his new companion.  He writes, "I’m really, really good! It took forever for us to find an internet place.......this week was good, Elder Tew got way sick.......he is a lot better today..."  

When one missionary in a companionship gets sick, both missionaries usually stay in their apartment while the missionary recuperates.  Because Elder Bundy is in an apartment with 4 other Elders, he was able to continue working while Elder Tew was ill.  He goes on, "...I ended up working with the District and Zone Leaders, which was a lot of fun.....We watched Conference yesterday and it was wayyyy boss! I just loved it all!  My favorite talk was Jeffery R. Holland's talk about Moms!  I love my Mom!  We didn't get to watch conference until a week after it aired because it had to get translated into Thai..."  (Check out Elder Jesse Bundy's favorite conference talk on lds.org, and search Elder Jeffrey R. Holland talk on mothers given October conference 2015.)

"Our apartment is great! The neighborhood its in is wayyyy good for running, so we've been getting up everyday at 6 a.m. running.....then we go back to the apartment and do T25.....and yes mom, we do have a washer, and it works!  Everything is just way awesome! Other than being way sick this week, Elder Tew is great!  We get along and work really well together.  He likes working hard and so do I, so that's cool.  The biking in the big city is very difficult! It's scary sometimes because of the number of cars and motorcycles that rush around everywhere.  So, we actually try to keep it to a minimum."

Elder Bundy goes on to tell about his the work they are doing in Bangkok, "......we have been teaching a brother and sister.....They are ready and excited to hear the Gospel.  We met them while teaching English class.  They have a big family and love the concept of eternal families.  They love reading the Book of Mormon......it is awesome to have them share with us answers they are receiving to their prayers that the gospel is true!"

Elder Bundy and his companion, along with other missionaries, teach English classes once a week in LDS chapels all over the world.  He writes, "….we have some crazy experiences teaching English!  It is a lot of fun…..sometimes hearing them try to speak English is hilarious…..but, then I remember that's probably what they think of me…lol...we meet a lot of really great people while teaching that class."

Elder Bundy reported on what they were going to do for the rest of the day, "......we don't have a whole lot planned for our PDay today. At about 4, we are going to head out to a family’s house and hopefully help them have a family home evening and then at 7, we have another one.   Both families are members, but haven't gone to church in a while......so hopefully, we can help them see the importance of going to church every week!  Until then, we are probably just going to go to the market and pick up some food.... I've been dieting really well this past week."

He signs off with, "I'm solo sorry this is short, and I took no pictures....we've just been so busy and I kept forgetting to take my camera.  Oh yeah, this Wednesday we have a General Authority coming to speak with us.  His name is Elder Funk and I'm real stoked about it!  I'll tell you all about it next week."

"Hey Eric…that piano piece you arranged for your Grandpa's funeral was really awesome!  Wish I could have heard it really clear, but I was able to kind of hear it.  It was just soft because these computers don’t have good speakers, but it sounded amazing!  But I most definitely could hear it and Willis singing with it!"

Well….Mom, Dad, I think I'm gonna stick with becoming a doctor when I get home.

"I love you guys sooo much and I'm really glad that you and Dad are my parents!! I love you both!  I'll take better pictures this week, I promise!  I love everyone.  Tell the bros, sis’s and nieces and nephews I love them!"

Elder Jesse Bundy

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