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September 27, 2015

Brother Gap prepares for his mission as Elder Jesse Bundy says good-bye to Plok

Elder Jesse Bundy, Brother Gap and Elder MartinDale

Elder Bundy prepares to leave his first area in the mission field, describing it as a bitter sweet week.  He writes, "...it will be really hard to say goodbye to the members and all the friends I have made here in Plok...right now, we’re waiting for transfer calls….I’ve been in Plok for more than 4 months now!  That's 3 transfers! The zone leaders said that that was usually when people get moved..... that, and I feel like I have done everything here I'm suppose to....I love Plok, and it will be hard to go, but I do feel it's time.."

Elder Bundy sent several pictures of a few of the converts he taught  and baptized while in Plok.  He is excited for the challenge of a new area and companion, but will really miss the people he has grown to love there in Plok.
Elder Jesse Bundy, Sister Kag, Sister Ooy, (2 of the sisters I had the honor of teaching and baptizing), Brother Gap who is my buddy and getting ready to become a missionary and Elder MartinDale. 
Elder MartinDale, Elder Jesse Bundy and Sister Dang with her children in her home and a member from the Branch, Brother Nak.

Elder Bundy tells of a special family he has been teaching in Plok, "The best thing that happened to me this week was teaching one of our investigators named Sister Dang.  After church yesterday, she asked if we could go to her home later that evening to meet her family.  Obviously, we ecstatically said yes!  We went to her humble home and met her 4 children, ages around 16, 14, 12, and 4 - they are all way cute!  After explaining who God really was, all of them showed a lot of interest in learning more and going to church.. little did we know that they had grown up in the Muslim faith.... apparently their dad was a stout Islamic and treated them as they usually treat women and children in that faith.   This was the reason she moved to Plok with her children, leaving her husband.. It was just a really GREAT spiritual experience!  She and I really became good friends at this point.   The spirit was SO strong!  She's actually the one getting baptized this week, and then her older kids will be next.  They actually live in what used to be a gas station.  It's cool because she has the whole parking lot area as well.  It's actually a pretty good set up."

Elder Bundy, Sister Ploy who I was honored to teach and baptize, Brother Gap and Elder MartinDale

Elder Bundy went on to talk about this past week, "..even though things are much better, they have been really SLOW…..in Plok, there is not just one place you can go where people gather, so we have to ride our bikes around the whole city looking for people walking around... on certain days, the markets are open and we invite people there.... lately we have not had a whole lot of success with street contacting….except people are really getting to know me, so they are all real friendly and always want to visit with me, just not about the gospel…..so I have to be skilled at not offending them and not wasting time and moving on..."
 Elder Martindale and I soaked from the weekly typhoons after working all day.  Elder Bundy writes, "Elder Martindale is 6’5”.   We make quite the pair here in Thailand.  Yea, the rain coat doesn't help one little bit here.   You just get wet no matter what and with the plastic, you get sweaty too!  So I prefer to just get wet...lol.."

 Elder Jesse Bundy went on, "....we didn't have any baptisms yesterday, the first week in a while we haven't baptized someone.  I felt really bad, like I let the Lord down.  We had someone committed, but it didn’t work out.  Anyway, this coming Sunday we have 2 lined up, and 2 the Sunday after that, so that’s good.."

When Elder Bundy was asked what was one of the best things that happened to him this week, he said, "....Elder Stoker and his wife came down from Chaing Mai this last week and took us to a pizza company.  They bought us each a pizza and then took us to Swensen's and bought us our own quarts of ice cream!!!!.. That was a beautiful thing... I don't really remember what pizza normally tastes like but.. all I know is that pizza here kinda stinks because I remember liking it so much more back home, but it tasted good to me at this point!  The Stokers are the 2nd Councilor in the mission presidency.  They are currently serving in Chaing Mai..."

Elder Bundy reported on Brother Nam, the young man who had been paralyzed for seven years before receiving a Priesthood blessing.  He wrote, "Brother Nam is getting better every day.  It is a very, very slow process.... right now, his parents are saving money to have a doctor come look at him."
Elder Jesse Bundy and Elder Davenport.  Elder Bundy writes, "This is when Elder Davenport and I rode this cart down a mountain... it was amazingly fun!"

Elder Bundy is showing off his new look, fanny pack and all.  He writes, "My district makes fun of me because I wear a fanny pack. and these glasses were custom made for my face....they are UV sunglasses that change to be clear when I go inside.  Oh and don't worry Mom,  I got my hair cut...lol."
Elder Bundy rock'n his fanny pack and 'stylish' glasses

Elder Bundy finished his letter with, "for PDay today, we’re not doing a whole lot.  I will be doing a little bit of packing to get ready for transfers and resting.....we actually have to go.  Well, I love you guys soooo much!!! Tell dad and everyone I love them…I am LOVING my mission!"

Elder Jesse A. Bundy

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