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October 19, 2015

 Elder Jesse Bundy and Elder Tew on a 'song tow' with way too many people! 

Elder Jesse Bundy was so excited this week to have Elder Tew back up on his feet and feeling well.  He wrote, "I am doing GREAT!  I am really, really loving the mission!  the best thing that happened to me this week was probably yesterday at church.  After a week of not have very much success……mostly cause Elder Tew was down, we had almost every one of our investigators show up to church! And, they ALL had way cool spiritual experiences!  I just can't explain how great the Holy Ghost is and how great it made us feel."

Elder Bundy went on to say, "the brother and sister, our gold investigators, are still progressing and doing well.  The brother was able to come to church yesterday and he had a great experience!  His sister had a midterm test at college, so she couldn’t be there, but should be able to come next week.  However, her brother shared the best testimony with her about his experience...."
Elder Jesse Bundy really enjoys his district and zone training meetings.  This is where the Elders and Sisters get together in their assigned areas and help each other out with their investigators and areas.  When he was asked if he had any bad experiences along the way, he wrote, ".....all I can say is that I just haven't had bad things happen.  I've had some rough times, but they all just turned out really good!  I believe that my personal reading and prayers and just staying positive and focused turns most everyday into a good day no matter what.  In my own personal studies, I've really come a lot closer to Jesus Christ.  I am really starting to understand things a lot clearer.  I'm glad you taught me that exercise, diet and cleanliness are all equally important.  Both are coming well and the apartment is clean!  It definitely makes a difference." 

Elder Jesse Bundy went on to share more of his testimony, "I've really just been trying to focus on the Book of Mormon.  I've read it almost 4 times completely through since I've been in Thailand....I was so dumb for being so lazy with my personal scripture study back home!  I know I always listened when you read to me, because when I read it now I already know the stories.  But now, I'm really starting to learn the meaning of the stories, what the gospel really is.  I've always known that this church was true! I've always known that I was a child of God, but now it's really starting to sink deep roots.  I actually know.....I really know what the gospel of Jesus Christ is and I'm really starting to understand the why...I am just so very thankful for it."
Elder Bundy carrying a case of Books of Mormon into the church out of the rain.  He loves Thailand but admits that the daily rain showers and being wet all of the time does get old sometimes.

Elder Jesse Bundy was excited to hear about the creation of the new - historic - Far West Missouri Stake back home.  He writes, "That is way cool that the Far West Stake was organized!  It is always SO great to hear that the general authorities that presided over the change were so inspired and the spirit was so strong!" 

While I was in Laramie, Wyoming, I met a waitress from Thailand who had learned English at an LDS chapel in Bangkok Thailand.  When I told Elder Bundy about it, he wrote, "That is so cool!  We have 2 stakes and a district here in Bangkok.  So, there are alot of english classes being held all over Bangkok every week!  I really enjoy teaching those classes!" 

Elder Jesse Bundy goes on to tell what the rest of his PDay was going to look like, "Today, besides doing our normal cleaning, laundry and shopping, we were planning to go to this crazy Buddist temple by Burma that is nicknamed the Tiger Wat.... it has tigers that just walk the halls and you can go walk with them... But, turns out it was shut down about a month ago because a tiger bit someone!! So, looks like we're not going there!  We might go to a normal zoo instead."
 Elder Jesse Bundy writes, "These are all of the bananas we bought for a dollar fifty!  And yes, this is how Thai's cut their hair.....so if I get my hair cut any other way, they don't really know how to do it and it looks awful, so I just have to live with this.....lol..."

Elder Jesse Bundy ended his letter with, "......I really want to thank you and dad for everything that you guys have done for me.. you guys have done so much!  Helped me on my mission, taught me from the first the gospel, you've always been such great examples of living the gospel and have always supported me in all things no matter what!  I am just so thankful....so glad that I'm your son!  Anyway, I just want to say that I'm sorry and ask for forgiveness for all of the dumb stuff I did........at this point, I'm now seeing just how really great you and dad are and how not so great I have been.  I love you and dad so much!  I feel I have the best mom there ever has been and I have the best dad on the planet!  I've always known that I am a child of God and that you guys love and supoprt me and I'm so thankful!  Thank you mom......thank you dad!"

"Well, I've got to go.....and just know that I'll be working as hard as I can! I love you guys!"

Elder Jesse A. Bundy

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