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November 29, 2015

Elder Jesse Bundy loving his mission as he invites others to learn of the gospel of Jesus Christ in Thailand! 
Elder Jesse Bundy, Brother Game and Elder Bingham

Elder Jesse Bundy remains excited about preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ in Thailand as he continues to work in Bangkok.  He writes, "This week was really good!  The best day EVER came when Brother Game received the Aaronic Priesthood....He's a recent covert I was blessed to teach and then baptize 3 weeks ago and now, be here for this!  He's now preparing to be a missionary.  It doesn't get any better than this!"

Elder Bundy goes on to talk about the work in Thailand, "We have some really good investigators but they are struggling....People here have grown up being comfortable and not challenging what they've grown up with.  They don't know what the word God is or what it means, so it's kind of hard helping them understand......but our investigator, Brother Ganng, is a boss!.......Anyway, everything's good!  So glad we adopted the family motto IT'S ALL GOOD!!!! lol.....I'm having a blast and really enjoying learning and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ...."

"In my personal study time, I'm reading 'Jesus the Christ' and I'm learning a TON!!  I'm learning the details of the Savior's life and just how much we need the Savior and how important Jesus Christ's role really is....."
Elder Jesse Bundy striking a thoughtful pose in front of some graffiti he passes everyday......

When Elder Bundy was asked about Thanksgiving in Thailand, he explained that the Thai people do not really like turkey meat, so you cannot buy a turkey there.  But LLthanks to a kind gentleman from the states, they had a great day.  He wrote, "Thanksgiving was wayyyyy good!  A very nice man from the states invited us over and we had a great big surprise!  He actually had a turkey shipped in from the states and we had a real Thanksgiving turkey dinner.....we ate a lot.....it was awesome and I am so thankful!"  Elder Jesse Bundy goes on, "As for Christmas, I know that we get to Skype for our phone call.  I just don't know what day yet and I don't know all of the details, but I will let you know.  I can't wait!"

Elder Bundy was reminded that his birthday is coming fast on January 1st and he will turn 19.  He wrote, "Ewwwwww, that sounds awful!  I mean turning 19....lol....I haven't even thought about time or anything this whole year....it has gone so fast!  I have no concept of time here.  I am really enjoying the work.  The seasons don't change and they celebrate weird holidays....Mom, am I really going to turn 19?  Time is flying by!....Crazy?!"

Elder Bundy was asked about what he and his companion were going to do for the day.  It is their P-Day.  He wrote, "Today, we are going to this HUGE market/mall place...I'm going to pick up some stuff for the guys for Christmas and get some stuff I need for my bike.  I heard it's a wayyy sick mall!  We are also getting haircuts, doing laundry.....the usual."
Elder Jesse Bundy after eating an EXTREMELY hot dish of thai prickly hot peppers with noodles, chicken and vegetables....He said it wasn't hot until he stopped eating!! hahahaha

He goes on, "....dieting really stinks, but I'm doing it, but I'm really LOVING the muay thai training!  it is way funnnnnn and starts my days off so great!"

Elder Jesse Bundy during early morning workout with his muay thai trainer.

Elder Jesse Bundy loves starting his day out early, early every morning, working out with his muay thai trainer.  He writes, "I've been trying to teach my trainer the gospel of Jesus Christ.....I've invited him to church multiple times and I've started calling him Brother Egg!! lol......no interest yet, but I have learned a TON from him and I am grateful for the experiences I am having with him...."

He ends this week's letter with, "Well, I gotta go, but I love you mom, I love you dad!  Hey....are you guys watching that motivational movie every morning!  You better!  Tell everyone that I love 'em and that I miss 'em!!"


Elder Jesse A. Bundy

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