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February 14, 2016

Elder Jesse Bundy expresses gratitude as he finds investigators, goes to the zoo and continues to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ in Sisaket

Elder Jesse Bundy and Elder Weaver

Elder Jesse Bundy and Elder Weaver begin every day with companion scripture study, personal study and prayer before they go to work spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.  He writes, "MOM, hello!  This week has been amazing!  We have been SO blessed in our finding and have investigators coming out the wazoo!!  We can't wait to start teaching them.  But the BEST thing ever is that just with this one week, church attendance shot up from 60 to 115!! Now, if we can just keep the momentum going and keep them coming....but we are off to a great start!  We met the mission standard on numbers......so we are all pretty pumped!!"
Elder Jesse Bundy giving an investigator a ride to church on Sunday

Elder Jesse Bundy expresses his gratitude for the missionaries he works with and their willingness to work hard and be obedient.  He goes on to talk about the work in Sisaket, "We had 11 investigators come to church AND we have 4 people with baptismal dates that I feel certain are really understanding and feeling what we are teaching.  We also have 2 whole families we are teaching that are really progressing......It's just CRAZY awesome what happens when BOTH people in a companionship are willing to work hard and be obedient!  I love it and I'm very thankful for Elder Weaver and the other obedient missionaries in this area!"
Elder Jesse Bundy and Elder Weaver all decked out in their suits just before church this past Sunday.

"For p-day this week, we are going fishing.  We have no idea where.  We are just going to find some water and throw some bait on a hook into the water, hahaha........We are going to take the fish we catch to a family home evening at a member's house and cook 'em up tonight.......I hope we get to check out the waterfalls in Ubon some time.  Earlier this week, we attended Zone Leader training in Ubon.  It's about 45 minutes away....so I was just there, where those waterfalls are last Friday.  Maybe on another p-day we'll get the chance to check those out."
Elder Jesse Bundy and Elder Weaver enjoying some coconut water while out finding investigators

"You asked about the area.  We ride our bikes everywhere everyday just like when I was in Plok.  I already told you that the food is sooooo good!  I LOVE IT!  I'm just say'n, Eisan food is my favorite Thai food.  My favorite dishes are Nam Thok, Sua Rong Hai and Som Tam.  You eat them with Khaw Niaw, or sticky rice.  It is gooood!  We are in the boonies here.  I feel pretty at home.  If we bike 5 minutes in any direction, we'll find water buffalo farms....It's awesome!  Water buffalo farms are rice farms with water buffalo on them."
Elder Bundy at the zoo in Sisaket

"We went to the zoo last week.  They have some way cool stuff there; crocs, monkeys, birds and bears!!!  All kinds of really cool animals in kind of sketchy cages that let us get up all close and personal, but it was way fun...."
Elder Weaver and Elder Jesse Bundy at the zoo last p-day

"Check out these hippo's, bears and monkeys....and of course Elder Weaver and me at the zoo!"

Elder Jesse Bundy ends this week's letter, "Well, that's it for this week momma!!!  I love you Mom!  I love you Dad!!  Tell everyone hello for me......until next week...."

I love you guys!

Elder Jesse A. Bundy

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