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February 8, 2016

Elder Jesse Bundy gets transferred, called to be a District Leader and gets a new companion
Elder Jesse Bundy, Elder Williams, Elder Hunt and Elder Weaver.  The Sisaket squad ready to roll! 

Elder Jesse Bundy's letter home was filled with excitement and anticipation as he moves to his new area.  He writes, "This past week has been NUTS!  It has been so, so crazy and good!  So, here's the down low;  My new companion is Elder Weaver.  He was just transferred from his greenie (first) area in Chaing Rai, the furthest point north in Thailand.  My new area is Sisaket.  It is out in the far eastern border of Thailand.....my area borders Cambodia on the southern end and is very close to Laos on the eastern side.....and the food is SOOOOO good!! lol.....they speak Eisan, which is an eastern dialect of Thai and it's so much fun to speak......I have also been called to be the district leader here.....I am excited to work with these amazing missionaries and the great members here!"

Elder Jesse Bundy with an amazing man, the Bishop of the Ward in Sisaket

Elder Jesse Bundy goes on to describe the work in his new area.  He writes, "There were only 2 elders here before, so Elder Weaver and I inherited very little......it's like this awesome fresh start.  The members here are AMAZING!!  They run their meetings and everything just like in the states and they get things done......This area has had some difficulties and their congregation attendance at church has really suffered.....it is going to take a lot of work and good will.....but we can do it."

"....My second day here, we had 2 meetings with all of the auxiliary leaders in the ward, the ward mission, and the bishopric.  We set some crazy AWESOME goals.....I was able to talk with everyone and we all got really pumped about finding everyone who has stopped coming to church and getting them all to come back!  It was soooooo awesome and the spirit was so strong!  I am really excited to get to work!"

Elder Williams, a couple we are teaching, Elder Hunt, Elder Weaver and Elder Jesse Bundy

"Elder Weaver and I are killing it!  In the 3 days we have been here, we have found 2 progressing investigators (people who want the lessons), 1 dater (an individual who has a baptismal date), and have built WAY good relations with the members!......And...the best thing EVER!  I LOVE the Bishop and his wife!  They are the coolest people and want this area to grow SO bad and really want our help....the Bishop's wife is you Mom!  She says the exact same things you say - always teaching the gospel, and she made us dinner last night at their house.  She did the same thing you do, how you don't really eat with us but say you ate while you were making it and just secretly you just keep serving everyone!  It was so awesome and made me feel like I was at home!  They fed us soooo much and I felt so bad after because they wouldn't let me help do anything!  I tried to help make the food, clean their house, do the dishes, do everything I could but she wouldn't let me!  She physically forbid me......I told her that she is the Thai version of you mom."
Elder Jesse Bundy the district missionaries at the Bishop's house for dinner
Elder Jesse Bundy, Elder Weaver and Elder Hunt with the Bishop, his wife and family

"The Bishop and his wife do so much for the missionaries it's insane!  I want to do everything I can to do my best for them, the Lord and this area....."
 Elder Bundy

"Sisaket is an 8-hour bus ride from Bangkok.  We speak a different dialect called Eisan.  It's the same grammar but with different words...I am thankful for the gift of tongues and...I learned some of it from Elder Wright and a Sister in Bangkae......The food is different but soooooo good and is called Esian food......I laugh when I think how I was so worried about the food before I left.  I really lucked out! 
Elder Bundy out working, enjoying the ride!

"I have to go already!  I love you mamma and pops!!  Tell the family I love them and I am going to work super hard!"

I love you!

Elder Jesse A. Bundy

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