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February 22, 2016

Brother Phrong's baptism, successful inviting and extreme elephant riding mark another busy week for Elder Jesse Bundy teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ in Thailand
 Elder Jesse Bundy, Brother Phrong and Elder Weaver

Elder Jesse Bundy continues to love his mission....the people, the countryside and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.  He writes, "Sunday!!  BAPTISM!!!  Brother Phrong, an investigator we have been working with this whole transfer is SO AWESOME!  He loves to serve and is always helping out at the hospital.  We also enjoyed the Elder Gary E. Stevenson broadcast, who is an apostle of God, to all of the saints in Thailand.....After church, we invited our investigators, the Bly Family, to eat at the Bishop's house, and they came!  It was way cool to have Sister Bly and her two little kids get fellowshipped in a proper way!"

"District meeting was great!  I found a way cool comparison in the Book of Mormon in Alma, Chapter 17 and I compared it with bringing the members, or "sheep" back to church with our work here........Later that day, I went on switch-offs with the other Elders and the Lord blessed me to get over 20 people's numbers at the market before we went home for the day."  

"...Oh yeah, I also crashed my bike and hurt my knee again.......We are also working with 3 miracle families right now!  A family of four - Wa, Da, Noy and Gwang; another family of four - Le, Tid, Kun, and Kate, and then our family of three - Bly, Eye, and her little baby.  Wednesday, we met with Wa and Da's family.  All of them are really poor and don't have a lot, but they are always trying to feed us.  We taught the Plan of Salvation......It was a GREAT lesson.  They learned they can be together forever as a family!  Then, we taught a drunk man at the Church which was kind of awkward...lol....After all of that, we went on a way solid biking contact session!"
Some of the beautiful scenery they passed while biking back to town

Elder Jesse Bundy went on, "Later that day, we were inviting and Elder Weaver's bike broke!  We had to ride tandem for like 7+ kilos back to the city.  When we got back, we went to Book of Mormon class at the church.  One of our solid investigators was there, Sister Buu!  She is progressing pretty good, we just have to get her to church this Sunday."  

"On Friday, we trekked into the unknown wilds of Thailand!  Elder Weaver and I hopped on our bikes and rode straight into the plains of the outback farmlands in search of families to teach!!  We found some and on the way back, we were blessed to teach 3 separate families!  We read them 3rd Nephi, Chapter 11 out of the Book of Mormon and taught them who Jesus Christ is.  We didn't get a whole lot of return appointments, but it was really cool to teach them about Jesus Christ.  After that, we went back to the church and taught the Le family.  It was way cool and they committed to be baptized!!  We then played volley ball at the Ward's sports night.  It was way fun!!"

Elder Jesse Bundy is loving his mission and continually expresses his gratitude for the opportunity he is getting to serve the people in Thailand.  He also continues to follow his Dad's advice of remembering to work hard, then play hard within the rules on his P-Days.  Fishing and extreme elephant riding......

Elder Weaver riding in front of me with our fishing pole! 

"This week has been GREAT and really crazy!  Last Monday, Elder Weaver and I bought the cheapest fishing pole we could find and went in search of a monster fish.....sadly, we came out empty handed.  It's like the fish of Thailand don't like to eat hotdogs or something....LOL...but the view over the lake went was all worth it!!"
The lake Elder Bundy and Elder Weaver went fishing in

Elder Bundy goes on, "Today, Elder Weaver and I got up early this morning and biked 5 kilos into the wilderness and went fishing again!  We met a farmer who wants us to teach him the gospel and ride his water buffalo...
Elder Weaver and the farmer

"After all of that, it was still only 7 a.m.!  We biked home to hop in a member's truck and go to the neighboring city of Surin.  We went to a place called the elephant neighborhood.  It was nuts!  We watched an elephant show, then we RODE THEM!!  It was a blast!!!"
Elder Jesse Bundy and Elder Weaver checking out the elephants they are going to ride!
Elder Weaver and Elder Jesse Bundy on top of the elephant

Elder Bundy and Elder Weaver on the elephant in front getting ready to cross the river.  
Elder Jesse Bundy and Elder Weaver crossing the river on an elephant

It was just one year ago, Elder Jesse Bundy took first place in the 195 lb. weight class in wrestling at the State of Missouri High School Championship Wrestling Tournament!!  Now.........he's in Thailand, speaking Thai and Eisan, spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and riding elephants!!!  

Jesse Bundy dominating in the championship match last year in Columbia, Missouri - then standing on the winners podium!
Jesse Bundy standing on the winner's podium February 21, 2015 - Next stop: Thailand!!

"Saturday, my knee had really been hurting to the point it was hard to walk!  I finally broke down and went to the hospital....they ended up giving me this NASTY shot RIGHT INTO MY KNEE CAP!  It hurt soooooo bad!!!  But they also gave me some medication to help it heal.  I think it has gotten better, so that's good.  After that, we went on a less actives hunt with some members.  We taught 3 different families and invited them to watch Elder Stevenson's Broadcast with us on Sunday.  I did another switch-off with the Elders.....the two junior companions contacted like bosses and got a TON of numbers when they went off the other day....."

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMA!!  I hope you had a GREAT day and I LOVE YOU!!!!

All in all, it was a CRAZY awesome week and I'm LOVING it here!!  I will send pictures now.

I love you,

Elder Jesse A. Bundy

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