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June 6, 2016

Elder Jesse Bundy is called to be a Zone Leader in Udorn Thailand with new companion Elder Daybell and attends mission leadership conference in Bangkok.
The Branch President, Elder Jesse Bundy and Elder Daybell

"Hello everyone!  It was SO awesome to see pictures of the family at Price's baptism!  Price is awesome!  Thanks for setting such a great example for the rest of the nieces and nephews and all of my investigators."

"I am so good!  I've been called to be a Zone Leader in Udorn.  It is about 6 hours northeast of Ubon and Sisaket.  It is right next to Laos.  Udorn is a really big city, but in the Eisan.  Our zone includes 6 cities, including the country of Laos.  I am SO excited to get to work with Elder Daybell!  He also likes to work hard and speaks Thai extremely well......so, I think we are going to really be able to make progress here."
"This is our Branch President and his little boy.  He is 29 years old and it is going to be AWESOME working with him."

"I am really busy trying to learn my new calling, getting to know the new area as well as trying to get to know all of the new members, etc.  I'm trying to figure out my way around here.  Contacting here has been a dream!  Udorn is a big boy city.....people EVERYWHERE, so contacting has just be an amazing experience!  I just have a feeling that Elder Daybell and I are going to just baptize like crazy here.......tell everyone to pray for us and our area!"

"In my new calling, we will be going on switch offs with the district leaders we are responsible for and do trainings.  This week will be my first mission leadership conference.  We will be getting on an airplane and flying to Bangkok.   And, when it comes time to do switch offs and trainings in Laos, we will fly there as well......so that will be exciting and fun."
Elder Jesse Bundy and Elder Daybell trying out being taxi drivers.......

"I am way excited about my new area and calling!  Our actual area here in Udorn is very interesting and the people are so nice.  But unfortunately, nobody is showing up for church.  This area has not had very many baptisms, so Elder Daybell and I are pretty excited to see what we can do to get things turned around here.  He is from California and a member of BYU's ROTC.  He is hilarious, speaks Thai fluently and is a hard worker.  I think we are going to work really well together and accomplish a lot before he goes home.  He only has this next transfer before he goes home."

"Now don't panic mom and dad......but last Tuesday, President Johnson called and said that the MRI on my knee had been sent to Salt Lake.  The doctors there have concluded that in order for my knee to be back to 100%, I would have to have surgery.  President Johnson asked me what I wanted to do.  I told him that NO MATTER WHAT, I want to stay on my mission and finish out before I even think about having any kind of surgery.  So, I don't know, that kinda stinks, but I also have faith that it's going to be just fine.  They have told me that when they get the exact diagnosis, they'll tell me, but as of now, they just said it needs surgery.  If I were to opt for surgery, I would have to come home and I'M NOT DOING THAT!  I've gotten a priesthood blessing and I'm just going to have faith and keep working like there's nothing wrong.  It doesn't hurt that bad, it is just uncomfortable sometimes during the day and when I try to exercise really hard, it acts up.  I AM FINE!  I just needed to keep you informed.  Family prayers and putting my name in the temple would be really helpful....." 

"You asked about Laos......we don't go there regularly, just for switch offs and trainings.  They don't speak Thai, they speak Laotian.......did I forget to tell you that I speak Laotian pretty well? Well, I do.....so that works out really good."

"Well......I only have about 10 more minutes, so I have to go.  I love you mom!  Thanks for everything you do for me!  I'll talk to you guys next week..."

"I love you!"

Elder Jesse A. Bundy

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