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June 28, 2016

Elder Jesse Bundy and Elder Daybell have an exciting and busy week teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and working with the awesome Udorn Thailand Zone missionaries! 
Elder Jesse Bundy and Elder Daybell with the Udorn District missionaries sight-seeing on p-day.  They are on the Thailand side, but the river behind them marks the Thailand/Laos border.  The other side of that river is the country of Laos.

"Hey everyone!  This might be a short e-mail because I don't have very much time today, but I sent a ton of pictures......so, hopefully you'll forgive the lack of writing.  We got up way early this morning to come to Nong Kai.......I can look out the window right now and see the country of Laos!  Crazy, right?  We just stopped along our way to e-mail home, but we are on a tight schedule to get everything in today."
President Tiger and Jess.  He is the first counselor in the Mission Presidency and a great friend.

"I have had an AMAZING week!  Daybell and I re-doubled our efforts and really worked hard this past week.......it payed off and I had A BLAST!  Even though our good friend Charlie, the marathon runner from Kenya didn't get baptized this week, he along with several other investigators should hopefully be baptized next week!
Jesse with his good friend and member, Brother Jaruen.

Any prayers for these good people and continued prayers for us would be greatly appreciated..... That being said, this past week, we were blessed to teach 27 investigator lessons and added 17 new investigators to our teaching pool!"  
Elder Daybell, a new investigator and Jesse.

"After having that rough week two weeks ago, we knew we had to do something different than what we were doing.......something wasn't working.  The great successes we have had this week were mostly due to our turning our efforts to working more with the members in our area."  
Elder Jesse Bundy with missionaries in Udorn searching for new investigators to teach! hahaha

"We requested all of them to prepare 4 names of less active members, friends and/or families that they would be willing to make teaching appointments with for us to teach.  
Our investigator, Sister Mae with her member Grandma, Sister Jaom who gave us the referral!

"Every single day, we just experienced MIRACLE after MIRACLE!  I hope you don't get tired of hearing about how much I am loving my mission!!!"    
Jesse with Brother O, a member of the District Presidency, who helps us out A TON!  We are truly so grateful for this guy!

"To top it off, the conference I told you about last week was yesterday.  Elder Daybell and I planned everything......the meals, transportation for everyone, as well as schedules for everyone.   During the conference, Elder Daybell and I gave a 45 minute presentation.  We told them about asking the members to come up with teaching appointments.  Then we had our zone come up with activities we could use to show individual members how to share the gospel and how to get those referrals.....and, what we as a mission can do to build better trust with local members.  We roll played and I shared a couple of awesome scriptures.  I incorporated a child's book I found about a month ago called, 'Koala Does His Best' that worked perfectly with my message.....It all tied in really well with the AP's and President Johnson's message."  
Elder Jesse Bundy and Elder Daybell after finishing the training conference.

"When it was over, the Assistants and President Johnson told us we did a great job....it was a great relief, because we felt it was WAY solid.......it was just nice to get that kind of feedback from President Johnson......and, I have to admit, I really enjoyed it."

Jesse preparing to have fun, fun, FUN on p-day!

"We are on a tight schedule and I don't have much time left....but I am sending a ton of pictures!  Like I said, we have stopped along the way to our fun p-day activities to e-mail home.  So far, we have gone to a glass skywalk thing...those are all the pictures I'm sending where you can see Laos across the river......"
Jesse taking a few quiet moments to enjoy the beautiful scenery.
A beautiful view of the river that separates Thailand and Laos.
Elder Daybell and Jesse on the glass skywalk in Nong Kai.  Laos is pictured behind them.

Jesse's FAVORITE Thai dish, Khaosoi.....he says it's DELICIOUS!  He has really missed it since he has not had it since he was a 'greenie' missionary in Plok because it is a northern Thai dish.

Jesse in some random cave they toured......he wrote, "look at the imprint of that spider in stone!!! I HATE SPIDERS!!!  The ONLY part of my mission I could do without!!!!"

"I can't believe it's REUNION TIME again!  Man....time is flying by!  Tell everyone I miss 'em that I am LOVING my mission!  This was just some random cave we visited....lolol!  The next pictures are just random pictures I took yesterday and today.....hahaha"
Me in front of a restaurant.....hahaha!

And, 'my obsession continues with machines that look GOOD and go fast!  Hahaha'
Some day......'are you look'n at me?' hahaha

This tiger stands guard in front of a prison.....
This picture was taken at a temple....I have no idea what the bells they are carrying mean?

Yep......I can still do it! Hahaha.....

"Well momma!  I have to go, but you asked about my knee....and my rash.  Sadly, the rash is still an annoyance, but I will take your advice and get the cream on it...hahaha!  I think I am allergic to the detergent I've been using, but I also cut trees in my shorts for a member last week...so who knows?  My knee is GREAT!  Thanks for the prayers......."

"I LOVE YOU!  You are the best MOM EVER!!!!  Talk to you next week.....tell Dad and everyone that I love them and have fun at the reunion!"

Elder Jesse A. Bundy

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