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September 11, 2016

Elder Jesse Bundy works with Sakonakorn and Udorn District Leaders, loves doing service projects, enjoys beautiful scenery in Laos and Nong Khaay while continuing to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Thailand
Elder Jesse Bundy and his companion go to work with the District Leaders in Sakonakorn for a day

"Hi Mom!  Life is just AWESOME here on the mission.....I am doing so good!  We had some really great experiences this past week.....we have some really good investigators progressing towards baptism.  My companion and I also did switch offs with the District Leaders in Sakonakorn and Udorn.  Both of those days were just crazy awesome!  We were able to teach a lot of lessons.....just in those two days, we taught 12 lessons and picked up 5 new investigators.  It was GREAT!
"Our bikes and the rain in Sakonakorn as we get ready to work with the District Leaders for the day." 

"Elder Cherdchayaphum (I call him Cherd for short), and I are doing really well.....his work ethic is a little different, but we are adjusting.  That adjustment comes with every new companion, but we are doing great actually.  This week was just how I like it!  We set really high goals, then went to work to achieve them.  To start out, we had a lot of opportunities to do service.  We cut down trees, helped some elderly people clean their house and we fished a dead dog out of a water supply.  By just doing these and other simple acts of service, we saw two less active members come to church this past Sunday and found a potential investigator!"
"This is Brother Uen, one of our new investigators.  We love teaching him."

"We have also been teaching three other investigators who are friends.  Their names of Nam, Faa and Bykhao.  We've been working really hard with them to help them understand the gospel and hopefully get them on track for baptism.  This past Saturday, the District Presidency held an activity at the Church about receiving a temple recommend and going to the temple.  It was a really GREAT experience for not only the members, but for our investigators as well.  Mostly because all of the members here thought you had to pay for a temple recommend and had to already be going to the temple to get a recommend."
Elder Jesse Bundy with another Elder and an investigator

"Our investigators were very intrigued......the interest in the temple brought them to church this past Sunday and they all stayed for the entire 3 hour block!  It was just AWESOME......then, our recent convert, Brother Num received the Holy ghost also this past Sunday and told us that he wants to be a missionary.  He has been helping us teach and goes out with us contacting every free second he gets....he is just an incredible guy."
Jesse with a few of his friends.

"In a little bit, we will be hopping on a bus back to Udorn.  We need to stop back at our house before going to teach an investigator at 6.  Today, we went with Brother Dang and his family to Nong Khaay.  It was in the mountains and there was a really cool marketplace there.  We shopped a little bit for some fabric for ties.  I sent you some pictures.  The scenery was incredibly beautiful......." 
Elder Cherd, Brother Dang, his family and Jesse
Jesse posing midair for a picture.  Across the river is the country of Laos.
"I took these on the way up to Nong Khaay with Brother Dang and his family.  I just can't tell you how beautiful it is here!  There was this incredible rainbow...."

"I have been fairly good about working out....I get up early and do an Insanity workout, but I really need to step it up....I only have 6 months left!"
"This is a beautiful picture of the country of Laos....."

"O.K.  Thank you so much Mom for putting everything together for me....you are the best and I really, really mean that.  Tell Dad good luck and that I love and admire him.  Tell him that he can do it and that he is a champion in my book!  I'll keep working hard Mom, don't worry about that....I am really loving my mission."

"I love you guys!  Until next week.....wow, it's a big week, keep me posted."

Elder Jesse A. Bundy

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